down under with texture n.
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Down Under with Texture PowerPoint Presentation
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Down Under with Texture

Down Under with Texture

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Down Under with Texture

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  1. Down Under with Texture

  2. Australia Australia has some unique words that are only used by people from Australia. Here are a few: • G’day – “good day” , a greeting. • Hooroo – good bye • Bikkies – biscuits • Barbie – barbeque • Mate – buddy or friend • Brekkie – breakfast • Dag – a funny person, nerd, goof. • Oldies – your parents There are also some very unusual animals in Australia, let’s sing this funny song about them.

  3. Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport! Watch me wallabys feed, mate. Watch me wallabys feed. They’re a dangerous breed, mate. So watch me wallabys feed. All together now! (refrain) Tie me kangaroo down, sport. Tie me kangaroo down. Tie me kangaroo down, sport. Tie me kangaroo down.

  4. Keep me cockatoo cool, Curl. Keep me cockatoo cool. Don’t go acting the fool, Curl. Just keep me cockatoo cool. All together now! (to refrain) Take me koala back, Jack. Take me koala back. He lives somewhere on the track, Mac. So take me koala back. All together now! (to refrain) Mind me platypus duck, Bill. Mind me platypus duck. Don’t let him go running amok, Bill. So mind me platypus duck. All together now! (to refrain)

  5. Play your didgeridoo, Blue. Play your didgeridoo. Keep playing ‘til I shoot thro’, Blue. Play your didgeridoo. All together now! (to refrain) Tan me hide when I’m dead, Fred. Tan me hide when I’m dead. So we tanned his hide when he died, Clyde. And that’s it hanging on the shed. All together now! (to refrain)

  6. Texture • Just like there are repeated patterns in art and in fabrics, music also has patterns. • Texture is the layering of sounds to create a thin or thick quality in music. • A repeated pattern in music is called an ostinato.

  7. Tie Me Kangaroo Down • Learn each ostinato using the rhythm words provided, then play them with the song to create a texture. • Woodblock • Doo doo did - ge – ri - doo doo • Cabasa • Down all to-ge-ther now, down all to-geth-er now, • Tubanos • Temple Blocks • Cock-a-too cool, cock-a-too cool, • Play it thru’ Blue, play it thru’ Blue, • Metallophones • Keep it cool, keep it cool, keep it cool keep it cool

  8. Brolga One Listen to an Aborigine play the didgeridoo. • This instrument is unique to the tribal people of Northern Australia. • It is created out of a eucalyptus branch that has had the center hollowed out by termites. • It is played by buzzing the lips and humming. • A technique called circular breathing is used when playing the didgeridoo.