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PowerPoint Presentations for

PowerPoint Presentations for . Beginners. Begin the PowerPoint Presentation.

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PowerPoint Presentations for

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  1. PowerPoint Presentations for Beginners

  2. Begin the PowerPoint Presentation First, open PowerPoint. Notice the 'slide' and 'outline' tabs at the left side of the screen. One slide is already up for you. Click the first box that says, 'Click to Add Title' and type the title of your presentation.

  3. Add Content to the Presentation It helps to have all the content for your presentation together before starting. You can move the text boxes around by clicking the border of the box. You will see a 4-arrow icon. Click and drag to move the text.

  4. Add Slides to the Presentation To add another slide, go to 'Insert' and click 'New Slide.' Or you can go to the toolbar at the top of the screen and click on New Slide. A new slide will appear and you will have two in the Slide Tab.

  5. Choosing Slide Layouts There are many slide layouts you can choose from on the right side of the screen. You can choose to have just text, or graphs, pictures, and tables. Scroll down and you will see more options including having both Text and Content together. Select a slide first. I'll apply a layout to my second slide. The guidelines will appear and you can type in your information.

  6. Choose a Presentation Background Now you can add a background to your presentation to make it more interesting. Click the 'design' button on the toolbar and your background templates appear on the right where your layout choices were. Choose your background and it will be applied to all of your slides. If you want to go back to change your layout simply click the Back Arrow at the top of the right sidebar.

  7. View the Presentation as a Slideshow To see a slideshow of your presentation, go to 'View' and click on 'Slideshow.' Your presentation will take up the whole screen and you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard or just click your mouse to go through your presentation.

  8. Move the Slide Order in PowerPoint If you want to change around the order of your slides go to the left sidebar on the 'Slide' tab. Here you can click and drag the slide you wish to move.  You can also go to the bottom of the sidebar and change the 'View' to the 'Slide Sorter View.' The icon looks like 4 tiny squares. If your slideshow is long, this is a great way to move slides around. Just click and drag a slide where you want it.  Go back to the normal view by clicking the small icon to the left of the 'Slide Sorter View' button.

  9. Deleting PowerPoint Slides Delete a slide by right clicking, and select ‘Delete Slide’.

  10. You now have the basics for PowerPoint. Just try and make some creativity and also explore for some application inside this program…

  11. God Bless  thank you for your cooperation

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