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  1. WEB ANALYTICS FY2014 Q3 Report (April – June 2014) Quarter Highlights • Mobile traffic to is the highest it’s ever been. • Social media sites continue to be top drivers of traffic to Facebook and Twitter were the best sources of web referrals to our site. • Overall, web searches continue to bring most traffic to Analytics in Practice • The online versions of report Highlights pages now include all graphics and tables that appear in the PDF version. The next updates will include better integration of videos, podcasts, and interactive graphics. This summer, Public Affairs will start analyzing key metrics for the online Highlights, looking at the effects of graphics, tables, and bullet points on users’ interaction with those pages. • We have started to update the “Resources For” section of, which brings together content specifically for Congress, federal managers, journalists, researchers, and the auditing and accountability community. Recent launches: Resources For Federal Managers, Congress, and Journalists. • Our blog is now available from the public website, or by directly visiting The blog has about XX posts, and has been viewed more than YY,YYY times. Fedscoop, GSA, GovLoop, Federal News Radio, and the IBM Center for The Business of Government have linked to the WatchBlog in articles and newsletters. •  On April 22, Agency participated in the first House Social Media Fair for staffers. The Office of the Chief Administrative Officer hosted this nonpartisan event to educate staffers on best practices and cybersecurity issues in social media. Several social media groups attended to show their products and answer staffers’ questions. STAY CONNECTED WITH US! us-government

  2. More Details Web traffic increased this quarter by X%. About YYYpeople visited the website, generating ZZZ visits, and XXX pageviews. Figure 1 shows a spike in traffic at the end of the quarter, resulting from strong interest in X report. Overall, the report has been viewed YYYtimes. Mobile traffic to is the highest it’s ever been. Mobile traffic made up XX% of traffic this quarter, up from YY% last quarter, and up from ZZ% last year. Social media sites continued to be top drivers of traffic to, and followers grew on all platforms. Facebook and Twitter referred the most users to our site. Our Twitter followers grew by XX% to YYY. Our Facebook likes grew by XX% to YYY. In addition, we have nearly ZZZfollowers on LinkedIn, and our images on Flickr were viewed more than ZZZ times during the quarter. More than half of all visits began on online Highlights, and XX% of that traffic left without viewing other pages or downloading the report. While this bounce rate may indicate users quickly found what they were looking for, there are further opportunities to improve design and engage users. User engagement with was slightly better/worse than last quarter. A typical user viewed X.XX pages per visit, up from Y.YY in Q1. In addition, ZZ% of visitors only viewed 1page per visit, compared to YY% in Q1. A typical user stayed on the site for X:X minutes, compared to Y:YY minutes in Q1. In both periods, about XX% of visits lasted 0-10 seconds. More visitors also returned to the site, with new visits at YY% of traffic, down from ZZ% in Q1. XX% of the traffic to agency.govwas the result of web searches. These users came from search engines like Google or Yahoo. Most of these users came to the site for information on Agency, our reports, and bid protests. YY% came directly to the site (by typing in the address or using bookmarks or e-mail links), and the remaining came from links in other websites. Figure 1: Spike in Traffic to from Interest in the XReport Note: Dips represent lower traffic over weekends and holidays. About Quarterly Reports • In [Date], Agency added Google Analytics to to learn how users engage with it. [Point of Contact] analyzed the metrics on non-agency users and prepared this report for the Office of Public Affairs. Please contact [your email] with questions or presentation requests. QUESTIONS? COMMENTS? MORE INFORMATION? Contact Sarah Kaczmarek in the Office of Public Affairs for more information.