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Get Lean Muscles In Only Seconds… With A Fitness System That Has No Weight Lifting and No Straining of Joints! PowerPoint Presentation
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Get Lean Muscles In Only Seconds… With A Fitness System That Has No Weight Lifting and No Straining of Joints!

Get Lean Muscles In Only Seconds… With A Fitness System That Has No Weight Lifting and No Straining of Joints!

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Get Lean Muscles In Only Seconds… With A Fitness System That Has No Weight Lifting and No Straining of Joints!

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  1. Get Lean MusclesIn Only Seconds…With A Fitness SystemThat Has No Weight Liftingand No Straining of Joints!

  2. Introducing a Workout SystemThat Will Allow Youto Build Lean Muscle Mass…And Will OnlyTake Seconds To Do!

  3. These Exercises WorkWithout Putting Excessive Strain on Your Joints.

  4. RIPPED WITHLEAN MUSCLE MASS – This system stimulates the growth of new lean muscle tissue.

  5. You’ll not only look good,but you’ll stay healthyas it burns fat,strengthens your bonesand keeps you young.

  6. INCREASED METABOLISM – The more lean tissue you have, the faster you burn calories, and the faster your metabolism becomes.

  7. Lean muscle tissueis metabolically active –it requires more Caloriesto sustain it than fat.You will burn more Calorieseven when you’re not exercising.

  8. BECOME TRIM AND LEAN – This is the result of a faster metabolism. Lean muscle tissue requires 75 kcals to sustain it, whereas fat only requires three.

  9. This means that if youonly add 5 lbs. of muscle,you can burn an additional20-25 lbs. of fat a yeardoing nothing!

  10. DECREASED RISKOF OSTEOPOROSIS – This training increases the density and hardness of the bones…

  11. And thus strengthensyou against osteoporosis.

  12. LOWERED CHOLESTEROL – This exercise will make your body produce more HDL (good cholesterol) while reducing bad cholesterol.

  13. This reduces among other things your chance of heart disease.

  14. INCREASING YOUR STRENGTH FASTER THAN ANYOTHER FORM OF TRAINING – This is because this system works the muscles more intensely.

  15. It also operatesin a shorter space of timeover conventional methods.In fact, you can finish a workout in as little as ten minutes.

  16. INCREASESNEUROLOGICAL STRENGTH – These techniques will teach your body to recruit more muscle fiber for each movement…

  17. Thus yourincreased strength comesnot just from your muscle,but from more efficient muscle.

  18. PROTECTING YOURSELF AGAINST JOINT DAMAGE – Because this program doesn’t involve movement or weights…

  19. It is safer than any other formof exercise and often usedin rehabilitation.


  21. You may have heard the term “isometrics” before.But you may not be 100% clearon what isometrics areand how they work.

  22. ISOMETRICS(Isometric Exercise) A type of strength training in which the joint angle and muscle length do not change during contraction.

  23. This kind of training allowsfor greater contraction, strength,and concentration when you’reactually conducting the exercise.

  24. Isometrics are purely "muscle" movements that place the stressentirely on the muscle fibers,eliminating reactive contribution.

  25. And even so they increase musclemotor unit recruitment aboveand beyond what you getfrom eccentric or concentric reps(up and down body movements).

  26. Using these techniques you canrecruit nearly all the muscle fibersduring an isometric contraction.This is something that doesn’t happen with regular eccentric and concentric (down and up) repetitions.

  27. Basically, the more muscle you can recruit the more growth can occur.Not surprisingly,this dramatically enhances strength.

  28. Strength gains of 14-40% havebeen found over a 10-week periodusing isometric action training.


  30. Isometrics also allow youto prolong the time under tensionof a particular muscle.This allows a more intense result without added joint stress and wasted energy.

  31. When performing the large majorityof movements in the gymthe actual working effect of those movements are over a very short range.

  32. so a lot of the timespent completing repetitionsis just wasted.

  33. According to the Journalof applied physiology:respiratory, environmentaland exercise physiology:“Isometrics are significantly betterthan dynamic exercises at increasingmaximal strength at the joint angle.”


  35. It’s the focus of isometricsthat allows you to seesuch tremendous gainsin such short amountsof time!

  36. An “Isometric Contraction”is the voluntary tensingof a particular muscle.

  37. This tension needs onlyto be held for about 7 seconds….

  38. (if you are tensing the muscle properly, you should be quite fatiguedby this stage as all the fibersin the muscle are stimulated).

  39. With isometricsyou are able to get workoutsthat actually provide much moreintense recruitment of muscle fibersbut in a much shorter amount of time.

  40. Paul J.O'Brien, renowned, fitness trainer and martial artist writes:“Scientific studies have shownthat Isometrics can stimulatethe development of newlean muscle tissue in as littleas 7 seconds!”

  41. Isometric Techniques Originated Thousands of Years Ago Isometric exercises are thousands of years old, with examples from the static holds in certain branches of yoga or Chinese martial arts.

  42. These powerful exercises only cameto the attention of modern trainersa little over 100 years agowhen a world famous strength performer revealed where his strength came from.

  43. Alexander Zasswas born in Vilna, Polandin 1888, but lived mostof his early years in Russiaand after 1924 in Britain.

  44. He lifted a 500 pound girderwith his teeth, carried a small horse, caught a woman fired from a cannonand allowed professional boxersto hit him in the stomach.

  45. His greatest talentswere in bending steel barsand breaking chainswhich were the center pieceof his music hall exhibitions.

  46. Alexander Zass was very innovativeand he revealed that he was ableto develop his startling strengthby bending green branches and twigsto develop his grip strength.

  47. Little did he know,he had taken the ancient techniquesof martial artists from the far Eastand had started a new movement.

  48. FROG LEGS PROVE ISOMETRICS WORKS! In the 1920s, scientists stumbled across scientific proof that isometrics really worked.

  49. Scientists at Springfield Collegein Springfield Massachusettsran an experiment where they tooka number of frogs and tied up oneof their legs, completely immobilizing it.

  50. The frog could onlymove one leg free,and couldn’t move the other one at all.They wanted to see the effectsof atrophy on the bound leg.