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2016 Thespian Convention PowerPoint Presentation
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2016 Thespian Convention

2016 Thespian Convention

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2016 Thespian Convention

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  1. 2016 Thespian Convention Welcome new Thespians!

  2. Each year, Texas Thespians holds a state-wide festival, open to any active Texas Thespian Troupe. Texas Thespian State Festival (TTSF) is filled with: • Workshops • Main Stage Performances • Play Marathons • College Auditions • Performance Competitions • Technical Competitions • Nationally Acclaimed Guest Speakers • All Convention Events • Late Night Events • Thespian-related vendors are on hand with all things Thespian • Opportunities to advance to the International Thespian Society National Festival • Opportunities to meet other Thespians from all over our great state who share your passion for Theatre! What is Thespian convention?

  3. DALLAS, TEXAS!!! • Dec. 1-3, 2016 • Dallas Convention Center and the Omni Hotel • Once registration is confirmed we will know our hotel. It may or may not be the Omni. When and where is Convention? Keep checking the website!

  4. $250 • More information on payment deadlines TBD Keep checking the Website! • Extras: • IE-$10 • Scholarship-$15 • Tech Challenge-$15 • Merch from vendors (jewelry, makeup, accessories, clothing, posters, etc.) • No need to say anything else. I’M IN!!! • We will have a time for you to RSVP and Pre-register to secure your place on the trip- • Keep checking the website! Payment?

  5. An IE is an Individual Event. • They are performance and technical competitions for individuals. IEs are Individual Events. These events qualify for National Competitions at the International Thespian Festival in Lincoln, Nebraska. What are these IE’s you speak of? Keep checking the website!

  6. Monologue • Duet Acting • Group Acting-(3-16 people per scene) • Solo Musical • Duet Musical • Group Musical-(3-16 people per scene) Performance IE’s Keep checking the website!

  7. Stage Management • Sound Design • Lighting Design • Costume Design • Costume Construction • Set Design  • Marketing • Designs can be of realized productions or hypothetical productions. So if you have a play you really want to set design, you can do that and submit it to competition.  Tech IE’s Keep checking the website!

  8. Set Design • Costume Construction • Hair and Makeup • Mask Making • 4 students per team, can only take one team per design area • We take supplies, find out the play at the competition, then team design in one of the areas.  Team Design Competitions Keep checking the website!

  9. 5-7 students who compete in a Tech Relay Challenge (for example: leg a platform, focus a light, fold a backdrop, etc) • Mrs. Kolb will head up this group and prep them for battle. • This is NOT a National Qualifying Event. • Other Tech Challenges include: Set Design, Costume Design, Hair & Makeup Design and Mask Making. Tech Challenge? Challenge Accepted!! Keep checking the website!

  10. Come to Tech Challenge Training! NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! Open to everyone! Learn how to: Coil Cable Costume Quick Change Sew a Button Prop Shift Hang and Focus a Light Tie Knots Fold a backdrop Leg a Platform Tape A Ground Plan And Much MORE! TRAINING TIMES: Will be announced at the beginning of next semester!

  11. We will hold IE auditions (as we are limited in the amount that we can submit) We will announce an audition date ASAP- keep checking the website. • Your selection must be competition ready (lines memorized, prompt book completed, music edited, etc.)   • You must audition with the piece you want to take to take to convention. • You must wear all black to your audition-just like you would in the IE competition. • If you commit to performing an IE or auditioning scholarship, you are still responsible for the fee if you decide not to perform/audition. Cool! How can I do an IE? Keep checking the website!

  12. If you are not selected in your category, you can choose to audition in another category IF there is an open slot AND with director approval. What if I don’t make an IE in the auditions? Keep checking the website!

  13. 6 performance IEs AND • 7 technical IEs • No student may be cross-entered into any National Qualifying Event. For example, we might have three solos, 2 duet acting, and 1 group musical AND 5 stage managers and 2 marketing! *Remember - students may only participate in ONE IE. How many IE’s can we take? Keep checking the website!

  14. Only 1 director can work on a film. • This is a National Qualifying Event. If you participate in this, you can not participate in another National Qualifying Event. What about short film? Keep checking the website!

  15. * Is school dress code enforced at convention? Yes, this is an AISD event, all AISD and AHS rules apply, however-dressing appropriately for a workshop you are participating in is expected-(yoga pants, work out clothing, etc.) * Will the pool be open at convention? The pool will not be open to AHS students, you will not have time for swimming and this is not vacay but an opportunity for you to perfect your craft. * Is there a curfew? Duh, the curfew is set by the Thespian Convention and the Hotels. You will be sent home if Thespian rules are broken. * I have special dietary needs, what do I do? We will collect that information later, the convention is very good at taking care of those needs. * Can we pick our own roommates? Yes, unless you make a director mad, then you must sleep in the hallway or the lobby. * Will a director check us in at the end of the night? Yes, they may even read you a bedtime story (it won’t be Howell, her bedtime is 8:30.) FAQ Keep checking the website!

  16. * Will a director check us out in the morning? Yes, it will probably be Howell, she’s usually up by 3:30a.m. * Will we have access to a microwave or refrigerator? Doubtful. It is possible, but you should not plan on it, this way you will be pleasantly surprised if you do have access to one of these luxuries. Unk can show you how to cook anything with a coffee pot. * Will there be a game? If you don’t know what we are talking about, you will soon-officers will share this with you right before we leave. Just know, that losing the game may be less consequential than shaming your troupe or loosing your place at convention/in our ITS chapter. Make your choices wisely. * Are we allowed to bring our own food or snacks and such? Of course, all snacks are subject to tasting from any theatre director at any time. For extra points on the game, invite the directors to your room for a beverage or treat. For double the points, deliver a beverage or treat to 2 or more directors. * What should I bring the directors from Sonic? Howell-Diet sprite, Kolb- Dr. Pepper, Unk-White Coconut Slush FAQ Cont. Keep checking the website!

  17. This is the question answer portion of our program. Please pick your questions wisely as you only get to ask 2 questions per semester. Keep checking the website! Questions? We are so excited to share this experience with each of you. We are looking forward to a great year next year and let us be the first to say Seniors 2017!