freshwater lakes both glimmering in beauty n.
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  1. Freshwater lakes, both glimmering in beauty. One teeming with wildlife, the other ruined by pollution. Lago de Nicaragua and Lago de Managua are the two largest lakes in Central America. The rhythmic sounds and music of Nicaragua have deep history and roots. The country's main settlers, the Spaniards, are from Spain, which is a European country with Spanish roots. Because of the Spanish people, the music in the future became heavily influenced by European and Spanish culture. The incredible volcano, Momotombo, stands by the shores pf Lago de Nicaragua. Back in 1610, there was a small village called Leon. The city of Leon lived relatively close to the volcano. One day, the enormous volcano erupted and ruined the city, killing many. Nicaragua's official language is Spanish. Years ago in Nicaragua's early life, Spanish explorers explored the country and found the different tribes. The Spaniards eventually claimed the country as their own. As the country still grows, the official tongue is still Spanish today. El Gueguense is a satirical drama that contains folkloric tales and music from early Nicaragua. El Gueguense has the actors dress in multicolored and beautiful dresses. It is the first literary piece of Post-Columbian Nicaragua.

  2. .Nicaragua is a place filled with natural wonder, and was rightfully ranked the third most recommended places to visit. You are in awe by what you see, Bright yellow bananas', beautiful rivers, and schools filled with special learning. Nicaragua is a wonderful place as you walk by you see a group of kids sign hello in a way you’ve never seen, and that’s because they invented a new way of signing. As you walk by a café you smell the wonderful aroma of coffee and decide to try some, and it is the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had. As you leave the café people call out 'hola', because Spanish is the official language. You then decide to go to a library when you walk in you see a bright sign telling about Runen Dario, he created a new style of literature in Spanish . You see books next to it written in this style, you buy one and it is the best book you’ve ever read. Will you are there you decide to go to a museum and you learn that all the people you have met are from Mexican descendant. As you get on the plan to leave you see a plan being loaded with bananas, and you remember seeing a banner with the message that bananas are the top export for Nicaragua. You smile as you sit down in your seat.

  3. Nicaragua has beautiful sight seeing and the nature is so green and alive. You feel like your in a different world in Nicaragua. Look around you could see the magnificent ocean and haw clear it was. The beaches have sand that is so soft that you sink in. Lake Nicaragua is not only amazing but is ginormous, see the glorious Madera volcano. Nicaragua is great for fishing. Go snorkeling, you mays see some of the most beautiful fish and possibly turtles. Sadly since 1990 90% of the turtle population has been overfished and killed. The Masaya volcano is huge, the volcano destroyed over a hundred acers of land that now grew back more lovely. Nicaragua has had bad storms though, hurricane Felix destroyed over 1000 trees in 2007. Volcano Casita erupted in 2015 and kill over 2500 people. Nicaragua has had droughts in the resent years and has left over 100,000 farms to lose their crops. Nicaragua rarely has storms and is almost always nice and that is why it is called tropical paradise.

  4. When you visit the capital of Nicaragua, Managua you will have a magnificent view of the biggest lake in Central America, Lake Nicaragua. In the middle of the majestic lake there is an archipelago of islands. If you wanted to visit some of the islands you could take one of the daily boats that travel to the islands. Nicaragua is bordered by the countries of Honduras and El Salvador to the north and Costa Rica to the south. In some places in the country you can almost see both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea that border the tropical sanctuary of Nicaragua. About half of Nicaragua is a massive expanse of lush dense forests. The exact coordinates on the globe for Nicaragua is 12 degrees north and 86 degrees west.

  5. In Nicaragua there are 3 very different regions that offer different types of environments, the Pacific Lowlands, Central Highlands, and the Caribbean lowland. In the Pacific Lowlands you'll see young volcanoes, many of which are still active, running between the Golfo de Fonseca and Lago de Nicaragua. In the triangular area known as the Central highlands that lie northeast and east of the Pacific lowlands. In these highlands you'll see all the massive ridges and forests with deep valleys that drain primarily into the Caribbean. In the Caribbean lowland's you'll see flat plains that are often wet, because of offrun from the large mountain range, American cordillera, that goes through the center of the Central American Isthmus.. In some parts of the Caribbean Lowlands are a few hills and sometimes a volcano.

  6. Fun Fact! • Nicaragua's beautiful night sky has 88 stellar constellations. A big past time in Nicaragua is to lie down in your back yard and look at the stars. On a clear night, 86 out of the 88 constellations are visible.