significance of domain registration like many n.
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Significance Of Domain Registration PowerPoint Presentation
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Significance Of Domain Registration

Significance Of Domain Registration

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Significance Of Domain Registration

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  1. Significance Of Domain Registration Like many domain name owners, you may have already had this experience: after buying a new domain, you receive many spams in your inbox. It is legitimate to ask whether your personal data has been sold by the registrar, in other words by the accredited company through which the purchase was made. In fact, the explanation is quite different: registrars, domain registration services in tanzania extensions have a legal obligation to disseminate registration information on a technical service called WHOIS. There is also the email address of domain owners.

  2. The dissemination obligation has been widely discussed in the web community for years. Partly because malicious users use the WHOIS database to collect personal data very easily. At the beginning of the Internet, the contact details of the domain owners were disseminated with a view to transparency. This would make it possible to establish contact in the event of questions of any kind, including technical issues, such as trademark protection and prosecution. At present, the personal details provided are essentially the happiness of malicious users. However, this disclosure obligation is not called into question because the WHOIS and the data stored there are often part of administrative procedures, such as domain transfer. Business Details : Duxte Limited Josam House, Block B, 2nd Floor Mikocheni Light Industrial Area P.O.Box 35984, Dar es Salaam Tanzania Phone: +255 767 531 360 Email: Website :