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Save me!

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Save me!

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  1. Save the Polar Bears by Collin McEneaney Save me!

  2. How climate changes affects a polar bear’s habitat? • Climate changes*are usually caused by Global Warming*. The climate can get higher or lower. But Global Warming heats up the Earth. The heating of the Earth melts ice because one extra degree can melt the ice quickly. If the ice melts, that would be terrible. The ice is their habitat. Not an ice chunk, a whole big area of land. Then they would have to swim until they find new ice lands to live on. Would you be happy if your house or apartment or wherever you live melted somehow? Then you start swimming for all your life. All you can eat is dead fish, or you could be the food.*Global Warming: When the Earth warms up because of climate changes. *Climate Changes: When the average temperature becomes higher or lower.

  3. What will happen to the polar bears if their habit? Polar bears use their habitat for many things. They use their habitat for finding a mate, hunting seals, breeding, caring for their young, dens, and of course so they don’t live in the water. They can’t do any of this without their habitat. It is like when people become homeless. They need shelters like a bear needs a den. They need to help their young (if they have any) like a polar bear. They have to live on the street like a bear with no habitat. Finding food like hunting a seal. This is not good. You could be the polar bear, or the person.

  4. How do humans affect polar bears? Humans affect polar bears in many ways. Factories let out Carbon Dioxide. So does transportation that use gasoline because it burns fossil fuels which produces CO2 (Carbon Dioxide). Electricity burns fossil fuels. Building homes cause the decrease of plant population. You have to build over the plants and squash them. Then less plants take in less CO2. The CO2 heats up the Earth. That melts the ice and heats up the polar bears. The polar bears could die or will die. That is not good. Nobody wants to die.

  5. How can we help the polar bears? Instead of driving you could walk or bike. Don’t use to much electricity. When you’re cold, get a blanket. When you’re warm, fan yourself with a folder or a book. Watch less television. Don’t play a lot of video games. Recycle. Wash a full load of dishes in your dish washer. Besides, you don’t want to raise your electricity bill. Know what Carbon Footprint* a place has and if they let out to much CO2, change their procedure so they let out less CO2. That would stop Global Warming. Nothing bad will happen to the polar bears. If you do this of course. You don’t have to give anything, just do the good things for the polar bears. *Carbon Footprint: Evidence of places letting out amounts of CO2

  6. Please, try to save me. Help by letting out less CO2.