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Dog Island

Dog Island. Dog Island. A paradise for your pet!. Back to Authenticating Resources Main Page. Who? /Authority. Who?. Authority. Who?. Who created this website? Can you contact the author by mail, email, or telephone?

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Dog Island

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  1. Dog Island Dog Island A paradise for your pet! Back to Authenticating Resources Main Page

  2. Who? /Authority Who? Authority

  3. Who? • Who created this website? • Can you contact the author by mail, email, or telephone? • Is there any information about the author or his/her organization? Is he or she an authoritative source? • If there is quoted material, can you verify that it really came from the cited source?

  4. Who? The Way Up NCHS Tahitian Noni

  5. What?/Accuracy ? ? What? Accuracy ?

  6. What? • Is the site laid out clearly? • Is the information well written? • Are there links to other reputable sources of information on this topic? • Is the information relevant to your topic? • Is there enough detail to be useful? • Is the information suitable for your age and needs (appropriate)?

  7. When?/Currency When? Currency

  8. When? • Is there a date on the Web page? • If there is, does the date have any bearing on the accuracy of the information? • Check out this USA Today Atlanta!

  9. Where? • Do you know where this Web page is hosted? • Can you deconstruct a URL? http://www.botany.hawaii.edu/faculty/wong/BOT135/snds/jimihendrix.htm Where?

  10. Where? Domain names: gov = U.S. government go.jp = Japanese government edu = U.S. university or college org = organization mil = U.S. military

  11. Why?/Bias Do you have a cult fiction section? • Why? • Purpose • Bias

  12. Why? • Is there a bias? • Is the website full of statements that are difficult to prove or disprove? • Does it present both sides of an issue? • Is the website emotional?

  13. Why? • Teaching Zack to Think • A Short Introduction to the Study of Holocaust Revisionism by Arthur R. Butz • If this link doesn’t work, click in the white space. It’s Gone!!! So…..let’s go here Check this out! So…what do we think about Northwestern’s decision?

  14. Remember the Tilde ~ University of Queensland Staff Web Pages

  15. Resources Available to You • Books • Magazines • Internet • Online Databases Back to Authenticating Resources Main Page

  16. Another Way to Remember This Another Way to Remember All This! “RADCAB” ™ A mnemonic acronym for information evaluationCreated by Karen M. Christensson, M.S. Library Media Education

  17. RADCAB - Your Vehicle for Information Evaluation Relevance Appropriateness Detail Currency Authority Bias Who What When Where Why

  18. For More on RADCAB please visit Ms. Christensson’s Web site at http://www.radcab.com

  19. Credits Images courtesy of Microsoft Clip Arthttp://office.microsoft.com Old Time Clip Arthttp://www.oldtimeclipart.comand Cartoon Stock.comArtist: Richard Jolleyhttp://www.cartoonstock.com

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