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Eating Habits PowerPoint Presentation
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Eating Habits

Eating Habits

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Eating Habits

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  1. Eating Habits

  2. To get away from Saturated fat Alarming thing Lack of smth Benefit Kidney Liver Gourmet Adolescence Nutrition Vital nutrient Consume Topping To glow To grab WORD LIST

  3. Choose the correct item: In today’s world, people have less time for eating, let aloneshopping/cooking.That’s why junk food is sofamous/popular. In fact, onehotel/restaurant group has announced that its guests/staff can orderjunk/fast food through room service. Junk food ishigh/low in saturated fat, which is linked with a higher risk of diabetes/cancer. Our eating habitshave changed due to lack ofmoney/time. Also, the amount of exercise we do hasdecreased/increased. Researchers suggest that the new generation will bemore/less likely to suffer from heart and kidney/liver disease. But if wegive up/improve our eating habits we will be better equipped to deal with ourstressful/ boring lifestyle.

  4. True/ False • Lack of time is the reason that Junk food has become very popular. • Pizzas don’t contain a lot of fat. • Saturated fat isn’t reported to be associated with a greater risk of cancer. • Junk food contains small amount of vital nutrients. • You have to exercise to gain visible results. • Not all Junk food is bad for your health.

  5. Match the synonyms from the article Healthy substances Teenage years Not to mention Mean Are likely to Healthy-looking complexion Not accept Put on Take in Let alone Signify Nutrients Glowing skin Adolescence Gain Consume Tend to Reject

  6. Make notes under the headings: • Reasons for the popularity of junk food 1. 2. • Dangers of eating junk food 1. 2. • Positive effects of eating healthy food 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

  7. Reasons for the popularity of junk food 1.People have less time to spend eating or cooking 2. Loss of tradition as TV promotes a fast lifestyle • Dangers of eating junk food 1. Increases risk of cancer and heart and liver disease 2. Can result in weight gain • Positive effects of eating healthy food 1. Reduces risk of cancer and heart and liver disease 2. Helps people gain a slim figure 3. Gain glowing skin 4. Gain an all-round feeling of good health 5. You will be better equipped for a stressful lifestyle

  8. Moderation is the key to good health.So eat small amounts of these foods and forget about feeling guilty!