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Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Theory

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Big Bang Theory

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  1. Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory is the dominant scientific theory about the origin of the Universe. According to the theory, the Universe was created sometime between 10 billion and 20 billion years ago from a cosmic expansion that continues to spread matter in all directions.

  2. Big Bang Theory Discoveries in astronomy and physics have shown beyond a reasonable doubt that our Universe did, in fact, have a beginning. Prior to that moment there was NOTHING. During and after that moment there was something: our Universe. The Big Bang Theory is an effort to explain what happened during and after that moment.

  3. Big Bang Theory • According to the theory, our Universe began as “singularity”. • Singularities are zones which defy the current understanding of physics. They are thought to exist at the core of Black Holes. As we know. Black Holes are areas of intense gravitational pressure. By mathematical theory, the pressure is so intense that finite matter is actually squished into infinite density (…boggles the mind, eh?). • These zones of infinite density are called "singularities." By the Big Bang, our Universe began as an infinitesimally small, infinitely hot, infinitely dense, something - a singularity.

  4. Big Bang Theory • After its initial appearance, the singularity inflated (the "Big Bang"), expanded and cooled. It went from very, very small and very, very hot to the size and temperature of our current Universe. • The Universe continues to expand and cool to this day AND we are inside of it

  5. Big Bang Theory There are many misconceptions about the Big Bang Theory. Misconception #1 • There was NOT an explosion. Rather, there was…and continues to be…an expansion. Rather than imagining a balloon popping and releasing its contents, imagine an infinitesimally small balloon expanding…and expanding…and expanding.

  6. Big Bang Theory Misconception #2 • A fireball did NOT suddenly appearing at the beginning of the Universe. Rather, space did not exist prior to the Big Bang. Steven Hawking and others suggest, from mathematical calculations extending Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, time and space had a finite beginning that corresponded to the origin of matter and energy. The singularity did not appear IN space; rather, space began inside of the singularity. Prior to the singularity, NOTHING existed -- not space, time, matter or energy - nothing.

  7. Big Bang Theory What is the proof? • Galaxies appear to be moving away from us at speeds proportional to their distance…suggesting an expanding universe. • Remnant heat from our very, very hot beginning has been measured. • Hydrogen and helium are found throughout the Universe…again, supporting the idea of expansion.

  8. Big Bang Theory If the Big Bang Theory is correct, the creation of the Universe occurred OUTSIDE of our natural realm of explanation. In other words, could there be a God, the master architect, outside our reality? I do not answer the question; I just pose it.

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