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The Land of The Lost

The Land of The Lost

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The Land of The Lost

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  1. Welcome to the Land of the Lost I hope you enjoy it as much as I liked writing it. This is not your normal story you don’t read it beginning to end! You click on your choices there will be boxes click inside of the boxes to go to the next page. But this time Click anywhere!!!  The Land of The Lost Welcome to our Lost Land. Click anywhere to enter. BY: Dana Gale, Miranda Campe, Lauren Donnellon, Jennifer Shoumate

  2. Welcome You’re walking and look up at the summer sky. You trip and fall Into a hole. You wake up to find yourself in shiny dark green goop. You hear a voice say “ If you move you will only sink faster.” You look around and don’t see anyone. You don’t move at all OR You decide to do against his command and flail your arms wildly .

  3. You decide to ask sewer system? “Oh,” he answers, “ You must be from the later world.” “What do you mean,” you ask, “by the later world?” “The future, well the future for us. The sewer system is a pot hole. Blah, blah, blah, blah, BLAH!” You stand there looking confused for a few moments. Then you say, “pot hole? You can’t fall though a pot hole! Your just lying! How did I even get here? Oh wait, you can’t tell me how I got here because all you can do is LIE!!!” “Humans these days they just have to learn how to settle themselves.” Continue arguing Say “ Anyway do you know a way out of here? or

  4. Continue Arguing You continue arguing and say, “ Settle themselves? Settle themselves? I’m as calm as….” You stop to think of a good comeback then you think you have one, “ as…. As calm as calm can be!” After you say that aloud that doesn’t sound like a good comeback anymore …. He looks at you with a disgusted look on his face. Then he starts talking a language you’ve never heard before Then he yells in a language you have heard before. “Go fight the wind by yourself!” “What do you mean???” You ask. But he doesn’t answer and just walks away. So you look around and notice you could go anywhere . You still might have a chance though. You notice something in the grass should you go over to it? Look around then click on the picture when you see it IF YOU WISH TO GO over there… You can go and follow the little guy yelling and screaming. Follow him secretly OR

  5. Telling This weird so I’m going to go on my own Take the path into the valley Take the path to the Valley…

  6. Ouch!!! You flail your arms wildly and notice a branch you grab onto it. It moves and pulls you onto and solid stone floor while hearing a loud noise, “Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow.” Once you get hold of the floor so you can stand up, “He says what was that for?” Then you look up and see a cute little, thing you’ve never seen before.The he says, “Hello? Can you talk?” You stutter then say…. Introduce yourself OR Run away

  7. Sinking You sink though the green goop and you drop on a flat hard ground. Every where you look you see a grassland. The only thing you can see for miles and miles is green, lush grass blowing in the warm breeze. Then you see a little being fall out of the sky. “ They really have to fix the sewer system!” The little being said. You ask, “Sewer System?” OR You ask ,”who are you?”

  8. Grab an egg You decide to grab an egg. A dinosaur comes out of the darkness. You run into the cave it traps you and you do not survive.

  9. Introduce yourself You say, “Hi, I’m a human, what are you?” you say, “I am a bobble, my name is 3941zecoy…” You give him a blank face. Then he says, “ They call me Zee for short.” he gives you a smile. Next

  10. Who You decide to ask him who he is. He says , “I am Bobble the great!” Who is that? Okay? (He throws something yellow & black at you. If you decide to click “okay?”)

  11. Following him secretly You tip- toe following along the field of grass you finally get to the forest and he follows a trail that leads you out into a mountain he climbs up the mountain and when you get to the top and you see a tee pee. Click here to continue

  12. Wow! You walk to house still following him secretly then he opens the door and you follow him inside you look around and accidently shout out “WOW! THIS PLACE IS A LOT BIGGER THAN IT LOOKS ON THE OUTSIDE… oops…” you say very loudly. next

  13. Looking He looks back at you a frowns, "Listen,” he says to you, “You shouldn’t be in here it’s not what it seems, leave human!” Ask if you can stay nicely Say you can’t just kick me out! I know that you have SOMETHING to do with ME being HERE! So you can’t just kick me out! And I hope you know I HAVE a name!

  14. Go out side “I’m sorry I yelled human…. Please go outside and tell us what you see okay?” Go outside!!

  15. Who is that? “Who is that? Who is that?” he answers loudly, “I AM BOBBLE THE GREAT!!!” You look at him then say, “What exactly is so great?” “He is the ruler of all bobbles!”he answers in disgust. “Well, you can’t control me because I am a human!” You answer back. Next

  16. You have found the bumble bee! Good choice! For finding the bumble bee, you have ended the story. The bumble bee is one of the best person to take you back to your home. Hope you liked the story you can re-read the story and do something else to have more fun! Re-read the story!!

  17. CREDITS All of the pictures I have I got from Morgue file click on the words highlighted in blue to visit the website! NOW re-read the story!

  18. Go in side Go back inside and say, “it looks exactly the same!” Go back inside and say, “What happened!”

  19. Sorry! Try again? You shouldn’t have said that. He plants a spell on you so u can’t survive no matter what you do! So wander off into the wilderness and never be seen again!

  20. Yay! You say, “Whoa! What happened out there? Definitely construction!! NEXT

  21. “Please go back outside. And walk away, and whatever you do don’t look back at the house okay?” he replies. NEXT

  22. “Sorry I can’t help you, you made me mad, and when you do that.. it’s just our rules okay? Well, I guess I could ‘try.’ Follow me.” NEXT

  23. You fall into the deep hole . You fall deeper and deeper. To your surprise you find that there is enough light to see your surroundings. You look around and see 7 eggs and a cave. Grab an egg Run into the cave

  24. Fall.. You decide to run away. Zee yells, “ Don’t go that way you will fa…” The bobble’s voice faded away and you can not hear it anymore. You look back and see a dark deep hole. You try to stop yourself but it was too late.

  25. CREDITS Hope you liked the story you can re-read the story and do something else to have more fun! Maybe this time you can have BETTER ending next time….  I got all of the pics. From : Try again?

  26. You decide to go into the house. There is nothing interesting so you go back into the yard. When you walk out the door you see a small swimming pool. You decide to go for a swim. You walk closer and see a women. When she sees you she says, “ Come here sweetie.” You go closer and walk up the stairs. The woman pushes you into the water and jumps in after you. She pushes you to the bottom and you drown. Try again?

  27. You run away. Then you see a house. Run away You should walk into the house

  28. “You say you are a person,” Zee says, “We don’t allow people here they have been very rude to us for the last 300 years Run Away

  29. You run into the cave. You see a small fire the door slams shut from the cave. Then a 6ft tall bird and 3ft wide bird turns on the light.

  30. Going home “ You know too much so we must take you home.” he replies. NEXT

  31. He shows you the way out and make it home safely! NEXT

  32. You do not survive…. Better luck next time? NEXT

  33. “Sc- scared!” he replies. “Why?” you ask. “I- I ran away! Now I’m gonna… You’ re standing right on the mushrooms!!!” you look around and notice you are standing on mushrooms. All of a sudden you feel a chill rush up your back, you fall to the ground. You try to stand up but it’s no use. Next

  34. You stumble and get up and keep running. You feel bad a decide you should go ask the little guy why he is hiding so you turn around and come back to ask him why. When you come back he isn’t there anymore, you notice there are trees surrounding you. Did you took the wrong path? Try again

  35. Run! You run away and trip on a stump someone says, “You better watch where you step!” you look around and see someone small hiding behind a tree. Ask him why he is hiding Get up and keep running