remote cart and vri what we learned on the road to success n.
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Remote CART and VRI What We Learned on the Road to Success PowerPoint Presentation
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Remote CART and VRI What We Learned on the Road to Success

Remote CART and VRI What We Learned on the Road to Success

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Remote CART and VRI What We Learned on the Road to Success

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  1. Remote CART and VRIWhat We Learned on the Road to Success David Schwarte, Dean Brusnighan Assistive Technology Specialists Purdue University

  2. Agenda Background Problem-Solving Approach Remote CART tests VRI tests Summary Next Steps

  3. Background

  4. What is Remote CART? Communication Access Real-time Translation

  5. What is VRI? Video Remote Interpreting

  6. Why Did We Get Involved? • Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation • Challenges specific to our large campus • Large lecture halls • 10-minute passing period • Power and networking considerations

  7. Problem-Solving Approach Maximize chances for success Begin with most reliable components With success, add one new component Don’t put student success at risk Contract with provider who can help

  8. Remote cart (RC) tests

  9. RC Test 1 (Wired with Laptop) Hardware change – use a faster laptop Wired internet connection Wired microphone Small class size (about 25) Alternative Communication Services was our vendor

  10. RC Test 2 (Wireless with Laptop) Introduce wireless internet connection Larger class size – more wireless users Used another system’s microphone input

  11. RC Test 3 (Wireless with iPad) Introduce iPad– more portable External mic: Revolabs tabletop wireless USB iPad camera connection kit Small class size (about 25) Mic was moved to meet speaker needs Mic still in range at 45 feet

  12. Vri tests

  13. VRI Test 1 (Wireless with Laptop) Same laptop Same Revolabs microphone Logitech webcam to simulate student use Sought faculty volunteer for classroom test Small class size (about 25) Had backup plans if something failed

  14. VRI Test 1 (Results) Test was successful Wireless mic worked great Webcam had no pauses or smear

  15. VRI Test 2 (Wireless with Laptop) • Same laptop, wireless mic and webcam • Introduce more wireless users • Class size about 100 • Visited room before class to determine • Best placement for microphone • Location of power outlets for microphone • Best placement of laptop for wireless signal strength

  16. VRI Test 2 (Results) • Test was successful • Webcam had no pauses or smear • Wireless mic worked great • Professor roamed • Student questions

  17. VRI Test 3 (Wireless with iPad3) • iPad 3 replaced laptop and webcam • Same wireless mic, same placement • We sat in same location • Wireless signal strength • Electrical outlet for mic

  18. VRI Test 3 (Results) • Test was successful • Interpreter raved about microphone quality again • “I can hear just as awesomely as I did in the previous two tests.” • Video generally clear, a few drops/freezes/smear • Interpreters perspective: not out of line with typical • Would this hinder learning: discuss with student before using

  19. Summary • Accomplished all testing goals • Loaned iPad and wireless mic to student (Fall 2012) • Student compared standard CART with remote CART (iPad) • Standard: stenographer and equipment can draw a lot of attention

  20. Summary (2) “I enjoy the new remote CART as it is easy for me to bring into class and relatively easy to set up… Additionally, the use of the iPad itself instead of a laptop creates a smaller footprint and can be easier to use in class in conjunction with taking notes, as well as eliminating excess attention drawn to my desk.”

  21. Summary (3) Our experience with testing helps us problem-solve with student situations Success is being able to improve our service to students, not that our service is perfect.

  22. Next Steps Improve training for each new user Meet with Purdue Networking staff Begin testing with Android tablet