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Westward Expansion

Westward Expansion

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Westward Expansion

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  1. Westward Expansion Chapter15-16

  2. Class work • Open text to page 197 read the introduction • In what ways do you think Manifest destiny was a good idea? How was it a negative one? • Write your answers at the bottom of preview page in notebook • Keep your answers in mind as we read this chapter- we will revisit them at the end of the chapter.

  3. Louisiana Purchase • In 1803 Thomas Jefferson purchased the Louisiana Territory from France for $15 million

  4. Questions 15.2 • Why was the city of New Orleans important to the US? • What was Napoleons plans for Louisiana? Why did his plans worry American farmers? • Why did napoleon decide to sell Louisiana to the US? • Why did some people disapprove of the purchase?

  5. Focus • Manifest Destiny is the idea that the US’s destiny is to expand westward across the continent, all the way to the pacific Ocean. • Do you think westward expansion was truly the United States destiny? Why or why not? • Write the answer in your focus section.

  6. Class work • Read section 15.3: Acquisition of Florida page 200 with your group • Next, complete Isn notes page 105.

  7. Acquisition of Florida • Spain owned Florida but it feared war with the US. Therefore, Spain gave Florida to the US. In exchange, the US agreed to pay $5 million and leave Spain in charge of Texas

  8. Questions for 15.3 1. Who originally lived in the area we know as Florida? 2. Why did Americans want Florida? 3. Why did Jackson go to the Spanish Colony ( Florida) against President Monroe’s orders? 4. If Jackson did not use force would Spain have given us Florida? 5. What was the agreement between Spain and the US?

  9. Class work • Read section 15.4 page 201-203 up to the subhead “ To Annex Texas or Not?” and complete first part of reading notes pg 106 with your group.After we discuss the situation… • Read the remainder of 15.4 and finish notes page

  10. Manifest Destiny Diplomacy Annex Converts Chapter 16 Mission Rancho Oregon Trail Homestead Mormons Forty-Niners Vocabulary Use ch. 15-16 to define

  11. To Annex Texas or Not??? Section 15.4

  12. Map of Us today…

  13. Texas • In 1827, almost 300 families under the leadership of Stephen Austin received permission from the Mexican Government to settle in Texas. • As the number of American settlers rose to 25,000 Mexico became alarmed and closed Texas to immigration

  14. Answer these questions as you read 15.4 1.Why did so many Americans think that Texas was valuable? 2.Spain grants Austin land in Texas- Mexico takes over and they let Austin start his colony under what conditions? 3.What was the effect of Austin’s successful colony? 4.List some of the tensions between the Americans and the Tejanos. 5.How does the Mexican Government handle these tensions? 6.What is the reaction by the Americans in Texas to the actions of the Mexican Government? 7.Who is Santa Anna? 8.Describe what happened at the Alamo 9.What happened to Texas, as a result of the events at the Alamo?

  15. The Alamo • Santa Anna- head of the Mexican Government- defeated the Americans at the Alamo and killed all defenders. • Eventually, Texas received its independence from Mexico and was annexed by the US when Sam Houston, commander of the Texas revolutionary surprise attacked Santa Anna, captured him, and in exchange for his freedom gained independence for Texas

  16. Closing Activity • Think of one positive aspect of Manifest Destiny • Think of one negative aspect of Manifest Destiny • Brainstorm with your neighbors and decide on one of each to be written on poster board. • If your idea is already taken put a check next to it and try to add to the list.

  17. 15.5 Questions 1.Who claimed Oregon in 1819? 2.What was “South Pass”? 3.What was called“Pioneer’s Paradise”- Why was it called that? 4.Describe Oregon Fever- How does it affect the Presidential election of 1844? 5.How does the US acquire Oregon territory?

  18. Focus: 1. List the areas that the US added to its territories between 1800-1848 and how we acquired them. 2.Do you think it is our “Manifest Destiny” to own all land “from sea to shining sea”? Explain your reasoning.

  19. Focus: Preview for section 15.6 • Polk wanted to expand the US even further than Texas and Oregon. He was determined to have both ( what we call ) California and New Mexico, both are Mexican territories… How do you think we will acquire this new land? What would you do if you were President Polk?

  20. Class work • Read section 15.6 war with Mexico up to the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. Discuss what action the US should take. • Next finish reading to find out what happened.(206-208) ISN notes page108 • Notes on PowerPoint on War with Mexico

  21. 15.6 War with Mexico 1. What kind of President was Polk? 2. What was his main goal as President? 3. Who owned what we call California and New Mexico? 4.Why did Polk want these territories? 5.How did Mexico feel about the annexation of Texas? 6.What was the issue surrounding the Texas border? 7.What does that issue lead to ? 8.Why do you think it was so easy to take New Mexico? 9. How long did it take to get California under American control? 10. When the US invaded Mexico how many troops did Taylor have? Santa Anna? 11. Who retreated first? Why? 12. What is the outcome of this war? 13. Describe the agreement in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo . 14. Describe how some of the senators reacted to the treaty.

  22. War with Mexico • To Mexico the annexation of Texas was an act of war. Texans and Mexicans could not agree on a border • A dispute over the boundary of Texas led the United States into war with Mexico. • The United States believed the border to be the Rio Grande, while Mexico thought it was the Nueces River

  23. War with Mexico • 1846- Mexican soldiers fire on American troops patrolling the Rio Grande • Polk gets Congress to declare war on Mexico • Kearney led Army to overtake New Mexico ( without firing a shot) • Within weeks all of California would be under American control

  24. The Gadsden Purchase • Strip of land just south of the Mexican Cession that James Gadsden purchased for $10 million. • RR builders wanted this land because it was flat and could be used for a RR route. • The nation now stretched from “sea to shining sea”…

  25. 15.6 War with Mexico By the terms of theTreaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, the United States received California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and parts of Colorado and Wyoming. In exchange, the United States paid Mexico $ 15 million.( and promised to protect Mexicans living in Texas and in the Mexican Cession.)

  26. Focus: Wrap up for chapter 15 At the start of this chapter you answered the following question- look back at your previous answer in your focus and see if your opinion has changed. Write your new answer and prepare to share the differences between your two answers. • In what ways do you think Manifest destiny was a good idea? How was it a negative one?

  27. Review for quiz • Manifest Destiny • Jefferson’s Louisiana purchase- doubled size of US • Florida was acquired through Diplomacy. • Polk and Britain compromised on Oregon • Annexation of Texas was opposed by many Americans because Texas allowed slavery

  28. Review for quiz ch. 15 • War with Mexico began with border dispute over Texas • Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo • Gadsden Purchase- bought it from Mexico, good railroad route to California • Study the map on page 205 ( Oregon Country) • Know what territories we acquired and from whom. • ( Florida from Spain-Texas , Mexican Cession and Gadsden purchase from Mexico- Louisiana territory from France) • Study graphic organizer page 197- know where each of the territories are.

  29. Focus • Turn to page 211 in your text book. Look at the graphic organizer. Answer these questions: • What do you see here? • When were the towns like this in the United States? • What objects do you see that someone passing through the town might have left? • Who might have left these objects?

  30. The West 1820-1850 • This drawing shows a western town in the 1800’s. This chapter teaches us about the different groups that might have passed through this town. People like: the Californios, the 49rs, the Chinese, the mountain men, pioneer women, the missionaries and the Mormons.

  31. Notebooks page 110-111 • Listen to the song “ Sweet Betsy from the Pike.” Follow along with the lyrics on page 111 and then answer the questions on page 110.

  32. Oregon Country 15.5 • Tree covered wilderness from Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean • Claimed by 4 nations( Russia, Spain, Great Britain and US) • Spain and Russia give up rights • Britain and US jointly occupy for a while

  33. Oregon Country • Us claim based on Lewis and Clark expedition • Mormons were the first to travel to Oregon territory • They believed it was a “pioneer’s paradise.” • Their goal was to help white settlers move to Oregon and help convert the Indians to Christianity

  34. Mormons legacy • Relatively few Indians became Christians • However, many died of the disease that the missionaries brought with them from the east.( small pox) • True legacy: Opened up the West to settlement • In Utah they established a center for what is now a worldwide religion.

  35. Polk didn’t want to start a war with Britain for all of Oregon • Sign a treaty that divides Oregon . That line now marks the western border between Canada and the US. Everyone wins

  36. Mountain Men • The trappers called mountain men were interested in the fur trade • They lived a dangerous life. • In their search for furs they explored most of the West • Their trading posts became supply stations for settlers moving west across the trails

  37. Pioneer Women • Seeking homesteads • Helped to shape the future of the west. • They earned a new status for themselves and for women in America • 1840-1869-350,000 people moved West • Took 6 months/ 2000 miles

  38. Pioneer Women • Still did all of their duties while traveling- cook, clean, laundry, care for children • Where ever they settled they started: schools, libraries, churches, charitable groups. • 1869 women gained the right to vote in the Wyoming territory.

  39. Class work • Read section on Chinese. 16.9 page 225-226 Fill in the corresponding reading notes

  40. Group Work • In assigned groups of three or four you will be given a topic from the chapter. You will read that section and fill in the matching notes in your ISN. Next,create a chart or brief notes that lists all of their hardships, legacies and reasons they moved West . • Teach/Share with class by writing your chart on the board