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Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

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Corporate Profile

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  1. Corporate Profile

  2. Heller Energy International Vision:Energy is a critical vector for the economic growth of nations and the wellbeing of their populations. However, in the 21st century humankind is fully aware of the environmental, geostrategic and economic problems that inefficient management of energy resources can bring. Today, technology and know-how regarding energy systems is sufficiently advanced to provide us with solutions that guarantee efficient and sustainable energy systems. This development means that, in all probability, our methods of generating, distributing and selling energy will undergo a dramatic transformation throughout the century to come. Mission: Heller Energy International is a Spanish company that aims to help improve access to energy for the global population. Our human capital boasts a wealth of experience in the energy and environment sector. Spain has been a pioneer in applying many energy policies (such as those on renewable energies) which contribute to improving energy systems around the world: from the electrification of large areas with no access to energy, to the improvement of existing systems that are inefficient and polluting. Objetives: We at Heller Energy International offer our clients experience and services based on three cross-cutting areas: consulting, engineering and project implementation, with a continuous focus on the energy and environment sector. Our capacities range from a generalist focus, such as that required for zone-based energy planning, to the specific expertise required to (for example) operate a power plant. Our desire is to make this wealth of experience available to our clients around the world, particularly those in emerging and developing countries.

  3. Executive Team Mr. Recaredo Del Potro (President) Recaredo del Potro’sprofessionalcareerconsists of a series of seniormanagement roles in companies active in themanagement of natural energyresources. Highlightsincludehiswork as thePresident of AURENSA (a companydedicatedtothepreparation of studieson natural resources), Member of theBoard at Potasas de Suiza and ENIEPSA (NationalCorporationforPetroleumResearch and Exploitation), Head of Exploration at ENUSA (NationalUraniumCorporation) and Director of Operations at REPSOL. He beganhiscareer as a geologist and geophysicistwith CHEVRON, and hisprofessionalpathledtothepresidency of the Project Management Office in charge of designing and managingthefirstunderground natural-gas storagefacility in theMediterranean (the Castor Project), involvingover €1.4bn in investment. Recaredo del Potro has a degree in Mine Engineering and a Master of Sciencefrom Imperial College’s Royal School of Mines, London. He speaks English and Spanish. Mr. Francesc Hervera (CSO) Francesc Hervera boasts over 20 years of experience in the electricity sector and has spent more than 10 years working in fields related to energy, management and business development. He has held senior management roles at industrial corporations such as Salicru SA (Member of the Board of Directors and CDBO), Schneider Electric (Director, BU PLC) and Siemens (Project Manager, CHP PLC). His professional career has encompassed the development of internationalization policies and new businesses, the preparation of strategic agreements, opening up new markets and introducing new technologies. He has a degree in Industrial Engineering and a Master’s degree in Commercial Management and Industrial Marketing. He speaks English, French and Spanish. Mr. Daniel Bonals (COO) Daniel Bonals has spent the last 10 years of his professional career at the company MPBATA SLP (of which he is a founding partner and the Technical Director), focusing on projects involving efficiency and the construction of power plants based on renewable energies. Previously he worked as a Project Manager and Specialist Consultant at a number of consultancy firms including CapGemini, Ernst&Young and RossSystems, where he led operations to implement productivity improvement systems within companies. He has a degree in Industrial Engineering, a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering and Management and is also a Law graduate. He speaks Spanish, English and Portuguese. Mr. Raimon Arnau (CPO) Raimon Arnau’s professional experience in the energy sector began in 1994 with Spain’s first energy-services multinational, Endesa SL, where he held a number of senior operational management roles in the area of electricity distribution, overseeing 250,000 clients and €90m annual turnover. The second, and current, stage of his career involves the management of companies in the fields of environmental consulting, renewable energies and energy efficiency, in the capacity of Director of Operations. He has studied at the UAB, UB and UPC and has obtained a degree in Advanced Industrial Engineering and an MBA. He speaks English and Spanish.

  4. Services Heller Energy Internationalhas accumulated a great deal of know-how in the areas of electrification and both renewable and conventional energies. We offer rigorous analysis and results of exceptional quality, meeting our clients’ every need for the areas they operate in and the services they provide. Implementing an energy-related project and operating as a technical office on the client’s behalf requires cross-cutting knowledge of every related aspect and the ability to manage a multi-disciplinary team. Heller Energy International has a wealth of experience as a partner in a wide range of projects where it has given investors the confidence of knowing their investments will be made with maximum technical and economic efficiency. Heller EnergyInternationalhas also lent its experience to governments, acting as a consultant for energy planning, design and regulation and helping emerging countries design their own energy policies. Our work as consultants also involves supporting, accompanying and advising private investors on their investment projects, providing an analysis of both the project itself and its context in energy terms. Heller Energy International’sexpertise and experience allows us to offer our clients engineering solutions for a number of technologies. Moreover, our understanding of the sector enables us to locate specialists in specific markets for each of the technical areas that are necessary for your project, as well as managing them and integrating them into the project team. Consulting: Technical: This service is for proprietors, future purchasers or financial entities that require an analysis and evaluation of a project, using a method that exacts the technical valuation, which can evaluate the viability, its production or commercial growth possibilities. Regulatory: This consulting service is for the purpose of analyzing the activities regulating the transport, operation and technical management of an electric or gas system. The service takes into respect the contexts of the market and the incentive schemes , including an analysis of the regulatory setting and the actual situation of the country and an evaluation of the action plan for renewable energies by providing recommendations and analysis. Sustainable: Assessment in obtaining equilibrium between the three basic elements that stimulate progress, development, and well-being of a region: economic growth, social cohesion and preservation of the environment. Energy efficiency and savings being the key vector for long-term sustainability.

  5. Services Implementation: Turnkey: Within a turnkey the project is carried out in a global manner, until the basic and specific technical design criteria is determined with the client. Apart from that moment the responsibility of the detailed engineering, procurement, construction, start-up operations, legalization and entry to client is assumed. PMO: From the perfect understanding of the client’s needs to always maintaining the complete vision of the project until the end: the planning, organizing, obtaining and coordinating the different resources and participants is assured to meet the conditions agreed upon by the client and third parties. Capital Allocation: Helping investors indentify activities based in renewable energies taking into account the administrative situation of the activity, the regulatory setting applicable and the internal economics that effect the valuation, by offering an implementation proposal that better adapts to an investment plan. Engineering: Preliminary Studies: The study first realizes a situational analysis replicating specific legislation that would affect the project by determining informational needs and studying the environmental situation and internal population living conditions. This study provides a preliminary design idea, scope, operating life and utilization according to the defined principle objectives of the project. Basic Project: The basic project/master plan exhibits the fundamental objectives and key aspects of the general characteristics during the operational phase with the goal of providing a global image, a real scope of the proposal, the corresponding planning to completion and the technical financial analysis of the project. Executive Project: Following the completion of a project with the purpose of verifying the technical specifications, periodic resource estimations and the rate at which the project advances. It is also guaranteed that the developers are trained with the correct capabilities and that high quality goods and teams are used during the execution. Project Management: Detailed information for the purpose of completing, obtaining the proper licenses or the tendering process; the executive project is the base utilized for the analysis of the financial structure which details resources, and the proposal of completion and timing. It also includes the technical specifics of the principle components of the project and security plans until completion. Start-up and Legalization: First performing a technical analysis observing the technical and economic performance of a project during the trial period, concluding with a final report of the facility director and the transference of the final project. Once the project is finalized, the engineering team undertakes the legal realization of the different vectors attending to the local laws.

  6. Credentials Renewable Energy Maping of Solar Heat:Consultingservicesregardingthecalculation of potential solar thermalenergyforthesupply of hotwater and heatingsupport (forbothresidential and industrial uses) for 20 countries in Eastern Europe. Heston Project:Sensitivityanalysisfor a large-scaleprototype MCFC trigenerationplanttoobtainhydrogen, electricity and heatthroughbiogasobtainedfromananaerobic digestor. Flix Solar Farm (Flix, Spain): Project management and turnkeyexecution of a 12MW solar park, consisting of anastronomicallyguideddouble axis solar-tracking system and a secondstageinvolvingthegeneration of concentrated solar power. Feasibility Study of Wind Farm (Tarragona, Spain): Feasibility study for Mas Platé 10MW wind farm, encompassing environmental restrictions, compliance with local and national legislation, electricity transmission and wind-power potential and a detailed study of investment and exploitation costs. Hydro-electric Power Stations (León, Spain): Design, construction, exploitation and management of two hydro-electric power stations in the Duero river basin: namely the Orallo and Altar stations, boasting 300kW and 785kW of installed power capacity respectively. 

  7. Credentials ConventionalEnergy and EnergyPlanning CMT Trace Logistics (Maçanet, Spain): Design, planning, execution and compliance management of electricity transportation and distribution infrastructure (low, medium and high voltage). Development of supply and transmission infrastructure in accordance with strategic plans for electrification. NationalGovernments: Consultancyservicesencompassingtheanalysis of regulatoryframeworks and thecreation of strategicreportsfortheimprovement of thetransportationnetworkforelectricity and gas, with a viewtoinfrastructureplanning. Castor Project (Spain): Project managementfortheconstruction and entryintooperation of a natural-gas storagefacility of 2bcm capacity, making use of anoldunderwaterpetroleumreservoir. La ProhidaElectricity: Provision of technicalconsultingforthelaunch of anelectricitytransportation and distributionnetwork, involving a 33kV/10kV substation of 15MVA capacity, 69km of 10kV powerlines, 98 BT transformers and a distributiongridtotaling 77km in length. Energy Audit (Barcelona, Spain): Technical Energy Auditfor municipal buildings in the Barcelona metropolitanarea. Thisserviceencompassedenergydiagnostics, adaptationtomeetenvironmental/energystandards and drawing up proposalsforimprovementfrom a technical/economicperspective.

  8. Heller International EnergyC/ Avila, 48, Planta 3ra Local 15Barcelona, 08005 BarcelonaC/ Nuñez de Balboa, 114, Planta 3ª Puerta 16Madrid, 28006 Madrid