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Save Environment to Save Planet PowerPoint Presentation
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Save Environment to Save Planet

Save Environment to Save Planet

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Save Environment to Save Planet

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  1. Save Environment to Save Planet It's a universal truth, eco-sustainability is required for all live things.The billions of planets are still in universe but it's also true that they lost their existence over time. In fact, they did not adjust to make sustainable themselves according to nature. Some simple ways mentioned here to help the eco-system. Simple Tips to Help Nature 1- Recycling Recycling is a simple process to clean the environment. However, the major population does not do it. Many disposal companies supply utilization services, therefore you should search for recycling companies in your area, they can help you to start the recycling process. Another way to recycle your junk articles rather than throwing in backyards you should find a place away from your home where you can dump wastes until you find a professional junk recycler. Reuses Junk Meta Recycle Bin Purification Dismantling 2- Uses of Reusable Bags Plastic packed food items such as sacks, bread, rice that get thrown out in landfills or other places of the earth. These can make confusion for animals to eat by them. Whereas theory about the decomposition of plastic, it is a very complicated process and takes a while and that depends on the material is recyclable or not. Regardless of whether you are looking for groceries, garments or books, utilize a reusable bag. If you move somewhere to keep in mind for taking a couple of reusable bags.

  2. 3- Less Fuel consumption Fuel consumption is very harmful to the environment. Choose public transportation, walking, or riding a bike or cycle to arrive at the schools or offices. If you go for the personal vehicle then try to make schedules with friends for carpooling rather than drive separately. 4- Paperless Work Culture Uses of papers are very injurious to the environment, we all think about the schools and offices where people use millions of pages daily. Take a breath and ask yourself; a million tons of papers come from where? You will find that they made by trees and trees are essential assets for the healthy environment. So we should care about this consequence that we make schools and offices paperless.

  3. 5- Reduce Electricity Uses Oh yeah, this really a simple and affordable way to contribute to the environment, you can reduce your daily uses of electricity and air conditioner. Now, this is an action you can reduce the emission of harmful gases. 6- Save Water Water spreads over at least 70% of the world but drinking water is much less. So we need to focus on the rainwater harvesting for the other daily uses, and also need to reduce the unwanted uses of water. It is a big complimentary for environmental awareness. water water water Save Water