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By- Baylee Quick, Christina Quirk, Courtney Rose, Nikki Seelbinder, Cora Paul, PowerPoint Presentation
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By- Baylee Quick, Christina Quirk, Courtney Rose, Nikki Seelbinder, Cora Paul,

By- Baylee Quick, Christina Quirk, Courtney Rose, Nikki Seelbinder, Cora Paul,

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By- Baylee Quick, Christina Quirk, Courtney Rose, Nikki Seelbinder, Cora Paul,

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  1. The Rainforest Adventure! By- Baylee Quick, Christina Quirk, Courtney Rose, Nikki Seelbinder, Cora Paul, Mackenzie Parsons Next…

  2. Instructions: • You are about to read an unusual story. There will be choices to take different adventures that you will have to make. The story is about you and only you. This story has dangers and you might not come out alive. Click below if you dare….. Click here!!!

  3. Suddenly you wake up to find yourself in a rain forest and you get up to explore. The rain forest was filled with trees and water droplets on your head. You see 3 paths. 1- you hear running water 2-you hear a growl3-you see mysterious dog foot prints click hear to go towards the running water(4) Click hear to go towards the growl(12) Click hear to follow the foot prints(16)

  4. You decided to take the path with water. When your walking you get startled by a tiny mouse. He squeaks, “Hello!” You say hello and tell him about yourself. You find out his name is Able Grimm. You say good bye and move on. The Sound of Running Water Click here to go forward (5)

  5. You see a path with a waterfall on it and another with what it seems no end. You hear an animal noise down that path. You look at the waterfall, you see something shiny, you look at it but then you realize it could be something. Look behind the waterfall(9) Go to the animal noises(6)

  6. Go To the Animal Noise! • You decide to go towards the noise. Then you see a monkey running by saying run, run !!!! You turn around to see a stamped of animals running towards you. You run and jump into the bushes. Then you look up and see a vine. You cant decide to climb up the vine or follow the stamped. Follow stamped(7) Climb up the vine(8)

  7. Follow Stamped You decide to follow the stamped you will regret that decision. You are running to catch up with the stamped when a large monkey runs you over and you broke your neck and unfortunately died. credits

  8. Climb The Vine You decide to climb up the vine . Good decision Your climbing up. Then you see the monkey that was running saying run, run. He was making a banana sandwich You say hi can you help me get back home. He says were do you want to go. I want to go to California. Ok .bye . Poof your back home safe and sound. credits

  9. You Choose the path with the growl. You see a tree a it sounds like a monkeys in it. You look up and there is nothing there. You continue walking you are startled by a tiger standing in the middle of the path. Then it sees you. Go Towards The Growl Stand still(15) Run into the bushes (14)

  10. Jump Into Bushes You decide to jump in to the bushes and you feel safe and you decide to stay there until you are sure it is gone. You peek through the bushes and you see the tiger walk away. You stand up and then you realize your stomach growling . Up above you, you see bunches of bananas. You climb up the tree to get the bananas. You crawl along the branches. Then a weak branch breaks out from underneath you and you fall to the ground. When you hit the ground your neck breaks and you die. The end. credits

  11. Run Other Direction • You decided to run the other direction. Bad for you the tiger chasing you. You don’t know what to do…. “Think” you tell your self “Think” Uh OH it’s to fast for you. Sadly the tiger got you. You died. THE END!!! credits

  12. Run Into Bushes Run Into Bushes You decide to run into the bushes. Well the tiger is still out there. You don’t know what to do? You think. You hear the tigers foot prints walking away from you. You see another path witch leads to the beach or keep walking on the path you were on. Keep walking Go to the beach

  13. Keep Walking You decided to keep walking. After 2 weeks of starvation you decided to lay down. You never wake up from that dream. And one day the tigers find you. There only choice is to eat you. credits

  14. Beach You decided to go towards the beach. You hear noises. You can’t find where there coming from? You find a bunch of materials that jump out of the air. They make a small sail boat for you. You gather up some tropical fruit and head for land. Two days later you find your self back to where you started. You say “Here we go again” The End credits

  15. Stand Still You decide to stand still and the tiger decides you are just a tree. It walks away and you reach up to brush the hair out of your face. The tiger senses you moving and comes walking towards you. You stand even stiller than before and you hold your breath. Jump In The Bushes(17) (16) Run The Other Direction

  16. You decided to look behind the water fall. You are startled to see a carrying a pot of gold. He says snotty “who are you?”” You tell him about yourself. He says, “Well since you found me you get my gold I found at the end of a rainbow.” I don’t know where they got that idea!” You see there's something moving, but when you look it’s pure gold. Behind the waterfall Suspect there’s something else in there(11) Take the gold(10)

  17. Take The Gold Take The Gold You decided to take the gold. That wasn’t a very good choice considering that there was some type of spider in the gold. It bit you. You died cause it was poisons. credits

  18. There! Suspect There’s Something In There!!! Congratulation you have choose the right choice. You are still in the rainforest. You hear something you decided it is coming from the lake. It's a helicopter you’re saved!!!! credits End of the story

  19. Foot Prints! You decided to go right. You see foot prints, so you follow them. Then you come across a hole, you try to go around but the ground is thin so the ground breaks easily so you fall in. The ground starts to fill in above you. You can see a tunnel you continue and you see a 5 legged spider he says “Hey Mon, everyone is not who they say they are.” You get scared and start to run away in fear but suddenly you hit your head on a brick wall and knock your self out. You wake up to find your self out of the tunnel and next to a river. There is a bridge across the river or you can go around the river. Your choice!!!! Go around the the river Cross the bridge

  20. Path around the river You decided to take the path around the river. It’s a very long, and clear path. You start getting less frightened then you were before. You start getting very tired, you see a big tree. You can lie down for a while, or keep on walking. Take a nap Keep on walking

  21. Take a nap- You decided to take a nap. You wake up from the nap because you hear a sound. It sounds like crying. You now find yourself trapped by a witch. The witch keeps you as a slave no matter who you are. And now your life is over. credits

  22. Keep walking- You keep walking. You find a beach later. You see a pile of sand. You decided to dig up the sand, and you find a cell phone, it has 2 minutes left on it. You can call a helicopter, and in no time you get home. You tell everyone about the experience, and think to yourself “I am Saved!” The End credits

  23. Over the bridge You go over the bridge and there is a sign. It says “DANGER!” You can’t go any where except toward the sign to follow the path. You go to try to find the noise, back off the path so you go and there is a old lady. You try to talk to her. She doesn’t answer. Walk away wait continue

  24. Walk Away You decided to walk away. You try to wave goodbye, but that just makes her mad. When you walk away you hear a noise. It sounds like a….a…. Ghost. Before you can run it grabs your neck and chokes you, but you can slip through it’s hands. You run and run till it disappears. A cruise ship is on the rescue. credits

  25. The women gets a smirk on her face as she steps closer. You take a step back in fear that the sign wasn’t fake. As you back away, the women only gets closer, and closer. You quickly turn away and cross the bridge once more, as millions of thoughts and feelings cross your mind. Scared to death, you cross the bridge, as she grabs at your heels. Suddenly you fall into the raging river, and knock yourself out. When you wake up your back home, and wet. You figure that the wetness is from you sweating, and it was just a dream… or was it You decide that the sign was just to scare people and you continue asking the women about the fake sign. ? Credits

  26. CreditsI would Like To Thank… • Mrs. Goodloe For all the help • Morgue File & Clipart For all the pictures • And my group for all the corporation • Christina, Courtney, Cora, Mackenzie, and Nikki • The Nameless Forest for inspiration on this story Click to go to the nameless Go to read the book again