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Reading one: Captain’s Call Main ideas

Reading one: Captain’s Call Main ideas. Richard Woodroof is the owner of Captain Video. Captain Video is a family-owned video store in Stamford. Two big chain video stores have opened in Stamford. Mr Woodroof sends a newsletter to all his customers . The

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Reading one: Captain’s Call Main ideas

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  1. Reading one: Captain’s CallMain ideas Richard Woodroof is the owner of Captain Video. Captain Video is a family-owned video store in Stamford. Two big chain video stores have opened in Stamford. Mr Woodroof sends a newsletter to all his customers . The newsletter is called “ The Captain’s Call.” In his newsletter, MrWoodroof says that large chain stores are killing family – owned businesses in Stamford. When large chain stores open, family- owned businesses go out of business. MrWoodroof’s store Captain Video is in danger because two big video chain stores have opened in Stamford. Captain Video can stay in business only if its loyal customers help. Captain Video has some advantages. It has15,000 tapes. Employees at Captain Video love movies and know a lot about them, so they can give personal advice to their customers. Life in Stamford will change forever if it loses its family-owned businesses. Only loyal customers can stop the chain stores from changing Stamford.

  2. Reading Two: Did you know? Blockbuster is a chain video store. It has just opened in Stamford. Small video stores like Captain Call can run out of business because of Blockbuster.There are 2,000 blockbuster stores in 26 countries. Blockbuster has more than 5,700 video stores in America and 78,000 employees. Blockbuster wants to be the world’s best home entertainment store. It offers its customers great service , value and products.

  3. Exploring Language • Parts of speech : Nouns : names of places , people , things, ideas. ( London – Huda – TV – suggestion) Verb : an action done by someone or something ( go – come – eat – drink – walk- ) Adjective: a word which describes a noun ( nice – good – happy – sad – worried – lucky )

  4. Verb Noun Adjective compete competition, competitor *** employ employee *** increase increase *** *** loyalty loyal serve service *** own owner ***

  5. Complete the sentences with the correct words: compete / competition 1- Hyperpanda and Carrefour _________ for customers. 2-The ___________ between Hyperpanda and Carrefour is very strong. employees , employs 1- Blockbuster Video ________ over 93,000 people. 2-Blockbuster Video has 78,000 ___________. loyal , loyalty 1- Our ________customers always come to our store. 2-We need your ____________ to stay in business.

  6. increase (verb) , increase (noun) 1-Captain Video didn’t want to ________ its prices too much. 2-The _________ wasn’t very big. It was only one riyal. serves , service 1- Starbucks ___________ very good coffee. 2- The ___________ at Starbucks is very good. owner , owns 1- My brother ____________ three stores. 2-He is the ______ of three stores.

  7. fill in the blanks with one of the following words:( bookstore- business- chain- competitors- customers- discounts- loyal- owner- selection- service)

  8. Grammar : There is / There are • We use “ There is + a count noun” ( singular ) • There is a shop on my street. • We use“ There is + a non count noun” • There is a lot of traffic in Seoul. • We use “ There are + a plural noun” • There are a lot of cars.

  9. Grammar : There was / There were • We use “ There was / There were” when we talk about the past. • We use “There was+ a count noun” ( singular) • There was a shop near our house. • We use” There was + a non count noun” • There was a lot of traffic on my street yesterday. • We use “ There were+ a plural noun” • There were a lot of cars.

  10. Yes / No questions with : There is / are / was / were • Is there a bank near your house ? Yes, there is. – No, there isn’t. • Are there any students in your class? Yes, there are. – No, there aren’t. • Was there a school opposite your house? Yes, there was. - No, there wasn’t • Were there any restaurants in your town in the past ? • Yes , there were.- No, there weren’t.

  11. Choose the correct verbs to complete the sentences: 1- There ________ two cafes nearby. is / are 2-There _________ soft music playing. is / are 3- There ________ delicious ice-cream. is/ are 4-There _______ some tables outside. is/ are 5-There _______ a comfortable chair. is /are 6- Five years ago, there _________ only one small café. was/ were 7-There _______ much noise. was/ were

  12. Complete the questions and statements with is there, are there , there is, or there are. 1- ____________ a park in this town? 2- ____________ some places to eat near the school? 3- _____________ a gallery by the museum. 4- ____________ several bookstores on Main Street. Complete the questions and statements with was there, were there , there was , or there were. 1- _____________ a concert last night? 2- Yes, ___________ many people. 3-____________ news reporters and cameras? 4-Yes,__________ a comedy show, too.

  13. Preposition of place ( direction) • Spatial order means organizing ideas by location or place. • Across from • Around the corner ( from ) • Behind X in front of • Between • Next to • On the left ( of ) X on the right ( of )

  14. Look at the map. Use the following phrases to complete the sentences . Benton street park Bookstore __________ Coffee shop ___________ bank barbershop office supplies school Library ______________ Video store ______________ (You are here.) X drugstore hardware store

  15. 1- You are _____________ the video store. 2- The coffee shop is____________the bank and the bookstore. 3-The hardware store is ___________ the drugstore. 4- The school is ___________ the park. 5- the bank is ______ Benton street.

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