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  1. SOCIAL WORK-VIRTUAL CAMPUS International specialisation in comparative social work. A presentation of the SW-VirCamp project.

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  3. Agenda: (each presenter pick what he/she want to use) • About SW-VirCamp • Backdrop for the project • From VIRCLASS to VirCamp • Aims and objectives • International specialisation in Social Work • Target groups • Funding • Organisation • Workpackages and deliverables

  4. About the SW-VirCamp SOCIAL WORK – VIRTUAL CAMPUS (SW-VirCamp) • An international collaboration between 12 HE institutions from 9 countries • Bergen University College (HiB) is the leader of the project • Support from the European Community under the LifeLong Learning Programme (Virtual Campus programme) • Duration: October 2008 – September 2010 • A continuation of the VIRCLASS project

  5. Partners in SW-VirCamp P1- HiB: Bergen University College, Norway (coordinator) P2- INH: Inholland University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands P3- UCM: University of Complutense, Madrid, Spain P4- HHJ: School of Health Sciences, Jönköping University, Sweden P5- ISMT: Miguel Torga University College, Coimbra, Portugal P6- HSM: Mannheim University of Applied Sciences, Germany P7- Swansea: Swansea University, Wales, UK P8- HSM: Mittweida University of Applied Sciences, Germany P9- LPA: Liepaja University, Latvia P10-HIBO: Bodø University College, Norway P11-ULHT: Lusofona University, Lisbon, Portugal P12-KHKempen: KHKempen University College, Geel, Belgium

  6. SOCIAL WORK-VIRTUAL CAMPUS Backdrop for the SW-VirCamp project.

  7. Continuing the collaboration in VIRCLASS: • The Virtual Classroom for social work in Europe -The VIRCLASS project started in 2004 • An e-learning course in comparative social work, credited with 15 ECTS • 5th cohort will start autumn 2009 • More than 200 students from 15 countries have participated in the course • 15 teachers from 10 land have been teachers and assessors in the course • 10 teachers have taken the course “e-pedagogy for teachers in higher education”

  8. Why did we wish to undertake the new project? • The situation in Europe affect the professional social work and should be met by new educational programmes. Because: • Labour migration • Immigration to EU • Cultural Diversity • Poverty • Alcohol- & drug abuse • Child and family problems • Common challenges all over Europe demand intercultural co-operations and development of methods to strengthen social cohesion and reduce ethnocentrism and social exclusion

  9. Objectives for the SW-VirCamp “Campus without borders” The overall aim of VirCamp is that social work students will be more competent to meet the need of a knowledge based, intercultural, socially cohesive Europeans society, by means of an international specialisation on Bachelor level in social work realised via a Virtual Campus

  10. Aims & objectives for the SW-VirCamp • Develop a shared/ tuned framework for an international BA specialisation in Social Work • Make a e-learning module in Community Work in an international perspective credited with 15 ECTS; Bologna aligned and within relevant Quality Standard • Create digital learning material for this module: - screen-lectures, triggers, a case • Pilot an execution of the new CW Module in the VIRCLASS setting for 55 students spring 2010 • Disseminate knowledge and information about the project to all user groups • Quality assurance

  11. An international BA specialisation in Social Work Optional Curriculum to BA students in Social Work including: • Intake at the national University • From the 2nd or 3rd year of study: • 30 ECTS credits international comparative e-learning courses • 30 ECTS credits: study abroad and or practice abroad • Writing the BA thesis about social work in an international comparative perspective in English or with an English summary

  12. Target groups • Students • Teaching staff • Technical /Media staff • Social University network and other university net-work • Social work professionals

  13. Budget project period • 2 years project starting in October 2008-September 2010 • Total Cost: 405 788 Euro • EU Community Grant: 300 000 Euro • Member funding: 105 788

  14. Project Organisation:

  15. Work Packages (WP): development and management (partners in charge in brackets) • WP 1: Virtual Campus for international Social Work (P2) • WP2: A new e-learning module in comparative Community Work (P4) • WP 3: Virtual learning material (P1) • WP4: Project management (P1)

  16. WP: Exploitation- Quality Planning- Dissemination (partners in charge in brackets) • WP5: Exploitation of results towards decision makers and students (P6) • WP 6: Quality Assurance of the Virtual Campus for Social Work (P3) • WP7: Dissemination of Virtual Campus for Social Work (P3)

  17. 22 deliverables altogether : • Deliverables are task that have to be done in order to reach the realisation of the work packages. • All partners have different roles in fulfilling the deliverables

  18. References • SW-VirCamp: • VIRCLASS: • Publicationsbasedupontheexperiences from the VIRCLASS projectareavailable at