how to punt a football by allison witowicz n.
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How To Punt A Football By: Allison Witowicz PowerPoint Presentation
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How To Punt A Football By: Allison Witowicz

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How To Punt A Football By: Allison Witowicz - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How To Punt A Football By: Allison Witowicz. How to hold the football : Hold the football in your dominant hand

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How To Punt A Football By: Allison Witowicz

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    1. How To Punt A Football By: Allison Witowicz

    2. How to hold the football: Hold the football in your dominant hand You want to also hold the football near its end and have the laces facing in the air. Having the laces face up in the air is important; if the laces are facing down they can create a weird point of impact, causing the football to go in unexpected directions. Step 1:

    3. Leg action: Take your first step with your kicking leg This should be a short step Step 2:

    4. Step 3: Next step is with the opposite leg You want to take medium sized steps because larger steps will bring you closer to rushers You'll want to step into position quickly so you can get your punts off before the rushers can get to you

    5. Step 4: Dropping the football: When you drop the football, make sure the laces remain upward You want the drop to be timed perfectly with the swing of your leg You want your foot to make contact with the fattest part of the football

    6. Step 5: • Body Position: • Your body makes a difference in the distance and accuracy of the punt • Your head needs to be slightly bent forward and always look at the football • Hips stay up and lead into the punt • Your shoulders should be back, straight and point down the field in the direction of the punt

    7. Step 6: The kicking motion: This step may not feel natural at first Many people want to swing their leg across their body, however swinging your leg straight forward is a more effective Swinging your leg across the body makes it much harder to kick the football in the right spot and can cause some terrible punts Once you make contact with the football bring the kicking leg straight up toward the eye on the kicking leg side

    8. Step 7: After the release of the football: Be aware of your surroundings Get ready to tackle You should always be ready for somebody trying to return your punt for a touchdown Hopefully your teammates will be able to bring a returner down before they get to you, but it never hurts to be prepared

    9. Punting Yard Leaders of 2010 Playoffs:

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