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  1. and MU Convergence J.J. Bailey & Steve Weinman

  2. Project Goals Statement We are striving to develop a more effective content agenda, updating schedule and distribution plan for the MU Convergence Program’s coverage of Missouri Tigers athletics for

  3. Goals • New landing page design • Content structure plan • Statistics, rosters, schedules • Distribution plan • Audience research

  4. Revised Landing Page • IFrame landing page mocked up, featuring: • New Tiger-centric color scheme • Central focus on video features • Prominent display of photo galleries • Blog section

  5. Revised Landing Page • New KMOV Tigers page features: • New “Top Story” Missouri blog • Secondary blog for opinion pieces, general information work • Mosaic presentation of slideshow photos

  6. Content Structure Plan • New content schedule/updating plan: • Friday: advance • Saturday: gameday coverage, including photos and live blogging • Sunday: wrap • Monday/Tuesday: media day unorthodoxy and newsroom meeting for story pitches and recap.

  7. Editing and Access • Editing • Plan to use 4806 students in dual role as managers of 4804 students as well as producers of advanced reporting content • 4806 students act as facilitators of weekly pitch meeting as well as choosing the stories to run with for the next week

  8. Editing and Access • Access • Students will have back-end access to blogs in order to get text pieces and breaking up news posted in as timely a fashion as possible • Videos and photos will still be posted by Bryce and weekend producer Jacob Kuerth

  9. Roster, Schedule, Statistics • Approval received from MU Athletic Dept. to glean information • Roster, schedule statistical databases established in Microsoft Excel • Roster: no updating needed • Schedule: only game times and scores

  10. Roster, Schedule, Statistics • Statistics: game log template • Formulas inserted into Excel to aggregate season-long totals after each game • Students will need to input each player’s statistics after each game • Expected time consumption of 10-15 minutes weekly for one student, to be rotated if necessary

  11. Distribution Research • In addition to posting content on, initially offered IFrame to newspaper sites around Missouri • Telephone surveys with publishers and web managers yielded more than 20 interested papers • Several papers have their sites controlled by larger media companies that must give green light

  12. Distribution Research • GateHouse Media • Two conference calls completed, third rescheduled • Interested in KMOV content, but would prefer to design IFrame on its own or use RSS feed instead of frame • Message: the simpler, the better

  13. Audience Research • audience • Survey placed on Tigers page and main sports page • Only 10 total responses despite more than 6,000 page views to Tigers page alone this semester • Passive audience • Few comments on student work dating back to fall • Ten that did respond unanimous in no forums interest

  14. Audience Research • Prospective audiences at other papers • GateHouse refuses to allow us to place suvey link on other sites • No response from several other interested papers regarding survey • Publisher interest seems to demonstrate audience interest in our work, but we aren’t able to learn much beyond that

  15. Conclusions • Revised landing page to feature breaking stories more prominently • Greater access for students will allow more timely posting • Friday-Sunday emphasis plan will make coverage more consistent • Use of 4806-4804 hierarchy will reduce proofreading concerns, help guide reporters • Statistics page will be maintainable by students, expected to help site traffic

  16. Conclusions • Passive audience eliminates need for forums, implementation of social networking tools at this point • Though no distribution agreements have been reached, we have established relationships with more than 20 publishers and one major media distribution company