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  1. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Mission & Vision Update October 16, 2011

  2. Keys: MISSION and VISION LAST FALL’s CONGREGATIONAL MEETING: • Specific Mission & Vision of FBC ?? (to be discerned) • Organizational structure, ministries & support all flow out of the Mission • We believe we must seek, discover, and shape our work to the Mission of FBC • The new & approved Board of Governance structure is based on this thinking

  3. The Church’s Vision: JESUS I want to know Christ and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of his sufferings, becoming like him in his death, and so, somehow, to attain to the resurrection from the dead. St. Paul – Philippians 3:10-11

  4. The Church’s Vision: JESUS The Church’s Mission: BE LIKE JESUS • Inviting Faith • Acting in Mercy • Developing Disciples

  5. The Church’s Vision: JESUS The Church’s Mission: BE LIKE JESUS The Church’s Structures: TO HELP THE CHURCH BE LIKE JESUS

  6. GOD Congregation Carry Out Mission Support Mission Board of Governance Management & Finance Cmte. Sr. Pastor Ministry Staff Support Staff Ministry Action Teams Ministry Action Teams Ministry Action Teams Ministry Action Teams Ministry Action Teams

  7. What is God’s unique Mission & Vision for us at FBC? Key elements: • Our location:Who has God placed us with? What are the needs around us? • Our congregation:Who has God gathered together? • God’s activity: What is God doing around us? • Future trends: What is Calgary becoming?

  8. Our location: We are one of a very few evangelical congregations in the heart of Calgary. Needs within “core” of city are being studied by City of Calgary. Findings: - “Community space” - Immigration services - “Social Gospel” engagement - “Ethnic” places of worship - Housing for poor

  9. “Successful faith-based institutions in the central core have adapted a “local parish model” to meet the unique needs and interests of the community surrounding their establishment; providing religious & secular programs and services specific to the community surrounding the church. • Calgary City Soul Phase Two – draft (June 15/11)

  10. The general trend for many faith-based institutions in Calgary’s downtown core is to be a reactive and transformative force that meets the social and faith-based needs of the communities living & working in the downtown core. Whether a sacred institution provides space for community meetings, daycare for working parents or addiction recovery programs, many of the successful churches have filled the niche of community functions missing, or difficult to access, in the central core. (City Soul – draft 2)

  11. Our location: Core of Calgary is becoming: more international more stratified re: income/wealth more intergenerational more “urban” Projected population increase in Calgary core: 25,000 more residents 40,000 more workers

  12. Our congregation: We are increasingly international almost 50% of our congregation were not born in Canada. three “official” language services. Over 30 countries represented. Until recently we were getting older: those who are younger are almost all new to Canada.

  13. God’s Activity: God has brought the traditional mission-field to our parish neighbourhood. We no longer just support missionaries, we are missionaries to the nations here! The needs of Calgary’s core are the needs of most “world class” cities of over a million pop. God is using these needs to draw attention to his Church, and the great need for “community”.

  14. Specific Mission & Vision of FBC ?? discerned by your Board. submitted to you for further prayer & discernment. VISION:To joyfully become an International and Intergenerational church that loves Jesus and makes him known in the heart of Calgary & beyond. MISSION:Focusing on the heart of the city, we will in the name & character of Jesus joyfully: Invite Faith Act in Mercy Develop Disciples

  15. The Spiritual Growth Path Community Core Crowd Congregation Spiritual Growth Path Committed

  16. What happens next? • We dialogue together as a congregation • Step #1: Response sheets today. • Step #2: Meetings together in Nov.

  17. Please take with you today • an Information and Response Form. • Take time to prayerfully respond, and give your response before October 31st: • to Stephanie in the office. • to the Welcome Desk located in Underwood Room. • Be Prayerful And Active Together • As We Seek God’s Direction!