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Government of Madhya Pradesh Department of Agriculture PowerPoint Presentation
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Government of Madhya Pradesh Department of Agriculture

Government of Madhya Pradesh Department of Agriculture

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Government of Madhya Pradesh Department of Agriculture

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  1. Government ofMadhya PradeshDepartment of Agriculture

  2. Agro Climatic Zones in Madhya Pradesh

  3. Land use classification 2003-04 Unit – Laky ha.

  4. Cropped area & Cropping intensity 2003-04 Unit – Lakh ha.

  5. Notable contribution of state in National Agriculture Production 2003-04

  6. New interventions

  7. New interventions • Agro-climatic zone wise planning. • Assessment of inputs based on individual farm plan of all the farmers in 30% villages in first phase 2005-06. • Increasing the production in 5 years by implementing following programmes:- • Convergence demonstration for doubling farm incomes in irrigated and rainfed areas, in each district. • Bringing additional cultivable fallow and ravine land under cultivation & horticulture. • Intensive tank-bed cultivation in Rabi. • Promotion of agro processing industries.

  8. New interventions • Integrated approach for increasing production and farm income by “Contact Village”concept - • Out of 55,000 villages in state 15,000 villages are identified as contact village in 2004 -05. • 2 villages will be adopted by each village extension worker(VLW). • Capacity building of key communicators in the village (Kisan Mitra) • Involvement of ‘Kisan Mitra’ in extension activity as well as in establishing agri clinic & agribusiness centres. • Extension training through SatCom.

  9. New interventions • Agri. Export Zone - 5 AEZ’s sanctioned – 1. Potato/Onion/ Garlic 2. Seed spices 3. Wheat 4. Pulses 5. Orange • Agro processing industries - M.P. Agro. nominated as nodal agency. - Agro processing is earmarked as thrust sector in new industrial policy. - Possibility of more than 1000 Agro industries in the state, promoting entrepreneurs.

  10. Agriculture Research • Development of new high yielding & disease resistant varieties of field crops as well as vegetables. • Production of nucleus and breeder seed production. • Integrated nutrient management. • Integrated pest management. • Post harvest processing and value addition.

  11. Funds received from GOI & its utilization (Rs. In crores)

  12. Funds received from GOI & its utilization (contd.)

  13. Readiness for additional funds during 2005-06(Rs. in crores)

  14. Action Plan for ISOPOM has been sent to GoI. Action plan for Macro-Management has already been prepared & is being sent to GOI shortly. State Budget for 2005-06 has already been approved by State assembly and the new IT system will make the allotments available to district officers on 1st day of the next financial year.1.4.05. Cutoff dates for input availability at all levels have been fixed. Weekly monitoring through Video conferencing will be done.

  15. Thrust areas of the state

  16. Thrust area of the state..... contd. Increasing the production by….. • Enhancing seed replacement rate. • Balanced application of chemical & organic nutrients based in soil tests • Soil & water management through institutional credit. • Revamping cooperative credit and restoring the health of cooperative institution. • Inter cropping on large scale (Approx. 25 lakh ha. area)

  17. Thrust area of the state..... contd. Increasing the production by….. • Massive seed production programme involving the Seed Grower Co-operative Societies. • Introducing individual FARM PLAN of each farmer in contact villages • 20% increase in distribution of machinery & implements • Leasing out of large chunks of ravine land for horticulture use

  18. Thrust area of the state..... contd. • Enhancing per ha. use of fertiliser. • Judicious use of available water. • Intercropping of Horticulture crops. • New nurseries in private sector. • Medicinal crops & floriculture in each district.

  19. Thrust area of the state..... contd. • Promotion to cultivation of short duration oilseeds/pulses in Kharif fallow. • Increasing production of quality plants of horticulture especially through Private Nurseries. • Better enforcement of Insecticide Act, Seed Act & Fertilizer Control Order to ensure quality of inputs.

  20. Agriculture Marketing reforms(Progress of APMC Act Amendment) In compliance of recommendations of the committee formed by GOI fallowing amendments have been made in ‘M.P. Krishi Upaj Mandi Adhiniyam – 1972’. - Provision regarding contract farming. - Establishment of Purchase Centers out side the market yard. - Provisions of single license for the entire state. * ITC Soya Chaupal is success story. - Provision for leasing out surplus in market yard to the processors & for Agri - Processing. - E – marketing.

  21. Agriculture Marketing reforms • Development of consumer market (especially for vegetable & fruits) • Provision for determination of standards of Agriculture produce, (Grading, Certification & Packing). • Establishment of soil-testing laboratory in Mandi yard • Soil sample collection centers in Mandis tied up with Kisan Mitra. • Farmer Road Fund. • Agricultural Research & Infrastructure Development Fund. • - E-Agricultural Marketing –’’EKVI’’

  22. Readiness to implements National Horticulture Mission The state is leading producer of Garlic, coriander, chilies & Ginger. Crop diversification is essential for the Agriculture economy. With varied agro-climatic conditions, availability of abundant waste land, labour force and potential for horticulture crops, Diversification to Horticulture is the need of time. Action Plan & Project report has been prepared and shall be approved by the state level committee very shortly.

  23. Constraints in Development of Horticulture Week linkage between farmers and R&D Institutions. Ineffective transfer of technology. Inadequate Post harvest Infrastructure & processing facilities. Paucity of resources for large investments. MP shall use a flexible Mission structure without duplication of too many organisations.

  24. National Horticulture Mission: State Govt. have submitted proposal for Rs. 499.14 crores in August 2004. The components are - On Farm Development activities - Production encouragement - Institution Development - Research support and - Post harvest management.

  25. Readiness to Dry land Agriculture Dry Land Agriculture State has only 28.5% irrigation Rest 71.5% agriculture is rainfed. Farming is risk-prone and characterized by low productivity. Therefore increasing productivity in dry land agriculture is the challenge to the Department. State Govt. is in a state of readiness to implement the scheme on enhancing sustainability of Dry land farming system proposed by GOI. The methods are already being used in some schemes or other.

  26. Scheme will be implemented in 258 Blocks out of total 313 Block in the state having less than 30% irrigation Block are identified District wise schemes are prepared. Components selected are:

  27. Project cost for each Block is Rs. 17.00 lacs/year. Total cost for 258 Blocks in the state will be Rs. 45 crores. Scheme submitted to GOI. Sanction is awaited GOI requested to early sanction.

  28. Seed plan for Madhya Pradesh

  29. Crop wise varieties recommended for the state(M.P.):- KHARIF PADDY: Poornima, Pusa-677(IET12617), Govind, Annada PNR-381, I.R.-36, I.R.-64, Mahamaya, Pusa Basmati-1, Kranti, CSR-27, Pooja(IET 122-41), MTU-1010, Somsila(NLR-33358), Pusa Sugandha-2, Pusa Sugandha-3, KAUM-20-19-4, Sarvani(NLR-33359), Basmati(IET 15391), Vandana, Tulsi. MAIZE IMP. : JM-13, JM-12, J.M-8, JM-216, NLD, Amar, Kohinoor, Priya SweetCorn, Narmada Moti, Seed TAG-740(Hy.), Chandan-3. JOWAR IMP. : Jawahar Jowar-1041, Jawahar Jowar-938, CSV-15(SPV-946)  BAJRA IMP.: JBV-2, PUSA-334, RHB-121(HY).  KODO.: JK-48, JK-155.  KUTKI.: VL-Madira-181, JK-8.  RAGI.: Chillika, GPU-45.

  30. MAIZE FODDER.: MP CHARI, African Tall  URD: TPU-4, RBU-38(Barkha), PDU-1(BasantBahar), PANT-U-19, PANT-U-30, LBG-20, LBG-623, LBG-685, TAU-94-2, TAU-1, JU-3, WBU-108(Sharda), K-U-300 (Shekhar), PU-35.  MOONG: JM-721, K-851, HUM-1(Malviya Jyoti), TARM-2, LBG-450, PUSA Vishal, Pragya, PUSA-9531. ARHAR: ICPL 87(PRAGATI), ICPL 87-119(ASHA), JKM-7, Malvia Vikalp(MA-3), Pusa-9, Pusa-855, Pusa-885, JA-4, ICPL-80039. CASTOR: Jyoti (DCS-9), Kranti. TIL: JTS-8, JT-21(TKG-21), TKG-55(JT-55), TKG-22, Uma(OMT11-6-3), JT-1. RAMTIL: Payur-1, GA-10(Deomali), Ootacmand, JNC-6 SUNFLOWER: (Modern) GROUNDNUT: JGN-3, TAG-26, GG-3(J-9), GG-20, TAG-24, HNG-10.

  31. SOYBEAN : PK-1024, PK-1042, PK-1029, Indra Soya-9, JS-80-21, JS-71-5, JS-93-05, MACS-124, JS-335, JS-75-46, NRC-2, NRC-12, NRC-7, NRC-37, PUSA-16 (DS-72-16), PUSA-20(DS-74-20-2), MACS-32, MACS-450, JS-90-41, MAUS-47, Pooja(MAUS-2), JS-75-46, MAUS-61-2(Pratistha). COTTON HY. : JKHY-1, H-8, H-10, H-6. COTTON IMP : Tapti(Khandwa-3), Vikram(76-HI-20), K-2, JK-4.

  32. Suggestions related to CSS

  33. Suggestion related to C.S.S. Schemes • At present Mini kits supplied are of the certified seeds. State Govt. is of the view that mini kit should be of foundation seed, so that farmers produce his own Certified seeds. This shall help in enhancing the seed replacement Rate (SRR) • In ISOPOM the distribution subsidy in seed production is available on varieties which are 10 years old. In MP out of the 45 lakh hectares under soybean, 75% of the area is covered by JS-335 which was released in 1994 (now more than 10 yrs old). Farmers shall have to pay more for the seeds now. • GOI should come out with standards of some Micro nutrients/Growth regulators which are available in the market. • GOI should provide financial resources for testing Laboratory for these Micronutrients/growth regulators.

  34. Suggestion related to C.S.S. Schemes • Distribution subsidy should be provided for the foundation seeds as the state is taking up a programme for providing these to the farmers. • 75% funds should be released at the beginning the year for MP as most of the crop production schemes require funds during the Kharif season.

  35. Suggestion related to TMC II (Cotton) • Assistance on distribution of certified seed is Rs. 20/- per Kg. for all varieties and hybrids which are notified within 15 years. It should be 30% of cost because hybrid seed of cotton are so costlier (Ranging from Rs. 400 to 500 per kg.). This provision should also be allowed for Bt. cotton. • Assistance on production of foundation seed is 50% of the cost, (reimbursement) limited to Rs. 50/- per kg. and for certified seed it is 25% of the cost (reimbursement) limited to Rs. 15 per kg. but it should be enhanced to 50% of cost for production of foundation and certified seed without any limitation.

  36. Macro management • 24 Schemes of 5 Departments included. • During 2004-05 to proposed for Rs. 63.19 crores was submitted to GOI. • But GOI sanctioned only Rs. 45.00 crores, against higher demands by the state. • For 2005-06 funds required are Rs. 125.25 crores. • Subsidy to SC/ST, small and marginal farmers on improved farm machinery may enhanced from 25% to 50%.

  37. In modified NAIS • Risk coverage in post harvesting losses will covered for costal area only, it should be extended to all state. • For S&M farmers uniform premium subsidy of 75% should be provided on all slabs of premium. • There should be cutoff date for payment of claims. • If Govt. employees (VLW etc. are involved in motivation of non-loanee farmers for participating in scheme incentives should also be paid to them @ 2.5%.

  38. Issues related to Agriculture University Project Proposals sent by State Agri. University to ICAR New Delhi • Proposal for establishment of dry land horticulture research station at Garhakota dist. Sagar. • Project proposal for sanction of AICRP sub centre on garlic, fenugreek and coriander. • Continuation of the AICRP on medicinal & aromatic plant centre at Indore. • Proposal for establishing the Krishi Vigyan Kendra in 16 district.

  39. T H A N K S