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Board Orientation

Board Orientation

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Board Orientation

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  1. Board Orientation

  2. Ground Rules • Relax and be comfortable. • Listen so that your leadership year will be as effective and powerful as possible. • Ask questions as they arise. • A Parking Lot will be created for great ideas that need further discussion. • Think in terms of your role as a board member; responsible for the well-being and future of this organization.

  3. Purpose of Board Orientation • To share key information about the organization. • To focus on the strategic direction, mission and goals of the organization. • To encourage questions and to explore opportunities for the organization.

  4. “There is only one thing worse than training your volunteers and having them leave –and that's not training them, and having them stay.”--unknown

  5. Topics • Not-For-Profit vs. For Profit • Mission/Vision • Board Responsibilities • Board-Staff Team • Practical Board Tips • Officer Roles • SWOT Analysis • Programming/Fundraising Idea Sharing • Chapter Budget • NEWH Website Review

  6. Not-For-Profit vs. For-Profit What is the difference? • Organization provides services of benefit without financial incentive • NFP is qualified by the IRS as a tax-exempt organization through education and scholarship • Voluntary trustees govern the NFP, protecting members’ interest • NFP owned by the public • NEWH as a 501c3 does not lobby • Organization operates for personal or corporate monetary gain • For-Profit organization is governed by a board of directors – directors are paid for their service • Stockholders own a for-profit business

  7. The Mission Statement Who are we? NEWH is the premier networking resource for the hospitality industry, providing scholarships, education, leadership development, recognition of excellence, and business development opportunities.

  8. NEWH Serves… Students:NEWH, Inc. recognizes the talent and ability of students and encourages involvement in all areas of the Hospitality fields through scholarships, seminars and educational programs. Industry:NEWH, Inc. members are involved in developing activities to stimulate and promote the Hospitality and related fields. Membership:NEWH, Inc. provides meetings, educational programs, seminars and career opportunities for its members.

  9. What do we do? • Sponsor scholarships and actively promote the education of eligible students aspiring to enter the Hospitality and related industries. • Encourage cooperation and exchange of information among those engaged in all aspects of the Hospitality and related industries. • Disseminate information to the industry through lectures, seminars, trade meetings, news bulletins and awards for excellence. • Serve the industry, students and the membership of NEWH, Inc.

  10. Your turn…What has NEWH done for YOU?

  11. The Vision Statement THE Network of the Hospitality Industry

  12. “There are three kinds of people: Those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who say, 'what happened?’”--Casey Stengel

  13. Sustainable Hospitality

  14. Board Positions • Executive Committee: (1 vote each, unless indicated) • President* (no vote, unless tie) • VP-Administration/NEWH Delegate* • VP-Development/NEWH Delegate * • Secretary • Treasurer • Past President* • Executive Advisor* (no vote) • Directors (1 vote each): • Scholarship • Membership • Programming • Fundraising • Sustainability • Chairs (no vote) • Public Relations • Publications • Hospitality • Community Service • Internet Communication • Historian • Student Rep Quorum = 50% of voting members+ 1 Email Vote: Can be done, but you must have 100% participation/reply and the vote must be unanimous *Automatic Positions are part of succession planning and begin at the VP/Development position, which is elected. After one year in the position, the person will move to the next level. This ensures knowledge and stability for the chapter and follows the NEWH, Inc. Board Model. All other positions are one-year positions, with a 2-year maximum per position.

  15. The Board/Chapter – NEWH Staff Relationship Two Elements, One Team Consider it a partnership, alliance, collaboration between chapter boards and the NEWH staff to achieve the goals of NEWH.

  16. “I always wondered why somebody didn’t do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody.” Lily Tomlin

  17. Efficient Board Meetings/Model Board Members • Start and end meetings on time. • Study and understand the mission statement, bylaws, policies and goals. Ensure that all discussions and chapter activities are aligned with the NEWH mission statement. • Prepare for meetings by reviewing the agenda and supporting documents. • Create a ‘Parking Lot’ for any discussions that need to be tabled or that get off track of meeting agenda. • Treat information and discussions as “confidential.” • Do not conduct committee work during board meetings.

  18. Efficient Board Meetings/Model Board Members • Promote NEWH to others – share networking opportunities and the chance to ‘give back’ (over $3m given in scholarships to date!) • Be proud of our history. • Recruit future leaders to help govern NEWH. • Manage your chapter’s resources. • Ensure your chapter has the funds it needs through contributions and fundraising events • Stay current on issues and trends impacting the organization and the membership. • Get involved in committee work. Readily communicate with the NEWH office for needed information and assistance.

  19. Committee Do’s & Don’ts DO: • Choose members carefully, include non-board members for committee service (Need committee members? Conduct a member talent survey – call the NEWH, Inc. office for info) • Distribute committee assignments evenly across the board so all members are involved • Get approval from the full board before making important decisions • Write committee reports providing info to board DON’T: • Create committees that are too large to be effective • Treat non-board members as outsiders

  20. “Those who say it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it.” –Chinese Proverb

  21. Role of the President • The President shall be CEO and, subject to the Executive Committee, shall have general supervision and control over its affairs. The President shall: • Create meeting agenda and distribute in advance of meeting; solicit agenda items from board members • Encourage discussion and input from all board members • Supervise and direct the business of the chapter, keeping all board members focused on setting and meeting the goals of NEWH, Inc. • Encourage future leaders • Encourage teamwork and ensure involvement of all members in the chapter • The president has no vote – in case of a tie, the president will cast the tie-breaking vote

  22. Bylaws Regarding NEWH, Inc. Delegate • All Chapters will have two (2) NEWH Delegates to serve on the NEWH, Inc. House of Delegates. • The VP/Development and the VP/Administration will serve as your Chapter Delegates. • Chapters having voting 400 members or more will gain a third Delegate position. The Past President will serve as the third Delegate.

  23. Role of the VP-Administration / NEWH Delegate • In the absence or disability of the President, the VP/Admin (President Elect) shall be designated by the Board of Directors to perform all the duties of the President. The VP/Admin oversees: • Secretary / Historian / Database (mailing list) • Treasurer / Ways and Means • Sustainability • Scholarship (CEUs/Education Programs) • The VP/Admin and will assume the position of President at the end of the current President’s term. • The VP/Admin will also be the NEWH Delegate. • The VP/Admin should join a committee(s)!

  24. Role of the VP-Development /NEWH Delegate • The VP/Development shall assist the VP/Admin in the performance of his/her duties. In the absence or disability of the VP/Admin, the VP/Development shall assume and perform all duties and obligations of the VP/Admin. The VP/Development oversees: • Membership • Marketing / Community Service / Internet Communications / Public Relations / Publications • Events / Programming / Fundraising / Hospitality / Regional Tradeshow • Development / By-Law & Ethics / Committee Development / Strategic Planning / Student Representative • The VP/Development shall automatically assume the position of VP/Administration following their VP/Development term. • The VP/Development will also be the NEWH Delegate. • The VP/Development should join a committee(s)!

  25. Role of the NEWH, Inc. Delegate • The NEWH, Inc. Delegate shall serve a 2-year term (1 year as VP/Development and 1 year as VP/Admin) and represent the Chapter at all NEWH, Inc. Board Meetings. They shall act as liaison between the Chapter and NEWH, Inc. Board. • All Delegates must attend a minimum of two (2) NEWH, Inc. board meetings a year – directors unable to do so, must step down from their position. • The Delegates are responsible for providing a written report to the NEWH Office 21 days prior to the NEWH, Inc. Board meeting. • The Delegates shall provide a written report of the NEWH, Inc. Board Meetings to their chapter the month following a NEWH, Inc. Board Meeting. • The VP/Administration and the VP/Development will serve as the NEWH Delegates – Chapters having 400 voting members or more will gain a third delegate to serve on the NEWH, Inc. House of Delegates (the Chapter Past President).

  26. NEWH Reimbursement Policy • NEWH has a very conservative travel reimbursement policy. • NEWH, Inc. will cover ½ of the NEWH, Inc. Board Members and Chapter Delegate’s airfare and ½ of their room expense for two (2) nights max to attend regularly scheduled Board of Directors meetings (if these expenses are not being covered by their business). Room rates are based on double occupancy with qualified board members. • Please note: There are caps on airfare and lodging based on location – Delegates are informed of the caps in the meeting announcement sent by NEWH, Inc. Chapter Boards may approve covering a portion or balance of the Delegate’s airfare and lodging if the chapter has ample funds for covering such expenses and those expenses have been included in the annual budget. • If, in your normal course of business, you will be attending (or exhibiting at) an event, you should only request the appropriate portion of one-night’s lodging and no airfare. If you do not attend the scheduled board meeting, NEWH and its chapters will not reimburse any expenses. If you pay your own expenses, NEWH can provide you with a letter stating the amount of your travel expenses as a tax deductible contribution. • You must have receipts/documentation for reimbursement • Chapter Presidents are encouraged to attend NEWH Board Meetings. The airfare and lodging costs should be covered by your chapter, so make sure that this is budgeted at the beginning of the year. Any additional expenses incurred will NOT be covered by NEWH or its chapters.

  27. Confused? Here’s an example Person A is a NEWH, Inc. Delegate • Responsible for ½ of room cost = $200 • NEWH Inc. reimburses this person ½ of that cost which is ¼ of the room = $100 • Chapter should vote to cover the other half = $100 $400/night room 2 people Person B – if not qualified for reimbursement from NEWH, Inc. • Responsible for ½ of room cost = $200 • Chapter can vote to cover cost for a chapter member roommate who is not qualified for reimbursement from NEWH, Inc. • If non-NEWH person is roommate, chapter should not cover any expenses

  28. “One of the things I keep learning is that the secret of being happy is doing things for other people.” -- Dick Gregory

  29. Role of the Secretary • The Secretary shall: • Keep minutes of all meetings and actions of Directors, committees of Directors, and members • Ensure NEWH, Inc. receives copy of approved minutes after the board meeting • Take roll call and ensure a quorum is established (50% of voting members plus 1) • Properly store all meeting minutes and chapter documents (event mailers, program notices, letters, etc.) in order to ensure historical documentation and legal compliance

  30. Minutes • Minutes are a legal record of the meetings. • After board member elections, be sure to include a list of your elected board in your minutes. • They are not a record of side conversations or a reminder document for leaders and staff. • Anything that will set a policy, board structure changes, event dates/locations, or become a financial expense for the chapter should be put in a motion, voted on, and recorded in the minutes. • Committee reports need to be included in the minutes • Minutes are to be provided to board members within 10 days of the board meeting. • The minutes are to be approved at the next convened meeting of the board or prior meeting via email (if emailing, there needs to be 100% reply and approval). • Approved minutes of each meeting should be emailed to the NEWH office (even if a non-quorum meeting) – email to Kathy Coughlin at

  31. Financial Responsibilities • The board should carefully review all financial reports as they have a fiduciary responsibility for all chapter finances. • The treasurer will present a financial report for the previous period at each monthly meeting. • The board should prepare, propose and vote to approve an annual budget. • The approved budget should be included with the chapter business plan and turned in to NEWH, Inc. office by end of February. The business plan template can be found on NEWH website.

  32. Financial Notes • All chapters are to have two bank accounts – Administrative and Scholarship. • Scholarship $$’s are NOT to be co-mingled with administrative funds. • All monies are to solely be disbursed out of the Administrative account. All scholarship grants are to be written out of the Administrative account and funds transferred from the scholarship to cover the expenditure(s). • If a chapter sets money aside in a Certificate of Deposit, was this money scholarship funds or administrative funds? Clearly name the CD in your books. • All interest incurred (from interest bearing CDs or bank account) needs to be transferred to scholarship account annually

  33. Financial Notes • NEWH, Inc. is not in the business of throwing parties . . . your fundraisers are to be profitable endeavors.  NEWH, Inc. expects its chapters to target 40% net proceeds on their fundraisers – and upon developing a budget for your upcoming event if your anticipated proceeds are lower than 25% it should be cancelled or tweaked. • NEWH, Inc.’s nonprofit status (which is granted by the IRS) is based on fundraising for education – chapter funds cannot be used for any other charitable purposes. • Chapter state regulations and filings are conducted through the NEWH office, contact Nicole Crawford for further information. Confirm with the NEWH Inc. office if your chapter is tax-exempt in your state. • All NEWH sponsors are to receive a thank you letter stating our Fed. Tax ID Number and if they received any goods and services for their donation – along with the FAIR MARKET VALUE of the goods and services received. See template on NEWH website

  34. Role of the Treasurer • The Treasurer shall: • Keep and maintain, adequate and correct books and records of the business transactions of the chapter, including accounts of its assets, liabilities, receipts, and disbursements into the chapter’s QuickBooks Online account per the established chart of accounts • Deposit all money and other valuables in the name and to the credit of the chapter – no personal accounts • Disburse the funds of the chapter as is approved by the Board of Directors • Provide to the President and Directors, an account of all of the transactions and the financial condition of the chapter at each monthly meeting

  35. Role of the Treasurer • The Treasurer shall (continued): • Ensure all results and activity reports are submitted to the NEWH, Inc. office with the assistance of the chapter’s Programming and Fundraising Directors within 45 days of the event. • Ensure completed signature cards are sent to the NEWH, Inc. office by January 7th - including the Executive Director of NEWH, Inc. Failure to do so will put your chapter in non-compliance. As a result, your chartering will be at risk and your bank accounts will be frozen. You will be copied on the letter that was sent to your bank from the NEWH, Inc. attorney stating your accounts have been frozen.  • Submit completed budget to NEWH, Inc. office by end of February. Legally your chapter must have an approved budget prior to writing checks. • Ensure all reimbursement requests are submitted within 60 days and accompanied by receipts. These expenditures are to be approved by the Board of Directors and are inclusive of two signatures. This policy holds true for any reimbursable delegate travel to International Board of Directors meetings. After the 60 days it is considered a charitable donation and NEWH, Inc. will provide a tax deductible receipt.

  36. Role of the Past President • The Past President/Parliamentarian will: • Serve as parliamentarian and have knowledge of Roberts Rules of Order • Serve as timekeeper of meetings • Take minutes in the absence of the secretary • Preserve all records and correspondence from his/her position, as they belong to the chapter • Chair the Nominations Committee • The Past President should join a committee(s)!

  37. Board Meetings The Rules of Order • Procedural rules are used to maintain order at meetings and follow Robert’s Rules of Order and the NEWH, Inc by-laws. • All persons must be recognized by the president before speaking. • Time limits may be set on certain topics. • Learn the basics of rules of order to be sure motions and procedures are understood to your benefit.

  38. “People tend to support that which they help to create.” -- Unknown

  39. Role of the Executive Advisor • The Executive Advisor will: • Support the president, be her/his mentor • Help maintain the knowledge base and history on the chapter board • The Executive Advisor has no vote. • The Executive Advisor should join a committee(s)!

  40. Role of the Membership Director • The Membership Director will: • Actively recruit new members for the chapter. • Plan one annual meeting or event for the sole purpose of recruitment of new members. • Encourage prospective new members by calling/emailing them to answer any questions and encourage them to Join Online. • Call new members within 5 business days of approval welcoming them to your chapter and informing them of future chapter events. • Forward all original approved applications and payments to NEWH, Inc. within 30 days of application – review online applications with board and submit approvals to NEWH, Inc. within 30 days of application – NEWH, Inc. will mail new member packets • Introduce all new members at the chapters meetings. • Throughout the year, chair the membership renewal committee, calling all members who have not renewed as well as those whose membership is due in the upcoming month

  41. Membership Levels • General Member – open to professionals who have been actively involved in Hospitality or a related field for one or more years. • Associate Member – open to those industry members who have, within a 12-month period, completed an accredited area of hospitality related studies. The associate membership category will be available to these members for three (3) years. Associate member cannot hold an elected office, but are encouraged to serve on chapter board committees. ($50 membership) • Education Professional Member – those who are full time educators of Hospitality –Related Studies (free membership) • Student Member – those who are enrolled in an accredited place of secondary education, majoring in Hospitality related studies. Student members will receive one year of free Associate membership upon graduation in order to facilitate the transition to General membership(free membership) • Retiree – those who are retired and 65 years or older (half-off dues)

  42. Membership Levels, continued • Chapter Level Business Member – $400 • Membership includes 2 courtesy memberships • Up to 4 additional discounted memberships (half-off chapter dues) • Memberships belong to business, so if an assigned member leaves the company, company can replace with another employee for no charge • All employees of CLB can attend chapter programming events at member ticket cost (excludes fundraising events) • Marketing benefits – upgraded premier listing in Resource Directory and listed in chapter business membership directory • Corporate Partner Courtesy and Discount Member • Each Corporate Partner level includes a number of courtesy memberships (chosen by the corporate partner) as well as a number of discount memberships

  43. Corporate Partners NEWH has 3 levels of NEWH Corporate Partnership. Within each level the company receives a certain amount of courtesy as well as discounted memberships to allocate as the main contact choses. This is not per chapter. • Supporting Level- 25 partners • Receives 5 courtesy memberships and up to 5 more at a discounted rate. • Patron- 10 partners • Receives 10 courtesy memberships and up to 10 more at a discounted rate. • Benefactor- 5 partners • Receives 20 courtesy memberships and up to 20 more at a discounted rate. Corporate Partner memberships are not voted on but rather approved due to their approved partnership. Any questions from a potential member on receiving either a courtesy or discounted membership from their company should be emailed to Jena will contact the main decision maker for the partnership to find out what is available.

  44. “People tend to support that which they help to create.” --- Unknown

  45. Role of the Programming Director • The Programming Director will: • Plan and implement each general meeting/event. • Present a list of possible programs for the year to the Board of Directors. Meetings should be based on the objectives of the organization and shall be of diverse subject matter to appeal to a cross section of members. A draft program schedule for the year should be adopted at the chapter strategic planning meeting. • Prepare a budget for each event to be approved by the Board – gather sponsorships to underwrite events. • Provide Results of Activity Report to Board after each meeting. • Retain a certificate of insurance for events. • Ensure if there is a ticket price for the event that a fair market value is listed in the invite.

  46. Insurance Coverages • Errors and Omissions - covers the actions of the leadership, for example antitrust violations, etc. – this is provided to each chapter by the NEWH office. • Certificate of Insurance – covers event liability – this is the responsibility of your chapter per event – contact Julie Buntrock in the NEWH office 3 weeks prior to event to obtain a certificate. Each certificate of insurance is $50. • Chapters are required to purchase a certificate of insurance on a single event basis through NEWH, Inc. for any NEWH sponsored event (it is not required for your monthly social events – i.e. Toasty Tuesdays, Thirsty Thursdays, Happy hours, etc. that take place in a bar/restaurant.)

  47. NEWH Liquor Policy • The purpose of this general policy is to establish appropriate guidelines to protect chapters and NEWH, Inc. from potential legal action associated with alcohol consumption at NEWH sponsored events. • If at any level NEWH serves alcohol, or sponsors, co-sponsors or participates in an event where alcohol is served, NEWH may be at risk of liability for claims arising from the conduct of persons who are intoxicated by alcohol served at the event. • Event venues must carry insurance and the chapter should obtain a copy of insurance from the event venue prior to the event. • The certificate of insurance is only liability insurance, not host liquor liability which is a completely different policy.

  48. NEWH Liquor Policy Guidelines • Do not allow continued service of alcoholic beverages to intoxicated individuals. • Obtain the appropriate certificate of insurance and copy of host liquor liability insurance for ALL events.  • Avoid “Open Bar.”  • Engage licensed professional Servers who are trained in responsible alcohol service, either as a third party or through the hotel or event facility where your event is located. Only the professional/licensed Servers should provide, serve and sell the liquor being consumed. NEWH members /nonmembers or anyone representing NEWH should not be serving alcohol at an event. • Verify and comply with any State or local laws requiring licensing, training or certification for Servers of alcoholic beverages.  • Request that your Server or event venue provide a copy of their host liquor liability insurance, and request that NEWH be named as an additional insured party.

  49. NEWH Event Refund/Cancellation Policy ‘See Terms & Conditions’ is in the footer of all checkout forms and states: Event Cancellation by Sponsor • NEWH, Inc. and its chapters reserve the right to cancel an event due to low enrollment or other circumstances which would make the event non-viable. • If NEWH, Inc. or its chapters cancels an event, registrants will be offered a full refund. • Should circumstances arise that result in the postponement of an event, registrants will have the option to either receive a full refund or transfer registration to the same event at the new, future date.

  50. NEWH Event Refund/Cancellation Policy Registration Cancellation by Participant • Unless specifically stated on registration materials, the deadline to receive a refund for your registration is 5 business days before the event. • Registration cancellations received prior to the deadline may be eligible to receive a refund less a 10% service fee. • Cancellations received after the stated deadline will not be eligible for a refund. • Refunds will not be available for registrants who choose not to attend an event. • Cancellations will be accepted via phone, fax or e-mail, and must be received by the stated cancellation deadline. • All refund requests must be made by the attendee or credit card holder. • Refund requests must include the name of the attendee and/or transaction number. • Refunds will be credited back to the original credit card used for payment. • These above policies apply to all NEWH, Inc. and its Chapter Events unless otherwise noted in the corresponding event materials. Please read all individual event information thoroughly.