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Angular Momentum

Angular Momentum. Friday, November 7. Today: Angular Momentum. Chapter 9 Section 7. Angular Momentum, L. Direction??. Compare to linear momentum. Conservation of Angular Momentum. What is needed for L to be conserved?. Problem 9.34.

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Angular Momentum

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  1. Angular Momentum Friday, November 7

  2. Today: Angular Momentum Chapter 9 Section 7

  3. Angular Momentum, L Direction?? Compare to linear momentum

  4. Conservation of Angular Momentum What is needed for L to be conserved?

  5. Problem 9.34 Divers change their body position in midair while rotation about their c of m. A diver leaves the board with her body nearly straight, then tucks into a somersault position. If her moment of inertia in the straight position is 14 kg•m2 and in tuck is 4.0 kg•m2 by what factor is her angular velocity when tucked greater than when straight?

  6. Problem 9.34

  7. This week’s Laboratory Experiment

  8. L conserved?

  9. Problem 9.32 What is the angular momentum of a bar rotating at 120 rpm. The bar rotates about its center, has a mass of 500g and is 2 m long.

  10. Problem 9.32

  11. Monday Energy and Work Reading: 10: 1-3 Problems: 9: 30, 32, 34, 35 A closed (isolated) system has a total energy E which is constant, but the form of the energy can change. For example, thermal, kinetic, chemical, … We shall be concerned with the conversion of one kind of energy into another and the exchange of energy with the outside world.

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