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Chat rooms

Forums. Grading. Quizzes. An introduction to the Moodle VLE. Lessons. Tracking. Journals. Chat rooms. Workshops. Peer support. Components of a VLE. Mapping of the curriculum into elements (or ‘chunks’) that can be assessed and recorded.

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Chat rooms

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  1. Forums Grading Quizzes An introduction to the Moodle VLE Lessons Tracking Journals Chat rooms Workshops Peer support

  2. Components of a VLE Mapping of the curriculum into elements (or ‘chunks’) that can be assessed and recorded Support of online learning, including access to learning resources, assessment and guidance General communications, including email, group discussion and web access Links to other systems, both in-house and externally Tracking of student activity and achievement against these elements VLE Exposure Peer group support Online tutor support

  3. VLE Content delivery Communication Assessment Support tools Flexibility Defining a VLE A VLE handles aspects of student teaching and learning

  4. MLE VLE Student records Tracking Administration Student portal Third party Defining an MLE An MLE would include financial services, library services, student record system etc as well as a VLE.

  5. Source: http://www.jisc.ac.uk/ MLE-VLE integration

  6. Interactivity and Collaboration Complexity Levels of use Document repository Chat rooms Forums Peer review tutorial Journals Workshops Scorm Hyperlinks Quizzes Lessons

  7. Moodle interface The Moodle interface can be displayed in either Weekly, Topic or Social format. The example here is using the Weekly format. Moodle the system

  8. Calendar The Calendar facility will allow you to enter events in various categories of User, Course and Site.

  9. Chat The Chat feature in Moodle will facilitate real time conversations between users via the keyboard, a facility that can be especially useful to part time students.

  10. Forums The Forum is basically a posting area where students can create or contribute to a theme with their own comments.

  11. Lessons Lessons, similar to learning objects represent a powerful means of delivering structured learning through Q & A sessions that are drawn from embedded content.

  12. Workshop A Workshop allows peer assessment of documents and self-assessment activities, while providing the lecturer with opportunities to both manage and grade material.

  13. Journal The Journal feature will allow every student to have a personal journal that only they and their lecturer will be able to access.

  14. Quiz Moodle has a number of options for creating online assessment materials and one popular choice for both formative and summative assessment is the quiz.

  15. Glossary The Glossary feature in Moodle acts as a definition resource, that can be presented in a number of formats. Glossary entries can be linked to key phrases throughout the system.

  16. Assignments Assignments can be delivered to students through Moodle, their responses posted back with online feedback.

  17. Activity reports User activity on Moodle can be monitored using the Logs option. This features levels of detail from module to student details group by date and time

  18. Scorm and Learning Objects SCORM stands for Sharable Content Object Reference Model and represents a set of e-learning specifications from the US Government's initiative in Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL), that facilitate the deployment and tracking of reusable learning objects. Deploying a VLE • The Moodle VLE is Scorm compliant, This means that :- • The content registers itself onto the LMS • The LMS launches the content • The content passes performance data back to the LMS

  19. Producing and Packaging Will convert Word based material into Web page content and aggregate into a content package. Will aggregate any document type into a content package. Allocations like Macromedia Flash are ideal for producing Multimedia consent that can be distributed across the Internet.

  20. Learning Objects NLN have shown their support for the growing trend toward learning objects by converting 20, 000 hours of material.

  21. Moodle is Open Source and so is freely available. In house VLE support and content skills. Requirements X

  22. Commitment from staff to the VLE Student engagement with the VLE System take up

  23. System and Moodle training

  24. Thank you all, that's the end of the presentation

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