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  1. EXTERNSHIP MEETING for SUMMER 2010 “Experience: The Real Teacher.” Jennifer Barnes, Director of the Externship Program Carolyn Landry, Externship Coordinator

  2. IMPORTANT DATES! • Apply through Symplicity by December 4, 2009 by 12p. (NO LATER!) • Interviews begin week of December 22nd through January 22, 2010. • First place offers from Carolyn will begin January 28, 2010. • Respond to offers within 24 hours of receiving offer(s).

  3. General Information • 60 hours for each credit earned (required weekly hours will vary depending on the arrangements with your placement.) • You may earn between 2-6 credits in the summer (5 or more credits requires permission from Director of the Externship Program.) • May begin placement after spring exams are completed, if desired.

  4. General Information-cont. • Give yourself blocks of time for working at externship such as M-W or T-Th all day, or 3 half days free. • Timesheets due to Carolyn every two weeks from the day you start your externship until hours completed. • Must complete academic component portion of externship to earn a grade. • Class is Pass/Fail.

  5. Academic Component • Everyone must attend first class. • If you have taken Barnes externship class this past summer or fall, you only attend first class, and then submit written assignments and do not attend other required classes. Others attend all classes and submit written assignments. • Must timely submit assignments consisting of reflective essays, peer responses, and journals.

  6. Paperwork/Evaluations • Paperwork/evaluations must be completed before and during externship. More details in spring. Read externship manual first, then see Carolyn with questions. • Grade will not be submitted until all paperwork is completed and submitted, including evaluations, timesheets, and assignments.

  7. Application Process • All cover letters, resumes, and writing samples (if required) are submitted through “Symplicity” for any externship desired. If you secure an externship through Symplicity, the placement must be “for credit.” • Deadline for applying to all externships is December 4, 2009 by 12pm. • “Externship Certification” form due to Carolyn on same date.

  8. Application Process- Cont. • May apply to as many or as few externships as desired. • We recommend that you have cover letters and resumes reviewed by Career Services by Wednesday, November 18, 2009. • Externship placement is not guaranteed.

  9. Maricopa County Superior Court Judicial Externships • Must enroll for 3 or more credits for Maricopa County Superior Court Judicial Externships. • If applying for Superior Court and desire a particular calendar, please indicate in cover letter. (i.e. Criminal, Civil, Juvenile, Family) • If want to be placed in a particular courthouse (i.e. Mesa or North Phoenix), please specify. • If desire a particular Judge, direct cover letter to that Judge and it will be forwarded by Judge Heilman for consideration.

  10. US Department of Justice • Security clearance required if selected. Students are supplied with packet by HR at DOJ. Must immediately begin security clearance, so that externship may start timely. • Security clearance applies to US Attorneys Office, Immigration Courts, Department of Homeland Security. • Refer to manual for additional information on security clearance.

  11. Interviews • Once agency/judges get student packets, they are reviewed and then agencies and selected judges will set up interviews directly with students by e-mail or phone. • Professionalism required at all times. Notify agency/judge if declining offer for interview. Show up on time dressed professionally. Turn your cell phone off, etc. • Be prepared to pay for parking at most placements.

  12. Interviews-cont. • Majority of interviews are at agency/judge’s office. Some interviews are arranged on campus. • Recommend that you bring a copy of a writing sample with you to give to interviewer(s). • Do your best to not miss any classes for interviews.

  13. Offer Process • Agencies/judges will contact Carolyn and not students with offers by Tuesday, January 26, 2010. • Carolyn will begin contacting students on Thursday, January 28, 2010 with first place offers. • Once student receives offer(s), student has 24 hours to get back to Carolyn with decision.

  14. Offer Process-cont. • Carolyn communicates acceptance to the agency and student may also communicate acceptance to set up schedules/training, etc. • Once you accept any offer, you are committed to that placement for the semester. (Consider it a 10 week job interview.) • YOU MAY NOT BACK OUT OF YOUR COMMITMENT ONCE POSITION IS ACCEPTED! • If you back out, you will not be allowed to enroll in any other externships while you are in law school.

  15. Professional opportunity • Externship placement is a professional position. • Students required to show up, on time, dressed professionally, and communicate with supervisors. • All classes mandatory, and assignments must be submitted timely or student will receive a failing grade.

  16. Value of Externship • If you commit to the work, the externship experience will be very helpful on your resume. • Placement may assist you in figuring out if you want to engage in a certain practice, or not, upon passing a Bar Exam. • Great networking opportunities! • Extern placements know you are students, so expectations manageable, but communication with your supervisor is critical! • Enjoy your experience!

  17. Advanced Writing Clerkship at the Maricopa County Superior Court (Civil Division only) for third year students • Review dispositive/substantive motions, brief issues, meet with judge to discuss issues raised, attend oral arguments, research and assignment, and multiple draft opinions. • Challenging writing opportunity. • Open to four to six 3L’s only. • 3 credits (180 hours). • Pass/fail. • Pre-requisite: Evidence.