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Communications Resource Library PowerPoint Presentation
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Communications Resource Library

Communications Resource Library

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Communications Resource Library

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  1. Communications Resource Library Online Resource Presented by: Sarah Sciandri, Marketing Specialist

  2. Overview • Communications Resource Library • Resources Available • Photography • Logos • Graphic Elements • Electronic File Formats • Templates • Branding Guidelines Manual • Additional Resources • Resource Library Tips • Coming Soon… • Network Online Ordering Web site - Review • Online Catalog/Cost Recovery Web site - Review

  3. Case Sensitive Instructions Categories

  4. Resources Available • Photography • Case Sensitive • User ID: library • Password: champions4change

  5. Resources Available (Continued) • Photography • People • Images including empowering lifestyle photos, images of people being physically active, and people eating and shopping for fruits and vegetables.

  6. Resources Available (Continued) • Photography (Continued) • Fruits & Vegetables • Hundreds of images of fruits and vegetables in any way you can imagine! Cut up, in a kitchen, knocked-out, with other fruits and vegetables, etc.

  7. Resources Available (Continued) • Photography (Continued) • Physical Activity Objects • Images of physical activity equipment and shoes.

  8. Resources Available (Continued) • Photography (Continued) • Recipe Photos • Images of new and existing Network cookbook and recipe card photos.

  9. Resources Available (Continued) • Photography (Continued) • Line Art • Line art images. These should be used minimally – for materials produced in black and white only.

  10. Resources Available (Continued) • Logos Full color, grayscale, black, and white (reversed). • Network (English & Spanish) • All RegionalNetwork Logos (English & Spanish)

  11. Resources Available (Continued) • Logos (Continued) Full color, grayscale, black, and white (reversed). • California Department of Public Health • Public Health Institute • New Power Play! Logo – Coming Soon!

  12. Resources Available (Continued) • Graphic Images • Latino and African American Campaign Illustrations • Campaign specific images used to leverage the equity built in the illustrations. Not to be used in place of the Network logo.

  13. Resources Available (Continued) • Graphic Images • Latino and African American Campaign Illustrations

  14. Resources Available (Continued) • Graphic Images (Continued) • Wave & Rainbow Graphic Elements • Graphic elements used to represent the Network and provide visual interest to projects. • The Rainbow graphic element should never replace the full Network Logo, it is just a graphic element.

  15. Resources Available (Continued) • Electronic File Formats • Use the chart below to help direct you in choosing the correct file format for logos, images, illustrations, and graphics.

  16. Resources Available (Continued) • Electronic File Formats(Continued) • .EPS is the most versatile graphic format available. You will not be able to open an .EPS file if you do not have a graphics program. A professional printer will have the appropriate software. • .TIFF files are generally used for high-resolution images (A high-resolution image is 300dpi or larger). • It is possible for .TIFF files to be low-resolution and they can be black and white, gray-scale, or full color. Check the resolution of an image before you send it to get professionally printed.

  17. Resources Available (Continued) • Electronic File Formats(Continued) • .JPG files are not transparent. Do not place a .JPG file on a colored background or a box will appear around the logo. • .GIF files are transparent. Use a .GIF file to place a black or white logo on a colored background. • .PNG files are also transparent but are NOT recognized in Internet Explorer. • Remember: This is just an overview. More detailed information can be found in the Branding Guidelines Manual on page 21.

  18. Resources Available (Continued) • Templates • Available in Microsoft Word • Easy to customize • Gives you a starting point and can be modified to fit a wide variety of project needs • Designed to reinforce the Network’s Champions for Change brand • Alternative fonts used on all templates • Just fill in the blanks…

  19. Resources Available (Continued) • Template Tip Sheet • The Microsoft Word Template Tip Sheet is included at the beginning of each Network template. • Also available in Additional Resources section of the Resource Library.

  20. Resources Available (Continued) Letterhead (English & Spanish)

  21. Resources Available (Continued) PowerPoint Presentation

  22. Resources Available (Continued) Meeting Agenda

  23. Resources Available (Continued) Flyers English & Spanish (one of six design options)

  24. Resources Available (Continued) Recipe Cards (English & Spanish)

  25. Resources Available (Continued) Certificate Templates (English & Spanish)

  26. Resources Available (Continued) News Bulletins (English & Spanish)

  27. Resources Available (Continued) Web Site Guide (PDF)

  28. Resources Available (Continued) • Branding Guidelines Manual • Here you will find the latest and greatest version of the Branding Guidelines Manual. • Two addendums to come: • Children’s Power Play!Campaign logo and look and feel upon completion. • Harvest of the Month look and feel guidelines.

  29. Resources Available (Continued) • Additional Resources • Online Ordering Instructions • Step by Step Instructions on how to use the Online Ordering System. • Champion Mom Recruitment Screener (English & Spanish) • Champion Mom Roles and Responsibilities • Who is a Champion Mom? • All materials needed to recruit and establish Champion for Change Moms in your Region.

  30. Resources Available (Continued) • Additional Resources • “Eat Healthy. Be Active.” Supporting Message Guidance • E-mailed out to all Project Directors and LIAs on 6/20/08. • Replaces the previous Nutrition Education Message of “Eat Fruits and Vegetables and Be Active Every Day for Better Health!” • Network Template Tip Sheet • Also in each Template on the first 3 pages. • In the future you will find additional resources related to materials provided by the Communications and Media Unit.

  31. Resource Library Tips • Photos in the Resource Library are low resolution (not including, logos, graphic elements, and Word document templates). • You must request high resolution photo files. • Put your request in early! Requests will be processed within one work week. • Photos will be placed on an FTP Web site and you will receive an link via e-mail to download the high-resolution images. • Images will remain on the FTP site for one week and will then be removed due to size limitations. • Provide samples of materials you are working on and share them with the Communications and Media Unit at the Network.

  32. Resource Library Tips (Continued) • When you request an image, include the CD name the image was in along with the specific file name. • Example: in Recipes CD Name File Name

  33. Coming Soon… • Power Play! Campaign logo and usage guidelines (addendum to existing Branding Guidelines Manual). • Harvest of the Month guidelines (addendum to existing Branding Guidelines Manual). • Re-organization of images and categories so they are easier to find. More user-friendly. • Additional images as they become available to the Network.

  34. Network Online Ordering Web Site • All Network-funded partners have access to materials via the Online Ordering Web site. • • Each partner has a specific allotment amount assigned to their User ID. • Allotments usually cover a six month time frame. Notification will be sent before allotments change. • Check regularly for new material in your inventory.

  35. Network Online Catalog/Cost Recovery Web Site • Materials are available for purchase at cost plus freight/handling, and sales tax on the Network Online Catalog/Cost Recovery Web site. • • Order materials, at cost, if you run out of your internal allotment. • Encourage partners to order from the Online Catalog/Cost Recovery site if you cannot provide them for free.

  36. Questions?