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Land Of The Lost

Land Of The Lost

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Land Of The Lost

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  1. Land Of The Lost Read this first By: Jennifer Dana Lauren & Miranda Click here to learn more Click her to begin story Pictures from

  2. This is not your normal story. On each slide there is a choice, usually one like: “follow the pony.” But sometimes there are 2, or even 3 choices. You may click on the choice you want and then you will be brought to the correct slide instantly (that is, if I hyperlinked this right). Good luck! Start the story Note: if you want to continue but there isn’t a hyperlink just click on the background.

  3. You’re walking & looking up at the summer sky. All of a sudden you trip into a deep, dark, damp hole.

  4. You wake to find yourself in dark, green goop. You hear a voice say “If you wiggle you will only sink faster.” you look around but you don’t see anyone or anything. YOU DECIDE TO GO AGAINST IT’S ORDERS & FLAIL YOU ARMS WILDLY YOU DON’T MOVE AT ALL

  5. You’re are waving your arms you peer up and you see a branch, you grab the branch and pull yourself up. Then a voice says “Owwwwwwwwwwwwwww!” it turns around and it shows you its face. It turns out to be a cute little creature. It says “Hi! I am a bobble and my name is AXZ139 but my people call me Zee for short.” Should you introduce yourself Or Should you run away hi

  6. You introduce yourself as a human

  7. You say you are a human. Zee says that his people don’t allow people here because they have been known to be very rude. You runaway then see a house Should you walk in and look around Run away from the house

  8. You run away from the house. You run into the woods and see a path. You go down the path

  9. You follow the path, then you see a light it gets darker and darker. You don’t know what to do you walk a little further, then to your surprise you fall into a hole very similar to the one you fell in earlier. Then you notice that the hole led you to a sunny warm beach. You walk around…

  10. And suddenly you see your home in front of you, it must be a dream, you think. But no it’s to real. With the sudden recognition that you’re home, you run as fast as light towards the front of your house.

  11. You see a house you go in. There is nothing interesting, so you go in the back yard. You see a pool and decide to go swimming. Then you see a woman behind you. Suddenly she jumps in and drowns you. She pushes you down at the bottom of the pool… and you don’t come back up.

  12. You decide to run away. Zee yells “Don’t go that way you will fall…” the bobbles voice faded away and you can not here it any more. You see Zee jumping in the dark green goop. You look around and see a dark deep hole you try to stop yourself but it is too late!

  13. You fall into a deep hole. You keep falling for what seems like eternity. To your surprise there is enough light to see your surroundings. You hit the ground, but it doesn’t hurt. You look around and see 7 eggs and a cave.

  14. The cave Suddenly you can hear a deep rumbling, “Well, then finally decided to show up?” “Show up?” you ask. ‘Well, there is a prophecy that connects with you.” it replies. “A prophecy that connects with ME? Who are you?” you ask. Well half shout really, you want to tell him that you don’t trust him and won’t if he keeps telling you about some stupid prophecy.

  15. “Arghhhh!” a scream pierces the still air. RUN TOWARDS THE SCREAM STAY WHERE YOU ARE

  16. You decide to stay where you are. Bad choice. After a moment you here rumbling and the cave top which is supported poorly by clay columns collapses on top of you. TRY AGAIN?

  17. You run towards where the sound came from. You keep running as fast as you can and you see a running river you try to stop but it’s too late. “OI!” you cry as you slip and fall into the crystal water

  18. Instead of feeling a rocky ground beneath you, You find yourself on soft green moss. You enjoy yourself for a moment then you realize something, how are you going to get out?

  19. The only possible way out is climbing. Climbing what. The only thing to climb are the walls, way too slippery, there are stalactites but… wait why not? Climb stalactites Stay down

  20. You fail on eating and finding food. Try again?

  21. You get up and look at the stalactites from a different angle. “It’s possible.” You mutter to yourself. And with that you start the climb.

  22. You have a bloody lip, a sprained ankle and your knees and hands are bloody by the time you finally make it. You look around and to your disappointment you realize you climbed out of a cave just to be in another cave. Or did you? You turn around and look around and just as you hoped you see a sliver of light. So, naturally you follow it. Follow the light

  23. You follow the light for a few hours. It leads to a opening in the cave. It seems to pull you towards it. Suddenly your brought back to reality, and just in time to you were almost stepping off into the air which would lead to falling which would lead to ground which would lead to certain death.

  24. You are awakened by a blinding light. You look up and see a lady in white. She is so bright you can’t look at her for more than 10 seconds with out getting a bad headache. “You need to trust your instincts.” she says lightly. Oh really, so you want me to run away, you think. “You need to jump out of the cave.” she says a bit more forcefully. “What?! Are you nuts,” You cry, “I can’t jump out of a cliff 1,000 feet off the ground!”

  25. For a second you think you hear a running creek, then you realize she’s laughing. “I might be ‘nuts’ considering I don’t know what it means. But you would be crazy if you didn’t jump.” You stare at her in confusion for a moment wondering whether or not you should tell her what ‘nuts’ means but you decide not to.

  26. She gives you a kind look, then begins to fade. “N0! Wait!” You cry after her. But she’s already gone. In your desperation to have someone to talk to you crawl to the edge of the cliff. The night has turned back to normal and you look at the moon. For a second you think you see her face and you stare at it for a moment when….

  27. LOOK AROUND SLEEP The ground beneath you gives way! You reach out trying to grab onto anything, anything. But you only grasp air. You glance up at the moon for what you think will be your last time… but suddenly you hit soft grass. Grass? There’s no grass on trees, you think. then you look at the moon. It’s a half moon, but the one in the forest was a full. But you’re so tired you don’t even care. You lay back down and wonder whether or not you should look around.

  28. You get up and look around, well look around isn’t really accurate, feel around is more like. Well you feel something all right, you feel yourself fall and hit the ground too hard for any human to survive. TRY AGAIN?

  29. You decide to sleep. After about 12 hours you wake up to blinding sunlight & a really misty landscape. You decide to look around now that you can actually look. To your left is a cliff, it would have beenterrible if you had fallen off it at night. To your right is grassland. And behind you is the sun, but wait, the mist is clearing away and…

  30. Right in the middle of a clearing is a apple tree rich with big, juicy plums. You wait a while longer You run towards the apple tree with your arms out stretched

  31. You sink through the green goop and you drop on flat hard ground. Every where you look you see grass land. The only thing you can see for miles and miles is green, lush grass, billowing in the wind. Then you see a little being fall out of the sky. “They really have to fix the sewer system!” It yells. You Ask “Sewer System?” You Ask “Who Are You?” ?

  32. “Oh!” he exclaims, “You must be from the later world.” You ask “What do you, mean the later world.” “The future well the future for us. The “sewer system” is what you future people call potholes. Blah, blah, blah. Yada, yada, yada.” Continue

  33. You stand there looking confused for a few minutes. Then you say “ Pothole? You can’t fall through a pothole! You’re just lying! How’d I even get here?! Oh, wait you can’t answer that because all you do is lie!” “What happened to humans in the future? I guess you’ll just have to learn to settle yourself.” Say “Anyway can you show me the way out of here?” OR CONTINUE ARGUING WITH HIM

  34. “Yes, yes, yes back to that concept...” The small man-horse-looking-thing snaps his fingers. A pounding sound shakes the ground. Then you see a dinosaur 50 feet tall. You look up and you’re about to scream when they both yell “Shhh!” So you decide not to scream.

  35. “Get on the dinosaur.” the man –looking-horse-thing tells you, “Oh yeah, I know a way out of here! But I can’t show you, you’ll have to find it yourself.” “Wait, what?!” you scream after him, he doesn’t look back just keeps trotting away. You decide to follow him secretly OR Or ride the dinosaur

  36. You decide to follow him. He keeps looking back but he never sees you. You follow him for a week or so, eating berries, and drinking stream water. Then he leads you to a strange cottage he walks inside and you -being the curious person you are- follow. As you’re stepping the door you feel like you’re being torn then suddenly you’re inside your home and the smell of warm chocolate chip cookies greets you.

  37. You ride the dinosaur for a few days then suddenly he stops and stands up straight. There’s nothing to do but slide off him. As soon as you hit the ground he runs away, shaking the earth every step. You know he dropped you off here for a reason so you get up and look around. There in the distance are a bunch of mountains.

  38. You immediately know that is where you’re supposed to go. So you set off. Along the road you meet an animal that calls itself a dire wolf. It appears to be dyeing and there’s nothing you can do to help it. “Look at me,” it says through a thin voice “you are human?” “Well, yes. Why?” “There are few of us who know about ‘pothole business’.” he says mystically. “Pothole business? A pothole has nothing to do with anything. They’re just, potholes!” you exclaim.

  39. He laughs “Very wrong, very wrong. In fact potholes have everything to do with everything. Now hear me out.” he clears his throat, then begins “There were a group of us who lost people close to us. We were the ‘band of “brothers.”’ in our day it was absurd to group up with other enemy species. So we were shunned. Driven out. Left to rot.” he says the last sentence so viciously you have to fight every reflex in your body to take flight. “Go on,” you say encouragingly, or maybe a littlepushily. “Well we joined again and set off. I was the oldest and the wisest (excuse me for my lack of modesty) in the group. I stayed to myself. It meant a lot to be shunned, for my kind. Our empire was based on honor. So to lose that honor was like losing my backbone. But someone gave it back to me. Probably the most hopeful and most determined one in the group. Pip, was his name.” he paused and looked off into the middle distance. You hate it when people do that. “mischief… was his game.” He said in a thinner and quieter voice. “ Many people who deserved to live, died. And some that deserved to die, lived. But I’m not in the one who decides that. The brave animals that died will be glad to know they did not die in vain. I have the information and the experience of a thousand lifetimes.”

  40. You realize immediately what this means. “Tell me!” you yell in excitement, then remembering your manners you add “Please.” “Yes, yes I knew you’d be interested in this part-” a coughing fit rack through his body “sorry, I’ll continue. First of all, you can’t go into the future, only the past. And you can’t get injured, or killed during the ‘travel’. There are always ways to get back to your present time, but they’re 10X harder to find. Is there anything else? Oh! Yes, yes, if you decide to stay here you will not be effected by time. You can still get hurt or killed, but you will not get old. Eventually though you’ll catch up with your own time and then be able to live the life you were living before this pothole business.” he looks at you for a moment then says “Head East, it will take you towards help.” and with that the dire wolf died. Little do you know that you were just speaking with the last pure-bled dire wolf in history.

  41. You follow the dire wolf’s instructions and head East. You experience many things and just when you have no hope, you come across a lake. “That ends it. It’s impossible.” you mutter to yourself in frustration. Take a swim in the lake or You turn North

  42. As you’re walking in the lake you fall into a hole. You expect to drown, but you can breathe….

  43. Suddenly you’re home. You can feel it. And sure enough when you turn around you’re staring right at your home. “Wow.” You breathe and that’s all you can think as you walk towards the door.

  44. In your determination to get home you keep to the North for a loooooooooong time. Bad choice, you freeze to death in the Arctic Tundra. TRY AGAIN?

  45. “Settle themselves?! Settle themselves?! I’m as settled as settle can be!” He looks at you with a disgusted look on his face. Then starts talking in a language you’ve never heard before. Then he yells at you “Go fight the wind by yourself!” “What do you mean?” you ask. ‘Go fight the wind by yourself’?

  46. But he just walks away. You look around and notice you should go… You fail on eating and finding food. Try again?

  47. “Who are you?” you ask the thing. It now appears to be a horse about 6 inches tall, but in this place you aren’t taking any chances. “That is none of your concern.” he answers mystically suddenly you remember what he is. You have no idea how it came to. He is a Eohippus, a horse just 10x smaller. The Eohippus starts talking again, “There’s no food here. Even though no grass can look healthier, it isn’t safe. Huge birds come here night and day. They feed on my kind as you feed on a drop of chocolate.” (next slide)

  48. After a long moment of staring at each other, none of you blinking, he says “F.Y.I you wouldn’t last 24 hours here so if you want to live to see another day… follow me.” why should you trust it? Why shouldn’t you? You finally decide to: FOLOW THE EOHIPPUS