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Allstate Arena

Allstate Arena

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Allstate Arena

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  1. Allstate Arena By Veronica Linares

  2. This is how it looks on the outside…

  3. What is the Allstate Arena • It is a multi purpose arena in Rosemont Illinois • It is located near the intersection of Mannheim Road and Interstate 90, adjacent to the city limits of Chicago and O’Hare International Airport. • It was originally called the Rosemont Horizon • It first opened on July 2nd 1980

  4. Quick Interesting Facts • The Village of Rosemont issued 19 million dollars in bonds to finance the cost of the arena. They had exclusive contracts with the Barnum and Bailey circus among many others • On August 13th 1979, the entire unfinished roof of the Rosemont Horizon, collapsed killing 5 construction worker, and hurting 16 others. • In 1999 Allstate insurance paid 20 million dollars for the completer repair of the arena in exchange for its naming rights.

  5. Sports • They are hosts to the Depaul Blue Demons Basketball Program • This building hosted the NCAA program three times (1987, 1993, and 2005. • This arena is the standard venue when the WWE visits Chicago they hosted wrestle mania 3 times in (1986,1997, and 2006.)

  6. Concerts • If there is anything that the Allstate Arena is known for is its concerts, it has hosted a vast majority of artists including just some like: • 1.) The Rolling Stones • 2.) Tina Turner • 3.) Phil Collins • 4.) Michael Jackson • 5.)Bon Jovi etc.

  7. Accomodations • With an 18,500 reserved seating capacity and forty-eight luxury suites, the Allstate Arena is one of the largest indoor entertainment facilities in the Chicago area. • The all state is affiliated with hotels such as the Hampton Inn, and the Hilton. It also invites its guests to stay at • Aloft • Best Western • Candlewood • And The Double Tree

  8. Restaurants near the Allstate • Abruzzi Restaurant and Lounge • Andiamo Restaurant and Bar • Barnaby’s Family Inn • BasilicoRistorante • Bella Sera Restaurant, among many others.

  9. Going Green • Take public transportation to the arena, car pool, or use hybrid cars • Recycle, all cups sold at the arena are recycled and are to be disposed of properly • They have installed sensor activated lights to help reduce the amount of time that the lights stay on • Why they do it? Recycling helps the earth, prevents global warming, and creates jobs.

  10. Accessibility • Wheelchair Escorts • Accessible Disabled Tickets are available and limited • There are designated parking spaces for people with disabilities • They have sign language Interpreters • Service Animals and Guide Dogs are welcome • Emergency Evacuations Procedures are well taught to all employees, for them to escort the guests in case of an emergency • All Restrooms are also accessible.

  11. Blue Demons Seating

  12. Chicago Wolves Seating

  13. Chicago Sky Seating

  14. Chicago Rush Seating

  15. Concert End Stage Seating

  16. Concert Center Stage

  17. Discussion Questions • 1.) If you have ever been to the Allstate Arena, what is the best part about the memory, the venue itself? Or was it just the event? • 2.) In our industry we see a lot of customer service on a day to day basis, do you think that it is as important at the Allstate? Would a bad experience with an employee deviate you from going again? • 3.) In your opinion is the Allstate working at its full potential? When there are no special events going on, could it work out a different way to generate revenue? If so, what?