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Personal Selling

Personal Selling

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Personal Selling

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  1. Personal Selling Chapter 18

  2. Nothing Happens UntilYou Sell Something • Selling is the final step in a firm realizing its central objective—maximizing long-term profit. • Selling is the ultimate implementation of the firm’s purpose and objective. • All employees are involved in selling the firm’s products because they help the firm achieve the best marketing mix.

  3. The 11 Elements ofSuccessful Personal Selling • Thorough product knowledge • Listen to the customer • Call on the right people • Call with a purpose • Professional attitude, decorum, and attire • Get the appointment

  4. The 11 Elements ofSuccessful Personal Selling • Get to know everyone • Network • Develop a long-term relationship with your customers • Be well rounded • Close the sale

  5. Selling’s Relationship to the Firm’s Purpose and Objective • The best salespeople are those who believe passionately in the value of the products they sell • A critical ingredient in having passionate salespeople is that every employee sees, understands, and accepts the firm’s purpose and objective as worthwhile • Selling on purpose—helping customers get what they want so they can make their lives better gives meaning to selling

  6. Sales as a Career • Sales is an important part of the firm’s overall success • Successful people are successful sales persons—spouses, children, scientists, business managers • Understanding selling is a valuable part of everyone’s business education

  7. Discussion Questions • Is personal selling a legitimate subject to be covered in a book on agribusiness management? Explain the reasons for your answer. • Explain why someone who works in the human resource area needs to know something about personal selling. • Explain why selling is an internal and external activity of the firm. • Identify and explain types of selling other than business-to-business selling.

  8. Discussion Questions • Which two of the elements of successful selling listed in the chapter are most important? Explain your answer. • Describe the characteristics of a successful sales person. Explain the reasons for your answer. • In your own words describe the term “networking,” and explain why it is important to sales success. • Explain why developing a long-term relationship with your customers is desirable. How do football tickets and dinners affect this relationship?

  9. Discussion Questions • What is the role of trust and mutual benefit in building a long-term customer relationship? • What does it mean to close the sale? Explain its role in personal selling. • How does the firm’s purpose and objective affect the performance of its sales persons? • Identify 3 reasons someone who is seeking a career in business would select a sales position. Explain your answer.