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SLIR Computer Lab: Orientation and Training PowerPoint Presentation
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SLIR Computer Lab: Orientation and Training

SLIR Computer Lab: Orientation and Training

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SLIR Computer Lab: Orientation and Training

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  1. SLIR Computer Lab: Orientation and Training December 16, 1998

  2. Overview of Topics • Machine configurations • Security & Responsibility • Logging in & Printing • Reporting Problems • Applications • Email • Storing files on the server

  3. Machine configurations • 350 Mhz Pentium II w/128 Mb RAM • Disk storage • 3.5” floppy • 100Mb removable Iomega ZIP drive • 8 Gb hard disk • CD/DVD • 100Mb/sec Fast Ethernet

  4. Windows 98 is easy • For most purposes, Win98 is pretty much like Win95 • You are responsible for learning basic operations • Use HELP if you need help • Every machine has a tutorial installed • Start button>> Help >> Introducing windows 98

  5. Lab Security • The machines are uninsured! • If you are the last one in the lab: • SET THE ALARM • LOCK THE DOOR • Sign out the key and leave the log-book

  6. Responsibility • Keep it tidy! • Keep it reasonably quiet • You are strongly encouraged to sign out room 133 for group meetings • Don’t screw up the machines • You are NOT the only person using it! • Never install/un-install software • Never change the desktop or start menu

  7. Logging In & Out • Why log in? To use local network services: • Printing in the lab • Local File server (W:) • YOU MUST LOG IN TO PRINT • ALWAYS log in and log out: • Start > Log Off

  8. Log off: on Win98 Start Menu Use this option every time you begin or end a session

  9. Logging In & Out, cont. • Your lab username should be the same as your pilot username • If it isn’t, please email • Your lab password is your student ID • UNLESS YOU CHANGE IT (using the Win98 control panel) • Your lab password and your pilot password are NOT the same

  10. Printing • SLIR supplies the printer and the toner, but you supply the paper • You must log on to print • If you forget to log on and try to print • WIN98 will assume that the printer is disconnected from the network • It will set it to “Use Printer Offline”

  11. If your printer is Off Line • You will not be able to print • Your print jobs will be held in a queue • You must put the printer back on line using the Start menu > Settings > Printers...

  12. Put the printer back on line Now Win98 will “Use Printer Offline” It will not print. Right button on the printer to get this menu Put the printer back on line by clicking on “Use Printer Offline.” Now the printer will work.

  13. Use the SLIR web site to report problems Start Netscape or Internet Explorer from the Start menu > Internet Tools Reporting Problems

  14. Click on Tech Support Click here Then click here

  15. Fill out the form

  16. Including the problem description Be sure to “Submit Request”

  17. We have a lot of good software • Microsoft Office • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access • Visio (for drawing charts, etc.) • Netscape, Internet Explorer • Statistical packages (SPSS, SAS) • HR software (Vantage, ABRA, etc.)

  18. Web Editors • You have extensive tools for web pages • Symantec Visual Page • Netscape Composer • MS FrontPage Express • MS Visual Interdev Studio • Plus the MS Word (and other MS Office programs) can save as HTML • You can find these on the start menu...

  19. Email in the lab • Not perfect -- can’t handle attachments • Telnet to Pilot • Start > Internet Tools > Telnet • We are working on setting up your user accounts so that you can use regular email programs (such as Netscape or Outlook) to read mail and send/receive attachments.

  20. Storing Files • Use floppies or the Iomega ZIP Drive • Use the Server (W:) • Main Advantages: • Access your files from any machine in the lab • Groups can establish folders to share work • Main Disadvantage: Files are not private

  21. Storing files on Pilot (AFS) • You can put files in your Pilot (AFS) file space • Main Advantages: • Access your files from anywhere in the WORLD • Files can be public or private • Main Disadvantages: • limited to 4 Mb • Need to remember to copy the files

  22. Why not use the local Hard Drive? • Disadvantage #1: You can’t access your files from any other machine • Disadvantage #2: Anyone else sitting at that machine can get your files • Disadvantage #3: Your files can be deleted without warning at any time. • In short, DON’T use the local hard drive

  23. Store files on the server: “Lir-stu” This is the file server (W:). You can create your own folders, files, etc.

  24. Rules for Server Use • Keep track of your work • Create folder(s) • Delete things you don’t need • Don’t hog space; everyone is sharing • It’s not private • It’s not permanent: We plan to DELETE EVERYTHING at the end of each semester

  25. SLIR Web site:

  26. Good stuff on the web • Student Directory • Alumni directory • Internship Lists • Events calendar • Guestbook • “Hot links” to all kinds of stuff • Information about all of our programs!

  27. Student directory Click here for Student Directory It’s the best way to find out how to contact people in your classes… but you have to keep it up to date

  28. Student Directory

  29. Student Directory Update • You are responsible for keeping your directory information up to date • Your student ID gives you access to your own address information

  30. Fill out the address information When you are done, be sure to click on “submit” at the bottom of the form

  31. Alumni Directory • As students, you have access as well • Enter your student ID to gain access, just like the student directory • Alumni directory can be a good way to look for jobs • Can search by location, company, graduating class and so on

  32. Search for Alumni

  33. Results of Alumni Search

  34. Internship Database • SLIR keeps a database of student internships • It is your respsonsibility to fill out the brief questionnaire Click here for internship information

  35. Lots of internships listed

  36. Lots of good information

  37. But you have to fill it in!

  38. SLIR Events Calendar

  39. SLIR Guest Book

  40. Hot Links