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  2. Agenda for SeptemberBoard Meeting • 12:00 Board Member Orientation • 2:00 Call to Order, Approval of Minutes • 2:10 Election of Officers • 2:15President's Report • 2:30 Executive Director Report • 2:50 Committee Breakouts regarding Strategic Plan Initiatives and Action Items • 3:30 Regroup with Full Board • 4:00 Adjournment

  3. By the end of the session • Welcome, orient and engage new Board members. • Review what makes Wonders unique – its history, its philosophy and approach, its values, and its community. • Enhance the Board’s understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the Board and ways in which the Board, committees, and individual members carry these out.

  4. Wonders Mission, Vision andStrategic Plan • In June 2013, the Wonders Board adopted a new three-year Strategic Plan for the organization, with the help of a two-year grant from Compass • As part of the strategic planning process, a new mission statement was developed to better represent the organization to all relevant stakeholders, e.g., potential and current enrolled families, potential donors, competitors, policymakers. • New Mission Statement: To create and advance high quality, diverse educational communities that teach children the foundations of life-long learning and social responsibility

  5. Wonders Mission, Vision andStrategic Plan • A new vision statement was also developed to encompass the organization's "BHAG" -- Big Hairy Audacious Goal • New Vision Statement: To be an innovative community leader and advocate, recognized for highest quality early children and school age education and social responsibility

  6. Wonders History, Programs, Philosophy and Community • History, Community and Programs (Joanne) • The Big Picture: The regional child care landscape (Joanne, Kristalee)

  7. Coming up in 2013-14 • President's Goals for Board Members (Marci) • Opportunity to stretch and learn • Opportunity to contribute talents • Elevate Wonders in your professional and social networks • Know that organization is better because of your work

  8. President's Goals for Board • Implementation of highest priority initiatives from Strategic Plan • Continued leadership role in Montgomery County regulatory process for selection of school age child care providers • Lead organization through other public policy and competitive challenges

  9. Board Matters(Marci) • Basics of Board membership • Fiduciary duty: Ultimate responsibility and accountability to the public for the organization's actions. Work in the organization's best interest, to fulfill the organization's mission and maintain its tax-exempt status • Conflicts of Interest: See Policy and Attestation • Confidentiality: See Board Member Agreement; special considerations when Board member is a Wonders parent -- wearing two hats

  10. Board Matters (Marci) • Meeting Logistics: Board meetings, committee meetings (monthly) • External Communication: Monthly newsletter contributions to all program sites regarding significant Board activity • Event cycle: • If your child is in a Wonders program, you are expected to be visible at your site, and participate in its programming • All Board members are expected to participate in community-wide events: • Staff Holiday Party • Politics and Prose Book Fair • Pink Party • Family Picnic • Ad Hoc Events (e.g., wine tasting)

  11. Committee Matters • Wonders Committees – Overview (Marci) • Officers • Finance • Governance • Marketing and Fundraising • Strategic Planning

  12. Officers Committee(Marci) Purpose: Provide leadership to Board; set Board and Committee agendas; perform annual review of Executive Director; serve as core group of advisors to Executive Director as needed Composition: President (Marci Levine), Vice President (Rebecca Fayed), Treasurer (Jonathan Klugman), Secretary (John McMahon) Frequency of Meetings: Together with the committee chairs, the Officers Committee meets as needed. Top Priorities: • Support Strategic Planning Committee in its work. • Support Executive Director in addressing significant personnel issues, public policy and competitive challenges.

  13. Finance Committee(Jonathan) Purpose: Direct and supervise the work of the Corporation’s accountants and auditors, and serve as the principal channel of communication between the accountants and auditors, the Executive Director and other relevant Wonders staff, and the Board. Composition: Jonathan Klugman (Treasurer and Committee Chair) , Drew Deutsch, Anush Seyranyan, Nina Sober, Brian Sonfield, Joanne Hurt (Executive Director), Lynn Taylor-Moore (Director of Finance & Administration). Frequency of Meetings: Monthly at The Pink House Top Priorities: • Ensure long-term financial sustainability of Wonders. • Prepare recommendations regarding the Corporation’s finances to the full Board. • Direct and supervise the Corporation’s financial investments. • Support Strategic Planning Committee in its work.

  14. Money Matters Responsibilities and expectations of the full Board in financial matters (Marci, Jonathan) • Contribute: See Board Contribution Form • Participate in development activities: Cycle of Events, other fundraising activities as identified by Marketing and Fundraising Committee • Participate in budget approval process • Review the annual audit and audit committee’s report and recommendations • Review Form 990 (annual tax filing for nonprofits) • Play a role in major financial decisions, e.g., office space lease, opening/closing of program site, etc.

  15. Money Matters Responsibilities and expectations of the Finance Committee (Jonathan) • Operate with reference to the requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, to the extent applicable and practicable. • Be independent • Make sound financial decisions (competence) • Participate in Finance Committee meetings • Meet with the Wonders auditor, review the annual audit, recommend approval or modification of annual financial statements • Oversee Wonders’ investment policy (Investment Policy Committee)

  16. Money Matters Responsibilities and expectations of the staff (Jonathan) • Lynn Taylor-Moore, Director of Finance and Administration • Understand the importance of operating each center according to budget and actual enrollment/center revenue (including avoiding overstaffing) • Be prudent when incurring center operating expenses

  17. Governance Committee(Edie) Purpose: Responsible for matters relating to the composition and effective functioning of the Board, the training of current and prospective Board members, and the conduct of elections of Board members. Composition: Edie Mossberg (Committee Chair), Suzanne Laporte, Eric McKerrow, John McMahon Frequency of Meetings: Once per month, generally by teleconference. Other meetings as needed. Top Priorities: • Nominations, elections and orientation of new members. • Board development. • Maintain an inventory of board member skills, interests, connections and resources. • Conduct annual board effectiveness evaluation. • Support Strategic Planning Committee in its work.

  18. Marketing Committee(Amy) Purpose: To increase awareness of Wonders’ mission through communication with constituencies within the Wonders family as well as the wider community. These activities include institutional development efforts, organizing fundraising events, and creating compelling and innovative promotional and marketing tools. Composition: Amy Conroy (Committee Chair), Brian Price, Zakia Redd, Stacey Sauter, Lara Varpio, Annie Lai (non-Board Member, Pink Party Chair). Frequency of Meetings: Once monthly, generally by teleconference Top Priorities: 1) Develop a cohesive and sustainable long-term marketing plan. 2) Promote the Wonders mission both to existing and prospective families. 3) Build upon existing fundraising efforts and devise novel development strategies. 4) Support Strategic Planning Committee in its work.

  19. Strategic Planning Committee(Kristalee) Purpose: To oversee the implementation of Wonders' three-year Strategic Plan 2013-2016 through the work of the committees and Wonders professional staff. Composition: Kristalee Overdahl (Committee Chair), Rebecca Fayed, Marci Levine, Joanne Hurt (Executive Director). Frequency of Meetings: Once monthly, typically by teleconference Top Priorities: 1) Prioritize the implementation of Strategic Plan initiatives. • Work with the other committees and professional staff in support of the implementation of the Strategic Plan.