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A Hero’s Journey

A Hero’s Journey. On Simba , from “The Lion King”. By Lindsay Dolan Per. 2. Departure Initiation Return. Departure. The Ordinary World Call to Adventure Refusal of the Call Supernatural Aid Crossing the Threshold In the Belly of the Whale. Initiation.

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A Hero’s Journey

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  1. A Hero’s Journey On Simba, from “The Lion King” By Lindsay Dolan Per. 2 Departure Initiation Return

  2. Departure • The Ordinary World • Call to Adventure • Refusal of the Call • Supernatural Aid • Crossing the Threshold • In the Belly of the Whale

  3. Initiation • The Road of Trials • The Meeting with the Goddess • The Woman as the Temptress • Atonement with the Father • Apotheosis • The Ultimate Boon

  4. Return • Refusal of the Return • Magic in Flight (The Chase) • Rescue from Without • Crossing the Return Threshold • Master of Two Worlds • Freedom to Live

  5. TheOrdinaryWorld • This is the place where the character’s friends and family are. • His homeland is called the Pride lands. Pride Rock is where he and his family are known to talk to the rest of the animals. Back to Departure

  6. CalltoAdventure • The hero is forced to leave to an unexpected world where they are unaware of what is to happen and the new and unusual experiences that come with it. • His friend Nala tells him that the place in which he used to live when he was young is a wasteland that his uncle Scar has taken over. Back to Departure

  7. RefusaloftheCall • The character is not ready to move on in life because he/she is comfortable with the way things are. They are not ready to go outside their comfort zone. • Simba is not ready to go back because he thinks his father’s death was his fault and he is embarrassed as to what others will think of him because he’s been away for so long. Back to Departure

  8. SupernaturalAid • This provides the character with something or someone to help them along on their journey/ a protective figure or guide. • A baboon named Rafiki uses magic to allow Simba to see his father’s face in the clouds to guide him. Back to Departure

  9. CrossingtheThreshold • The hero is faced with a dangerous presence that tries to keep them from entering. Beyond is a place of unknown and darkness, or danger. • Simba decides to return after all because he can’t stand to see how his mother is suffering. Although he is leaving such a beautiful place to go back to a wasteland, he knows that it is his responsibility to face Scar and the hyenas in order to take back the kingdom. Back to Departure

  10. IntheBellyoftheWhale • The hero comes into a world of darkness until they are ready to face their fears and be “reborn.” • Simba decides that it is time to grow up and take on responsibilities of his own. It is now his turn to become king and he needs to prove he is ready. Back to Departure

  11. TheRoadofTrials • The hero finds out his/her true identity by undergoing training that reveals their weaknesses. • Timon, Pumba, and Nala encourage him to face his family and fight off his evil uncle Scar. Simba undergoes the feelings of confusion within himself about his identity and purpose. Back to Initiation

  12. TheMeetingwiththeGoddess • The goddess encourages the hero to continue and could be a feminine symbol. They help the hero realize what can be accomplished by making it clearer to them. • Rafiki helps Simba realize who he really is and shows him the spirit of his father to help guide him. Rafiki tells Simba to move on. Back to Initiation

  13. TheWomanastheTemptress • The one who attempts to destroy the hero’s mission. Usually on the other force with evil to try to stop the hero. • Uncle Scar attempts to steal the throne of becoming king and ruling the kingdom. He tells Simba to run away. Back to Initiation

  14. AtonementwiththeFather • The father is a form of judgment that helps the hero overcome his/her fear and face the responsibilities of adulthood. • Simba wants to make his father proud by becoming king after he hears that his death was not his fault after all. Back to Initiation

  15. Apotheosis • The hero has no more worries because they have gotten the “big picture.” They also are in a God-like state. • Simba feels relieved when his family doesn’t hold him accountable for the death of his father. He is able to crush Scar and have an accomplished outcry atop Pride Rock. Back to Initiation

  16. TheUltimateBoon • This is the physical and mental/emotional reward that the hero has been after all along. • Simba is able to connect back with his family and save the kingdom. Back to Initiation

  17. RefusaloftheReturn • The hero brings his/her wisdom with them back to their home and sometimes wants to be alone with their reward. • No refusal Back to Return

  18. MagicinFlight(TheChase) • The hero is changed by this time, having their reward, and returning to safety. “The chase” proves their bravery and confidence. • It is now Simba’s duty, along with all the other animals, to restore the kingdom to its original state. Back to Return

  19. RescuefromWithout • The boon has drained the hero. Others may help them to come out of a certain state, but this may be a blow to their ego. • In the next movie Back to Return

  20. CrossingtheReturnThreshold • The hero shows that they are able to adapt to the changes of returning and survive the difficulties of the world. • Simba has now made a new family of his own. He marries Nala, and they have a son. He remains king and his kingdom is back to the way it used to be. Back to Return

  21. MasterofTwoWorlds • The hero has no more hopes or fears and has knowledge of both worlds. They let life take its course and the boon restore old ways. • He is both a friend and a king at this moment. Timon and Pumba show him true friendship along with Nala and he is able to control a kingdom in the Pride lands. Back to Return

  22. FreedomtoLive • The hero is now readily able to take on the next challenges of the world. They realize that they have been reborn and the death of someone close has impacted him greatly. • Simba is not afraid anymore of the fact that his father is dead, and it was not his fault. He is now happy and free to live with his new family in their kingdom. Back to Return

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