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IATEFL, Harrogate 2010

Follow us on Twitter: oupiatefl2010. IATEFL, Harrogate 2010. Educating a child is like building a house…. Naomi Moir. IATEFL, Harrogate 2010. (Google Images). (Google Images). Foundations. Phonics. Look and Say. (Google Images). Foundations. …recognizing letter-sound

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IATEFL, Harrogate 2010

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  1. Follow us on Twitter: oupiatefl2010 IATEFL, Harrogate 2010

  2. Educating a child is like building a house… Naomi Moir IATEFL, Harrogate 2010

  3. (Google Images)

  4. (Google Images)

  5. Foundations Phonics Look and Say (Google Images)

  6. Foundations …recognizing letter-sound connections is the first step in decoding, or sounding out, words…

  7. Foundations Digraphs CVCs Blends Initial Sounds

  8. Blends CVCs Digraphs Initial Sounds

  9. (Google Images)

  10. (Google Images)

  11. Writing Subskills Contractions Planning Connecting Sentences Spelling Rules Topic Sentences Structure Punctuation Paragraphing Making and Using Notes Beginnings and Endings

  12. The Whole Child

  13. (Google Images)

  14. (Google Images)

  15. Silent Letters Homophones Word Formation Meaning from Context Spelling rules and exceptions Pronunciation Homonyms Compound Nouns Prefixes and Suffixes

  16. For example… From: Family and Friends, Level 5

  17. For example… (Google Images)

  18. Today I….

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