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Winter Olympic games in Russia. PowerPoint Presentation
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Winter Olympic games in Russia.

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Winter Olympic games in Russia.
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Winter Olympic games in Russia.

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  1. Winter Olympic games in Russia. Prepareted by ArzamastsevaAlina and Konovalova Anastasia

  2. Content: • Olympic games • Russian Olympic Committee • Olympic programme • The discipline • Kinds of competitions. • Candidates to host the winter Olympic games of 2014 • Talismans • Competitions • Countries that participated in the Olympic Games in Sochi

  3. Olympic games The largest international comprehensive sports competitions that take place every four years. Tradition, which existed in Ancient Greece, was revived in the late nineteenth century French public figure of Pierre de Coubertin. Olympic games, also known as the summer Olympic games, held every four years beginning in 1896, except years, prishedshih the world wars. In 1924 were established winter Olympic games, which were originally the same year as the summer. However, since 1994, the time of holding the winter Olympic games was shifted to two years relative to the time of the summer Games. In the same places of holding the Olympic games two weeks later, the Paralympic games are held for people with disabilities. And only 23 April 1951 Olympic Committee in our country was formed again. Our national Committee was recognized as early as two weeks after the submission of the IOC documents: without such a great country like ours, the Olympic movement on earth would never be truly complete. The Olympic Committee of the USSR and now Russia has always included the most serious sports figures of our country and respected athletes.

  4. Russian Olympic Committee Russian Olympic Committee was formed on December 1, 1989. Its Chairman was elected Olympic champion in diving Vladimir Vasin. After the collapse of the USSR the all-Russian Committee was quite an independent organization and was in 1992 a new name - the Russian Olympic Committee (RJC). It was elected President Vitaly Smirnov. The program of the Olympic games IOC sets the program of the Olympic games, which includes only Olympic sports. An obligatory condition sport can not be recognized as an Olympic - the existence of the International sports Federation, providing the global space management and development of the sport.

  5. Olympic programme In order to be included in the Olympic programme, Olympic sport must meet the following criteria: 1. the program of the Olympic Games can only be included sports, widespread not less than 75 countries on four continents, for men and not less than in 40 countries on three continents for women. 2. program of winter Olympic games can only be included sports, widespread not less than 25 countries on three continents. Wide sports included in the program of Olympic games is not less than seven years before the respective Olympic games, after that, no changes are allowed.

  6. The discipline Inclusion in the program of Olympic games discipline, which is a branch of the Olympic sport and comprising one or several kinds of competitions, must have strong international recognition. Carterii to include disciplines similar to the criteria for inclusion of Olympic kinds of sports. Tizimini included in the program for at least seven years before the start of the specific Olympic games, and after that, no changes are permitted.

  7. Kinds of competitions 1.type of competition, a competition in the Olympic kinds of varieties or one of its disciplines and which leads to the distribution of seats among the participants. Ends with medals and diplomas. 2. for inclusion in the program of Olympic games kinds of competitions must have a firm international status as the number of the countries and the geographical spread, and include at least two times in a program, world or continental Championships. 3. the program of Olympic games can only be enabled kinds of competitions for men, widespread not less than 50 countries and on three continents and for women - not less than 35 countries and on three continents.

  8. Wide competitions are included in the program four years before the next Olympic games and thereafter with respect to these Games no changes not permitted. Winter Olympic games, which started in HTU not have this classical past and so old traditions, as the summer Games. Winter sports, as we have already mentioned, appeared in 1908 in the program of the summer Olympics. Their was a harbinger of figure skating. Following this, in 1920 at the Games of the VII Olympiad (Antwerp, Belgium) in the program, except figure skating, premiere, cultivated Canadians modern hockey. Under the pressure of the fans of winter kinds of sports of the international Olympic Committee in 1920 helped in the next Olympic year the French organized I Winter sports week. The only condition was that the results could not be recognized as an official Olympic results.

  9. I Winter sports week was held in Chamonix, France, where in the full squad came and were in opposition northerners. Under the influence of an unexpectedly high success Prague Olympic Congress in 1925 spoke in favour of regular winter Games. They were included in the Olympic program. Moreover, subsequently activities in Chamonix was granted the official rank of the Olympic games. I winter Games, which started as a Sports week, were conducted in accordance with the Olympic formalities. The Olympic flame was lit, participants gave Olympic oath. Games were in the nature of «home» competition Nordic athletes. Demonstrating the so-called aerodynamic style, Norwegian ski jumpers have opened a new era. Norwegian "king of the ski track" TorleifHaug won three gold and one bronze medals. He became the first winner of the winter Olympics, who during the life of the monument was erected. Here for the first time performed Norwegian Sonia heni - the heroine of the next winter Olympics.

  10. I winter Olympic games 293 athlete (including 13 women) competed in 14 rooms of the program by 5 kinds of sports. Demonstration competitions held Curling and skiing military patrols. In the unofficial team standings at the place I was, Norway, on the II - Finland and III of Austria. Winter Olympic games are a separate cycle, which includes competitions in winter sports. Starting in 1924, they conducted their numbering in the order of their realization and were in the same calendar year as the summer. However, the XVII winter Olympics held in 1994, as the IOC adopted a decision on their separate conduction. (table Soi) Sports that take place on snow and ice, are treated as winter sports. The term «Olympic games» in connection with the winter Olympic games is not used. Medals and diplomas different from those awarded to the winners of the Olympic games. The winter games are held in accordance with the rules of the Olympic games, except some specially-driven changes. For the first time at the winter games athletes of our country took part in 1956, Cortina d'ampezzo, Italy.

  11. Olympic Champions were skaters EvgenyGrishin, Yuri Mikhailov, Shilkov, Boris. Gold medal in the ski race at 10km. won the Love Kozyrev, as in the relay race HKM - men's team. Also Olympic Champions was the team of the hockey team. Russia is one of few countries, stood at the origins of the Olympic movement. In the first part of the International Olympic Committee and entered the representative of Russia - General Alexei DmitriyevichButovsky, who was a member of the IOC from 1894 to the year 1900. It belongs to him saying that reached our days: "the Idea of international games was a happy idea. She answered the vital needs of the modern society and the necessity of physical and moral revival of the young generation".

  12. In the days of the Congress in 1894 Coubertin wrote: «Finally statement is so clear that you could proceed to a specific organization of the constituent Congress. Among others, I have this work attracted General Butovsky of Russia». Later in his article «the Olympic games of 1896» Coubertin noted the significant role of Russia, and first of all of AlexeyDmitrievichButovsky, in support of the Olympic ideas in the preparation of the historic Congress. At the Congress in Paris 16-24 June, 1894 arrived delegates - 78 delegates representing 39 sports associations, clubs 12 countries. Official status at the Paris Congress had representatives from 20 countries. 16 countries were represented at the Congress Honorary members; the Delegates were from 12 countries; only 8 countries, including Russia, were presented at the Congress and Honorary members and Delegates. The right to make decisions on the working sessions of the Congress, was stipulated only for the Delegates. Participation of Honorary members of the working sessions was not mandatory. 22 June 2006, the President of the IOC Jacques Rogge of seven claiming applications, has announced the names of the three candidate cities. They were Sochi, Salzburg and Pinchanged Country

  13. Candidates to host the winter Olympic games of 2014 • Sochi Russia • Alma-ATA • Salzburg Austria • Kazakhstan • Pyeongchang Republic Of Korea • Sofia Bulgaria • Jaca Spain • Borjomi Georgia