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Better Health Better Care Better Value PowerPoint Presentation
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Better Health Better Care Better Value

Better Health Better Care Better Value

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Better Health Better Care Better Value

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  1. Welcome to our Commissioning Prospectus for 2013-16Bromley CCG is a membership NHS body formed of GP practices in the London Borough of Bromley. We have a governing body which is responsible for ensuring that we have the right health services in place for the local population. In this document you will find information on:- the health needs of the Bromley population and how we are working with the London Borough of Bromley Health and Wellbeing Board to plan and improve services- how we will use the NHS health budget entrusted to us- what standards of care you can expect from the services we commission- how you can get involved What are the key health challenges facing Bromley? Better Health Better Care Better Value Bromley has:The largest elderly population in London, and rising Increased lifestyle risks, eg. Obesity, smoking Greater ethnic diversityIncreased birth rate, more children aged under 10 years- Bromley’s health challenges are:high blood pressuredementiadiabetesanxiety and depression children and young people with emotional needs

  2. How we plan to improve local health careWorking with the London Borough of Bromley we will focus on:-improving care for the elderly through more and better services-more support for people and their carers to ensure they feel more supported to manage their conditions-early identification of people’s health and social care needs to improve prevention and reduce risk of needing emergency care-improving services so that they are joined up and made available closer to home-improving urgent care so that patients can get the help they need in an emergencyImproving services to action ‘Better Health Better Care Better Value’Examples of services we are improving now:- Improve the urgent care centres at Princess Royal Hospital and Beckenham Beacon so that fewer people need A&E- Continue to improve on 111 so that people can be directed to the services they need when they have become a matter of urgencyExamples of services we are developing to improve the coordination and response of services in the community:- Diabetes Anti-coagulation Heart failure Leg ulcers Musculo skeletal - More mental health services for children and young people- A new health and wellbeing centre in Orpington- A greater range of services in Beckenham Beacon Better Health Better Care Better Value

  3. How we plan to spend your NHS fundsOur responsibility is to balance the budget that the government has entrusted to us and to use it to produce improved health outcomes for the local population Better Health Better Care Better Value

  4. What you should expectBromley CCG is responsible for ensuring quality and that services meet the standards set out in the NHS Mandate. These include criteria on waiting times for routine and urgent outpatients referrals, ambulance response times, and visits to A&E. We closely monitor the quality of care and uphold safeguarding for children and vulnerable adults.How can you get involved?- If you would be interested in participating in patient feedback groups on services email Join your GP practice patient group- Attend periodic engagement events- Through HealthWatch, the independent consumer body for health and care services - CCG Governing Body meetings are held in public and include a Q&A session- The CCG Integrated Plan sets out more detail of our intentions, and this is available on our website Better Health Better Care Better Value BassettsHouse Broadwater Gardens Farnborough Orpington, Kent BR6 7UA Phone: 01689 880339 E-mail: