the official blog of azmun n.
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The Official Blog of AZMUN PowerPoint Presentation
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The Official Blog of AZMUN

The Official Blog of AZMUN

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The Official Blog of AZMUN

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  1. The Official Blog of AZMUN

  2. What is MUNdi? • MUNdi is our club blog, created two years ago as a way for the brilliant members of AZMUN to publish their analysis of international events • MUNdi comes from the Latin word meaning “world”

  3. Why join MUNdi? • If you love to learn and debate about world affairs (which you obviously do as a proud member of AZMUN), then MUNdi is a great platform to share you ideas • The main audience for MUNdi is our high school delegates and our college peers. As a member of MUNdi, you can educate these groups about important international issues that may be difficult to understand through other news sources

  4. What are the positions within MUNdi? • Regional Correspondents • Spanish Correspondent • Assistant Editor • Chief Editor (Your USG of Public Information )

  5. Regional Correspondents • The news analysis by the Regional Correspondents forms the bulk of our blog. • As a Regional Correspondent, you would post articles approximately 500 words longabout any significant issue or current event within the region you are assigned to • Our tentative regions are: US/Canada, Mexico, Middle East, East Asia, South/Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, Europe • If you don’t consider yourself an expert in an area, don’t worry! MUNdi is the perfect way to push yourself to learn more about one of these regions

  6. Spanish Correspondent • The Spanish language side of AZMUN is very important! • Our spring conference for high school students includes students from both the United States AND Mexico • In the past MUNdi did not reach out to Spanish-only delegates, so this position will hopefully provide a way for Spanish speakers to connect to AZMUN throughout the year as well • This position posts the same 500 word articles, but obviously in Spanish. We will be very flexible in terms of blog post topics.

  7. Assistant Editor • The Assistant Editor will help the run the blog and proofread the articles from the correspondents • The Assistant Editor will be in charge of posting fun interest pieces that are more connected to the club and MUN in general. • This could include organizing guest posts from club members with cool study abroad experiences, interviews with alumni or current members, career advice, or any interesting topics that will mix up the usual schedule of articles

  8. Chief Editor • USG of Public Information :D • The Editor manages the schedule of blog posts, and makes sure everyone is writing quality (and proofread) articles that are posted on time • This semester I have the goal of reaching out to high school delegates and get them to regularly read MUNdi • Since I will be reading all of the blog content, I will be posting activities that the students can participate in, based on content from the blog posts, or what they are doing in preparation for conference

  9. If you haven’t read us before, check out past articles at • Applications can be found at Go to the College Club tab, click on Important Documents, and download Fall 2013 MUNdi application. You can find this powerpoint on the website too! • Submit the application to by Friday, September 27 at midnight. • Let me know if you have any questions!