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Weather slideshow

Weather slideshow

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Weather slideshow

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  1. Weather slideshow

  2. aTSUNAMI can happen at an ocean or large lake. Many things can cause a TSUNAMI because it generates lots of force which can make huge waves Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, and meteorite impacts can cause TSUNAMIS because these can generate lots of force. Tsunami

  3. TSUNAMIS can be tens of meters high. It can take minutes to hours until one reaches land. TSUNAMIS can be caused when to tectonic plates collide near or in the ocean since it generates lots of force. When it reaches land it slows down and it’s height increases TSUNAMI (cont.)

  4. HURRICANES can be called different names such as typhoon, tropical storm, cyclonic storm, tropical depression, and cyclone. A HURRICANE is like all storms in one it can contain tornados, storm surge, and powerful winds The eye is usually calm and no clouds on the sky, it is usually the warmest of the hurricane HURRICANE

  5. They can measure HURRICANESusing degrees of latitude. Cyclone (HURRICANE) season happens from June 1 till November 30. You will usually get a HURRICANE warning days till it actually hits. A category 5 hurricane can have winds up to 157 mph HURRICANE (cont.)

  6. A TORNADO is a strong violently rotating column of air. A tornado is usually below 110 miles per hour. There are some tornados that can reach 300 miles per hour. There is a place called tornado alley where a majority of the tornados happen there but they can form wherever in the U.S.A Tornado

  7. A Tornado can be very thin or very thick. A tornado usually lasts a couple hours. A Tornado can have a multiple vortex and waterspout, that when a tornado forms in the water and can last much longer than and one. There is also dust devils which is weaker than the weakest of tornados and it’s just dust launched into the air. Tornado (cont.)

  8. A flood is when a overflow of water reaches land. There is also something called a flashflood which is when is rains heavily and fast so a flood happens more quickly and is more dangerous. A flood can also happen when a glacier or ice melts which can add water to the ocean. Flood

  9. Floods can easily happen on flat areas or places where there isn’t enough grass to absorb the water to stop it. A flood can also happen form a nearby lake, river, creek (etc.) A flood can also be helpful: it can make the soil rich of nutrients or if a place has had a drought and a flood happens and it needs water to use on farmland. Flood (cont.)

  10. Droughts is when a place has rain less than it’s average precipitation. It can last weeks, months, or even years which can hurt the community. Droughts can also hurt the ecosystem since everything needs water to survive. It can also hurt the economy since you can’t grow any food. Droughts

  11. Sometimes farmers are forced to move to grow their food somewhere else. It can also cause dust storms which what happened in the great depression. Can also cause famine to humans, animals and plants. It can also cause wildfires since it will be so hot and without water Droughts (cont.)