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  2. WHAT IS A VIBRANT CLUB? A vibrant club is successful and engages its members, conducts meaningful projects, is flexible, tries new and fun ideas, and has a unique identity. It should reflect the diversity and personality of its members.

  3. WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOUR CLUB? Trying new practices can be enjoyable and bring members closer while improving the club.

  4. DECIDE WHERE YOUR CLUB WANTS TO BE What does your club want to be like in three to five years?

  5. SET ANNUAL GOALS AND RECORD THEM Enter your annual goals into Rotary Club Central. • Your annual goals support your long-range goals. • Update your goals on Rotary Club Central regularly so it reflects your club’s most recent achievements. • To promote transparency, encourage club members to view them.

  6. HOLD ASSEMBLIES OFTEN Keep members engaged and passionate by holding regular club assemblies. • All members can voice their ideas and interests. • Address club needs with the entire membership. • Channel your enthusiasm and come up with an action plan.

  7. COMMUNICATE OPENLY With open sharing of ideas and information, club members can shape your club’s future. Talk to club leaders about ideas for improvement and find out if others agree.

  8. PREPARE FUTURE CLUB LEADERS Annual leadership changes provide opportunities for members to take on new roles. Ask the current and immediate past presidents to work with the president-elect and president-nominee.

  9. ADAPT BYLAWS TO REFLECT PRACTICES Your club evolves, and so should your club bylaws. • The recommended club bylaws are just a starting point. • Use them as a template and edit them. • Revise them regularly as your club develops new practices. • Consider testing new procedures before formally adopting them.

  10. DEVELOP STRONGER RELATIONSHIPS Members who enjoy their clubs will stay more involved. • Make your events more social. • Invite family and friends. • Make new members feel welcome. • Have fun! • Promote Rotary Fellowshipsand Rotarian Action Groups.

  11. KNOW YOUR MEMBERS’ INTERESTS Make sure that all members are involved in activities that genuinely interest them. • Learn about everyone in the club so you know how to keep them interested in the club. • Active members feel dedicated to their projects. • Personally ask volunteers to support service projects and other club initiatives.

  12. COACH NEW LEADERS Rotary clubs are full of professionals and leaders. Teach them how to lead within Rotary.

  13. CREATE PRACTICAL COMMITTEES Create committees that are practical for your club. Recommended committees include: • Membership • Public relations • Service projects • The Rotary Foundation • Administration

  14. TRADITION AND INNOVATION Keep traditions that are meaningful to your club, but foster an environment that allows members to offer ideas for new club practices.

  15. IMPLEMENTATION IDEAS • Consider holding a daylong retreat. • Incorporate member ideas. • Before amending bylaws, test new ideas.

  16. WHAT IS BE A VIBRANT CLUB ? • A guide to help clubs create their own leadership plans • A description of 10 best practices • A tool that challenges you to energize your club

  17. HOW TO USE THE GUIDE • Review the best practices. • Identify areas for improvement. • Brainstorm new ideas. • Test new practices.