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Info for today

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Info for today
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Info for today

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  1. Info for today 1. If you have completed the work for the Ethos, Logos, Pathos articles then please put it on the front table. If you do not turn it in today then I will take it 1 day late (Monday) but I will not take it on Tuesday. 2. If you still do not have highlighters then you will need 3 different colors on Monday.

  2. A Change of Heart About Animals • Using a person next to you, take out 1 sheet of paper and put both of your names on it. • Discuss each question and then answer each question together in 3-4 sentences in which you give an example to go with each answer. 1) What does it mean to have a "change of heart"? 2) What are some common ideas or feelings people have about animals? 3) What kinds of things might cause someone to change his or her ideas or feelings about animals? 4) What is a vegetarian or a vegan? What are their feelings about eating animals and why? 5) What is an animal rights activist? What are some ways they fight for animal's rights? 6) Do you think they are always looking at our best interests when they're fighting?

  3. “A Change of Heart About Animals” Take out 3 different colored highlighters. As you’re reading: Color 1: highlight words/phrases that are logos. Color 2: highlight words/phrases that are ethos. Color 3: highlight words/phrases that are pathos. The author is trying to insinuate that the reader needs to change their hearts about animals, but most people seem to have a soft spot in their hearts for animals. So, discuss with your partner who the intended audience is for this article and why they need to change their hearts. Write your response on the sheet of paper that you were working on yesterday.

  4. “A Change of Heart About Animals” 1) What is the thesis or main idea of this whole article? 2) Write down all the evidence that the author uses to support their thesis 3) Now go through the article and write down all the "loaded words": Loaded words and phrases have strong emotional implications and involve strongly positive or negative reactions beyond their literal meaning. For example, the phrase tax relief refers literally to deductions that a person might claim in order to reduce the amount of tax they must pay to their government. However, use of the emotive word relief implies that the tax was an unreasonable burden to begin with. 4) Does the author of this article use more ethos, logos, or pathos? If he uses multiple persuasive styles explain the 2 most used. 5) Which type of persuasive style is most effective on the reader? Explain in a paragraph.

  5. Extra Credit assignment (30 pts) • In a paragraph following the given format write about the following topic: • How have studies on the mental aspects of animals created a greater sense of empathy? 1. Topic sentence (respond to the question in a complete sentence) 2. Quote: “…………” (author, pg. #). 3. Explain the quote. Explain how the quote answers the question in your topic sentence. 4. Quote: “…………” (author, pg. #). 5. Explain the quote. Explain how the quote answers the question in your topic sentence. 6. Concluding sentence (final thought on the topic)