fun things to do in bowen along with bowen boat hire n.
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Fun Things to Do In Bowen Along With Bowen Boat Hire PowerPoint Presentation
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Fun Things to Do In Bowen Along With Bowen Boat Hire

Fun Things to Do In Bowen Along With Bowen Boat Hire

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Fun Things to Do In Bowen Along With Bowen Boat Hire

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  1. Fun Things to Do In Bowen Along With Bowen Boat Hire

  2. So you are out in the beautiful old - school town of Bowen and contemplating what all you could do here. From wherever you are and whatever you do, Bowen, Queensland has something exciting for everyone here. There are around 74 islands here in Queensland, so you’re definitely not running out of things to do anytime soon. Whether you are looking for Bowen boat hire, or sail your own boat from Queensland boat ramp, you can still check out the other interesting things you can do while you are here.

  3. So while you are here, these are some fun things you could do - Get Familiar With The Wildlife - There are so many sanctuaries here, and you could take a tour through their native habitat and get to meet some koalas, kangaroos, bilbys, wombats, etc. also, when you are here, if you get lucky, you could check out the turtle season from October through February at  Mon Repose.

  4. Check Out Bowen’s Beaches - When you are here in Bowen, one of the prominent and fun things to do is check out the many beaches here. There are around eight beaches here, of Queens Beach is the largest and also most popular.

  5. Also, one of the most attractive beaches in the Horseshoe Bay at Bowen. For more exciting options, you could also check out the Murray Bay, which is a hidden island, and you would definitely love it there. It’s a hidden tropical paradise.

  6. While you are here, you should also check out the fishing facilities that are available here. You could opt for Bowen boat hire, and sail into the sea to catch some fresh produce. There are a number of Queensland boat ramp available, so you do not have to worry about sailing your boat. Along with this, the beaches here at Bowen seem to be popular because they are developed and provide for best activities.

  7. Bowen’s Historical Museum - Interested in knowing the local history of this amazing tow? Then you should definitely check out the Bowen historical museum, one of the best local history museums in Queensland. A collection of memorabilia and ancient artifacts, Captain Sinclair’s waterman’s badge, shipwreck relics, restored 1873 slab cottage, etc. are some of the many things you could check out here.

  8. Bowen Courthouse - In Herbert Street, the courthouse is a vast and impressive building you could check out. It was built in 1883. The Stone Island - You could go for a Bowen boat hire to reach this Stone Island which if 2kms offshore. Here, the first settlers, who weren’t allowed on the mainland would stop by and rest. There are so many other things you could do in Bowen. It’s a beautiful tropical town you should definitely check out.