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Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

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Corporate Profile

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  1. Wireless Broadband MobilityTowards Freedom inUniversal Broadband MobilityShawn TaylorVice President Technology, Wi-LANWiMAX Board MemberVice-Chair IEEE 802.16e

  2. Corporate Profile • Wi-LAN is revolutionizing the broadband wireless marketplace with: • its W-OFDM technology (adopted by Wi-Fi and WiMAX) • its market-leading products (which use its patented technologies). • Today:A global broadband wireless equipment and technology company • Offering businesses, including telecom service providers and government enterprises, effective, economic and secure wireless high-speed communications solutions. • Owner of patented W-OFDM technology which is an essential component of several wireless communications standards • Non-exclusive license agreements signed with semiconductor companies • Tomorrow: WiMAX • First-to-market WiMAX compliant products • Royalties from WiMAX ASICs • Future: W-OFDM based 4th Generation (4G) broadband mobile wireless systems. • Wi-LAN is working with international research institutions and system integrators to promote the worldwide standard, regulatory and market adoption of this vision.

  3. Wireless Standards – In Context Broadband Mobility IEEE 802.16e WMAN IEEE 802.16 / ETSI HiperMAN WiMAX (256-FFT OFDM) 48+ km. WLAN IEEE 802.11xWi-Fi 100m. WPAN IEEE 802.15Bluetooth 10m.

  4. The WiMAX Standard • The world’s first Universal Telecommunications Standard • Collaborating with IEEE 802.16 WirelessMAN and ETSI HiperMAN standards • Throughput up to 70Mbps • Range 48km.+ • 256 FFT (Sub-Carrier) OFDM technology • Sub 11 GHz Frequency Bands • Flexible QoS • Strong security support • Clear migration path to mobility (802.16e) • Industry has recognized the benefits of W-OFDM

  5. WiMAX ForumProliferating W-OFDM • Non-profit corporation comprised of key industry players. • Wi-LAN was instrumental in the founding of WiMAX • Formed to promote and certify the conformance and interoperability of IEEE 802.16 and ETSI HiperMAN FWA equipment. • WiMAX focus is the 256FFT OFDM (based on Wi-LAN’s W-OFDM technology) in the sub 11GHz bands. • Wi-LAN’s Shawn Taylor is a WiMAX board member • Wi-LAN’s Gordon Antonello, representing the OFDM Forum, is a WiMAX board member and chair of it’s technical committee. • Efforts will help accelerate the proliferation of W-OFDM based Broadband Wireless Devices Founding Members WiMAX Members * Fujitsu OFDM Forum Hughes Network Systems France Telecom Intel Tata Teleservices PCCW Alcatel Reliance Infocom Atheros China Motion Telecom British Telecom Alvarion Qwest Proxim Aperto Networks Siemens ZTE * Partial List

  6. Wi-LAN Products and Roadmap

  7. Point-to-Point • Point-to-Multipoint • Wireless Internet Access • Wireless VoIP • Backhaul - Cellular and WiFi Hotspot • Network Extension Large Enterprises Base Station Medium Enterprises Small Enterprises Home Office/ Residence Wi-LAN’s Last Mile Access Solutions

  8. BWS I.WiLL Wi-LAN OFDM Product Roadmap WiMAX Base Station 2005 2004 LIBRA MX Base Station 2003 LIBRA 5800 2002 LIBRA 3000 2001 2000 1999

  9. Wi-LAN Continuity Program™ • Benefit from WiMAX performance today • Seamless transition to Standards based solutions • Minimize network and customer premise disruptions • Protect your investment • Any current W-OFDM LIBRA CPE will operate side by side, in the same Network, Cell, and even Sector with WiMAX compliant units

  10. Internet Telephone Network IP Based Access Network Satellite Network 802.16d Backhaul 802.16d Backhaul 802.16d Backhaul W i - F i 8 0 2 . 1 6d B a s e S t a t i o n 8 0 2 . 1 6 d / e B a s e S t a t i o n B a s e S t a t i o n Pedestrian Speeds, 11Mbps, Lightweight, Limited Coverage Vehicular Speeds, 20 Mbps, PowerSource, Heavy, Limited Coverage,Specialized Applications Vehicular Speeds, 20 Mbps, Lightweight, Full Coverage T I M E Wi-LAN’s Path to Broadband Mobility

  11. Hotspots - Vantaan EnergiaFinland • 29 Wi-LAN Access Points at 11 points of presence in the city of Vantaa, Finland • 150+ Last Mile W-OFDM CPEs • Wi-LAN CPEs feed 802.11x Hotspots • Serving 90,000 Business/MDU Residences

  12. Broadband Mobility Field Trials Base Station Videostreaming/ File transfer 20Mbps @160kmph Mobile Unit

  13. Broadband Mobility Development • Now developing wireless products for mobile wireless systems/ Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

  14. Summary • Wi-LAN is the pioneer of W-OFDM technology which has become the basis for global wireless standards including Wi-Fi and WiMAX. • Wi-LAN has been developing and deploying this equipment since 1992. • Wi-LAN is on the path to Broadband Mobility. • Wi-LAN’s technology will be the basis for 4G cellular networks as part of the 802.16e standard.

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