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Temple Sheckles are available in the hallway. PowerPoint Presentation
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Temple Sheckles are available in the hallway.

Temple Sheckles are available in the hallway.

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Temple Sheckles are available in the hallway.

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  1. Temple Sheckles are available in the hallway. Ask the money changer for more details.

  2. (House Of Our Father)

  3. Expansion… 2 places

  4. I also have a e-mailing list of about 3,000 people who have signed up themselves, this isn’t a bought list, and we’ll be putting out the word that they can log in and join us. Please keep this effort in prayer.

  5. We’d also like to welcome any visitors. • We have visitor cards that you can fill out then drop into the Tzedika (offering) box when we pass it around.

  6. Begin online broadcast!

  7. I get emails quite frequently from people that do not have a Messianic Synagogue near where they live. They ask me what they can do and now I can tell them, join our Synagogue live every Shabbat and be a part of our community.

  8. That being said…Welcome to those who are part of our online Congregation. We’re glad to have you with us this Shabbat. • Hello to Kathy and Amy’s family on the coast.

  9. Also to Jenifer who’s also with them there. Greetings to Danni, Shabbat shalom Danni and Rabbi David in India and Anthony in Sri Lanka and everyone else joining us online. Welcome and we hope you enjoy the service!!!

  10. T-shirts! Here’s a couple that we had made up, except the ones we order will be with black lettering. • It says on the front “Proud to be a Pharisee and on the back it says “School of Shammai”

  11. This color is all they had at the moment. For any ordering get with Bob at the money changing table and we’ll make a list.

  12. Yes, we have a money changing table. Yeshua was not against that, He was against the fact that they were robbing the people, they weren’t charging fair prices.

  13. The people HAD to have a way to change money and buy the animals needed for sacrifice. • They were coming from all over the world, it was a necessity.

  14. Head Coverings. You can order these as well from Bob at the back, let us know what color you’d like (red, blue, green or white)

  15. We have some friends that will be picking up some gold Messianic Jewelry for us in India. It’s 22K gold so it retains it’s value. If you haven’t already, invest in gold and silver! This gold jewelry we’re offering is a great investment for anyone!

  16. The big sign is will be ready by next week, we had some problems with the tracks, we already have the letters we just have to get the tracks fixed on it but it’ll be ready next week.

  17. The men had a great time at the • Mikvah last Shabbat. Chuck is going to share a little with us about that and also he’s going to tell us a little about his current studies at Bible School.

  18. Beginning Hebrew course in 2 weeks. If you’ve already been, go again! Meet new people there and establish relationships. • These are people that come to our front door to learn more about the roots of their faith. • Plus…

  19. …you can brush up on your Hebrew and get ready for the “Intermediate” course which will be the very next course after this Beginning Hebrew course.

  20. In 3 weeks, for the Shabbat Message, I’ll be teaching “Prayer For The Palestinian Problem”. It’s my most well known teaching, I’ve been sharing it for about 24 years now across the globe.

  21. The teaching is a run down of what is really happening between the Israelis and the Palestinians. It makes it easy to understand what the situation over there is actually about and what the Israelis are up against. It’s very political in nature (non religious) and leaves no room for misunderstanding the true motives of the players in the region. Believer or not this is a teaching no one should miss.

  22. Having lived in Israel as many years as I have I give first hand information as to how many of the PLO factions were born and what their true intent is. I produce documents that were given to me by friends in the Israeli and Palestinian Governments that show the plain nature of the conflict. Please invite your unsaved friends, they’ll appreciate it.

  23. Today we’re going to talk a little about tefilin (te-fillin Ashkenazi). • This is a Mitzvah for the men. What’s a Mitzvah? • A Mitzvah is an all around Hebrew term which means Commandments and/or good deeds.

  24. It is sometimes translated as “works”. • “Oh well, brother, we don’t have to do works anymore, don’t you know Jesus nailed that to the cross.”

  25. Oh well, then I guess the Disciple, James, was an idiot because he said in James 2 17Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.

  26. Jesus didn’t nail works to the Cross! Because if you don’t have works, you’re faith is void.

  27. So, tefilin is a Mitzvah for the men. • Let’s talk about that for a second.

  28. Sometimes ladies ask me “Why do the men get all the Mitzvahs???” • I have an answer to that, but first let’s remember…

  29. I didn’t make up the rules. Judaism has been around for a very, very long time and G-d has declared what the truth is.

  30. I don’t decide that I’m not going to follow the truth because I don’t think men have enough participation. • The truth is what it is.

  31. But I do have another reason. • Women have so many MORE Mitzvahs (good deeds/commandments) that they perform everyday then the men do. • They’re not as structured as the Mitzvahs are for men… they can’t be!

  32. I watch Teresa in her daily work with the baby, how do you structure that??? When baby’s hungry, he’s hungry, when baby fills his diaper, he fills it.

  33. Caring for another person is a Mitzvah in itself. • Teresa is caring for me and the baby all day long. • She’s doing way more Mitzvahs then I am and she’s doing them every day.

  34. Women on an average do 2-3 times more Mitzvahs per day then men do. That’s a lot. • So ladies, please leave just a few Mitzvahs for us men to do. Don’t be greedy.

  35. Just a few, we need to do works as well. Look at all the Mitzvahs you get. Not only caring for the family all day but you do lots of other Mitzvahs as well…

  36. For example: Linda does all the networking now, makes the calls to let everyone know Sabbath is coming, thank you cards etc (she does much more then that, this is just an example)

  37. Nicole does the Children’s ministry now every Sabbath. Teresa is going to be helping to oversee the ladies ministry, Pam will be helping with organizational aspects of the ministry. Evi has a food ministry with us to keep us all healthy.

  38. If you’re a woman and you’re NOT doing more Mitzvah’s then the men, please please give me call cause I have some Mitzvahs just for you.

  39. If you’re a man and don’t think you have enough Mitzvahs have a chat with Bob… he’s got too many Mitzvahs and he loves to share.

  40. Eventually we’ll have a Beit Midrash where the men go and do their daily prayers which is another Mitzvah. I’ve never heard a woman complain about that because it gets us men out of your hair for a couple hours.

  41. “Yeah, but we can’t be Rabbis! Or read the Torah portions in Synagogue or wear Tzit tzits etc etc” • Quit being greedy! Leave somethin for us men to do. You want all your Mitzvahs AND our Mitzvahs too. You’re asking too much and it’s out of balance and thus un-Scriptural.

  42. The Mitzvah of Tefilin is for the men… • What is Tefilin??? • Deut 11:18 says…

  43. Therefore, you are to store up these words of mine in your heart and in all your being; tie them on your hand as a sign; put them at the front of a headband around your forehead; 19 teach them carefully to your children, talking about them when you sit at home, when you are traveling on the road, when you lie down and when you get up; 20 and write them on the door-frames of your house and on your gates.

  44. The Bible says tie them on your hand as a sign; put them at the front of a headband around your forehead so guess what we do???

  45. We do it! What a concept!

  46. Another picture…

  47. So exactly how do we do this? • I have a video for you. But remember this is what the Orthodox Jews do. Afterwards I’ll show you how we Messianics are different.

  48. So, that’s how the Orthodox do it • and they have some good ideas, but we’re not Orthodox, we’re Messianic. • Our goal is to get back to the First Century Church. So what do WE do?