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Public Housing Family Self-Sufficiency PowerPoint Presentation
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Public Housing Family Self-Sufficiency

Public Housing Family Self-Sufficiency

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Public Housing Family Self-Sufficiency

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  1. Public Housing Family Self-Sufficiency For Fiscal Year 2009 CFDA # 14.877


  3. PH FSSPROGRAM PURPOSE Funding for PHAs to hire a program coordinator to link participating families to the supportive services they need to achieve self-sufficiency.

  4. FUNDS AVAILABLE • $12 million • no rollover

  5. PH FSS Eligible Activity • Pay salaries and fringe benefits to PH FSS coordinator for one year.

  6. INELIGIBLE ACTIVITIES • Salary for an FSS Coordinator for the HCV FSS program • Services for program participants • Administrative Activities • May not pay a contract administrator or grant writer • May not be used for administrative costs

  7. PH FSSMAXIMUM FUNDING • New Applicants: $68,000 max for ONE full-time position, (TOTAL salary AND fringe benefits) (up from $65,500) • Renewal PHAs: $68,000 max per each full-time program coordinator position awarded under the last two years of ROSS PH FSS NOFAs.

  8. PH FSS Maximum Funding • Salaries may increase by up to 3% over your last funding, up to cap • For more than 3%, approval must be granted by the Field Office. • Even with a part-time program coordinator, the 25 slot minimum must be maintained

  9. APPLICATION DEADLINE August 11, 2008 Paper Submissions 5:00 pm Eastern No exceptions

  10. PAPER APPLICATIONS • 2009 ONLY • All applicants must have DUNS and CCR • All materials available through the Funds Available page of (not • ROSS-SC will be electronic through grant.sgov

  11. Changes from 2008 • Programs funded in 2006, 2007 and/or 2008 qualify as renewals (used to be only the last two years) • No match certification required • Past Performance narrative optional

  12. ELIGIBLE APPLICANTS • PHAs and Tribes/TDHEs • Applicants must administer a low-rent public housing program • Applicants must have an approved PH FSS Action Plan on file with their local HUD Field Office/Area ONAP office prior to this NOFA application deadline.

  13. ELIGIBLE APPLICANTS • In general - Applicants may submit up to one application for each ROSS funding category (ROSS-Service Coordinators, PH FSS) • Only one application per PHA/Tribe/TDHE • Joint applications are eligible with a joint minimum of 25 slots. • You may not submit both a sole and joint application • You may have both HCV and PH FSS program coordinators as long as you have two approved plans and meet the requirements of both programs.

  14. ELIGIBLE DEVELOPMENTS & PARTICIPANTS • Only conventional Public and Indian housing developments may be served by ROSS grant funds. • All participants must be residents of conventional public housing or NAHASDA-assisted housing. • HCV residents are not eligible.

  15. GRANT TERM • All grants are for one year from the date of Grant Agreement • Grant begins when the HUD-1044 is signed by both grantee and HUD • Anywhere in the application that asks for dates, estimate.

  16. FUNDING RESTRICTIONS • Salaries only; up to $68,000 for salary and fringe benefits • Must have documentation on file that the salary is comparable to similar professions in local area

  17. PH FSS New 2008 grantees have until the due date to enroll participants in order to be considered renewals. You must indicate more than 1 on the HUD-52767 question 9b – “total number of PH FSS Participants”

  18. JOINT APPLICANTS • Joint Applicants – must designate a lead applicant. • All applicants must have a DUNS number and CCR • Lead applicants are subject to all threshold requirements

  19. Joint Applicants • Non-lead applicants are subject to Threshold Requirements outlined in Section III.C. of the General Section • All partiesto the joint application must be eligible applicants

  20. Threshold Requirements • FSS Action Plan • PHAs must have an approved FSS Action Plan (specific for PUBLIC AND INDIAN HOUSING… HCV FSS Action Plans will need to be amended) • If this is a new or amended Plan, it will need to be submitted to the Field Office with enough time for review and approval before the deadline for this NOFA • FSS Action plans must comply with 24 CFR 984.201

  21. FSS Action Plan • If applying for funding, must have at least 25 slots • You may run a program with an approved Action Plan even without funding

  22. Threshold Requirements • The Field Office/Area ONAP will do a Past Performance review – check in with them that they will give you a “Pass” on that. If you check now, you may have time to correct any problems • Also check that your FSS Action Plan is approved and on file.

  23. THRESHOLD REQUIREMENTS • For Troubled PHAs, Contract Administrator Partnership Agreement (you may not pay for a Contract Administrator) • All General Section requirements • Code of Conduct • Statement on Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing is a requirement at Grant Execution, not in the application

  24. Program Coordinator Responsible for: • Linking FSS program participants to supportive services • Ensuring services included in participants’ contracts of participation are being provided • Ensuring participants are fulfilling their responsibilities • Ensuring escrow accounts are established and properly maintained

  25. Program Coordinator • Work with Program Coordinating Committee and local service providers • Case management • Job development • Outreach to residents with disabilities • Monitor the progress and evaluate overall success

  26. Program Coordinator • Under normal circumstances, a full-time FSS coordinator should be able to serve approximately 50 FSS program participants. • A full-time position should manage at least 25 slots • A part-time position is eligible, but must still have at least 25 slots.

  27. Application Requirement • Evidence of salary comparability to similar positions in the local jurisdiction must be kept on file in the local office. • There is a box to check on HUD-52767 to attest to this. (7f for renewals and 10b for new)

  28. PROGRAM REQUIREMENT • PHA must use a Program Coordinating Committee to secure the necessary resources to implement the FSS program. • See 24 CFR 984.202 for more information • You may share PCC between PH and HCV programs

  29. PROGRAM REQUIREMENT • Participating families must enter into a contract of participation. The contracts shall be for FIVE years. • THEREFORE, even though the grant term for this grant is ONE year, the PHA must be able to sustain its FSS program for FIVE years. • Think seriously before establishing a new Program. Not getting funded by HUD is NOT an acceptable reason to invalidate Contracts of Participation. • Funding was not requested for the 2010 budget.

  30. Program Requirement • Escrow Accounts • Shall be computed using the guidelines set forth in 24 CFR 984.305.


  32. Funding Priority • 1st– renewals for applicants that have achieved High Performer status on most recent PHAS review • 2nd– standard performer renewals • 3rd– Troubled performer renewals • 4th– New applicants • There will be no “expansion” funding this year

  33. Order of Funding • First all eligible applicants in Category 1, then, Category 2, etc. • If not enough funds for all of a category, highest Graduation Percentage first • If a tie, highest Positive Escrow Percentage • Then, largest program size

  34. Order of Funding • Graduation Percentage • Percent of PH FSS families that have successfully graduated from the program • See question 9g on HUD-52767

  35. Order of Funding • Positive Escrow Percentage • Number of PH FSS families with positive escrow balances as a percentage of total PH FSS enrolled families • See question 9d on HUD-52767

  36. Reminder • Although the NOFA says that PIC can be consulted, it’s YOUR RESPONSES to the HUD-52767 that are the primary source for documentation of eligibility. • However, PIC may be used for future funding calculations, so please work with your PIC coach to ensure that it is correct.

  37. Section 3 • PH FSS and ROSS are subject to Section 3 requirements. • There are separate reporting requirements that have been required in the past which include an annual HUD-60002 paper or online submission • Section 3 is getting serious about this and may in the future impose penalties for non-reporting that may include in-eligibility for future funding.

  38. Application Submission • Paper submission for 2009 ONLY • Original to GMC, Copy to Field Ofice • All forms available in the zip file on – funds available • All forms that require a signature will need ORIGINAL signatures in the package sent to GMC • The logic model will be requested electronically at time of grant agreement, so KEEP YOUR FILE!

  39. Application Submission • Please see the NOFA for a checklist of required application content • You do not have to submit this checklist

  40. Application Requirements - Forms • SF-424 • Federal Identifier 5a = PHA code • Federal Award Identifier is for renewals ONLY – last year’s grant number • Renewals ONLY – select “continuation” for #2 – Type of application. All others “new”

  41. Application Requirements - Forms • SF-LLL – Disclosure of Lobbying Activities (if applicable) • HUD-2880 – Applicant/Recipient Disclosure/Update Report • The answer to Part 1 Thresholds Determination Question 1 is “YES”. The answer to Part 1 Thresholds Determination Question 2 is “NO” unless you are applying for more than $200,000in THIS APPLICATION. • If you answered “NO” to EITHER QUESTION, you do not need to fill out the rest of the form, but you still must send it in, signed.

  42. Application Requirements - Forms • HUD-2991 – Certification of Consistency with Consolidated Plan (if applicable) • HUD-52752 – Certification of Consistency with Indian Housing Plan (if applicable) • Everyone needs either HUD-2991or HUD-52752

  43. Application Requirements - Forms • Contract Administrator Partnership Agreement (if applicable) • Required for All Troubled applicants • “HUD-52755 Administrator Partnership Agreement”

  44. Application Requirements - Forms • HUD-2993 – Acknowledgement of receipt • Fill in the top

  45. Application Requirements • HUD-52767 – Family Self-Sufficiency Funding Request Form • Question 6 – Funding Category for this Application – choose 1,2,3, or 4 based on Funding Priority List • Question 7d – please list the salary/fringe of EACH position for which you are requesting funding. The total goes in 7e

  46. Application Requirements - Forms • HUD-2994-A “You are Our Client Applicant Survey” (optional) • Found in Instruction Download called “HUD-2994” • This is where you tell us about your application experience. PLEASE take the time to fill this out and include comments.

  47. Application Requirements – Logic Model • Logic Model – HUD 96010 • Excel File (don’t make into a PDF) • Please watch the archived webcast from on the Logic Model – it’s a little different this year.

  48. Application Requirements – Logic Model • Enable macros; read directions re: security settings • Drop down menus • Year 1 ONLY required (but don’t delete anything) • May add up to 3 “others” right on form • REVIEW OPTIONS before you add “other” • The activities and outcomes don’t need to be a one-to-one correlation

  49. Paper Submission • Use United States Postal Service Express Mail Overnight Delivery, Federal Express (FedEx), or United Parcel Service (UPS). • Packages may NOT be mailed using the United States Postal Service – standard mail service

  50. Paper Submission • Address for GMC found in NOFA • Link for field office/Area ONAP addresses found in NOFA • Proof of timely submission – delivery to delivery service at least 48 hours before deadline