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Empyrean Consulting, Inc.

Empyrean Consulting, Inc.

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Empyrean Consulting, Inc.

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  1. Empyrean Consulting, Inc. Search Projects

  2. Who is Empyrean? Empyrean Mission Statement Empyrean Organization Chart Empyrean Main Lines of Business Empyrean Client

  3. Who is Empyrean? • Success is measured one hire at a time. • Who We Are • EMPYREAN CONSULTING, INC. is a full service technical placement agency serving the National and International markets representing qualified candidates without regard to race, creed, age, sex, national origin or physical handicap. EMPYREAN is committed to providing highly competent and motivated personnel who are driven to develop and support your company’s future. EMPYREAN is a true search firm. Our candidate database, developed from our recruiting efforts of networking, extensive referrals, and specific searches, will ensure quality matches to your hiring needs in a short amount of time.

  4. Empyrean Mission Statement • Mission Statement • Continuously exceed expectations in every aspect of our business, to our customers, employees, and community. Our goal is to benchmark for excellence in every aspect of our business. We will deliver impeccable service through uncompromising commitment to continuous improvement. • Our promise is to create an environment of mutual trust and respect to promote – personal growth and freedom, to foster and reward employee teamwork and involvement. • Demand the highest ethical standard for others and us. We believe our people are our most important asset. Through the relentless pursuit of excellence in all that we do, our mission is to be the acknowledged leader in our industry and community.

  5. Empyrean Service Offerings(Lines of Business) • Services Provided by Empyrean Consulting, Inc. • Quality Candidates to meet your requirements - All of our candidates go through a thorough interview process before you meet them. Our extensive screening procedure includes a face-to-face interview-unless it is a national or international search, detailed application, and comprehensive skills assessment. • Specialists dedicated in searching for your specific needs. • Empyrean Consulting, Inc. Recruiting Solutions Job Requirement Gathering Sourcing Human Resource Solutions Operations References Closing Onboarding Technology Review and Assessment IT Outsourcing Solutions Applications and Software Solutions E-business and web services Enterprise Solutions Management Information Systems Outsourcing Security Services Technology Review and Assessment Project Management Employee Leasing

  6. Customer Benefits • “Can do” attitude • Client goals are our goals • Strong work ethic • Sense of urgency • Communicate • Focus on results • Attention to Detail • Team Work • Self – Improvement • Great People!

  7. Empyrean Staffing Goals • Empyrean Staffing Goals are: • To select and hire the most appropriately qualified candidates for the ongoing needs of our business; • To consistently and uniformly apply a job-related selection process to all candidates; and • To be fair, objective and non-discriminatory in all of our selection decisions.

  8. The Value of Public Relations • Before you even interview a candidate from EMPYREAN, a trained Career Consultant has thoroughly interviewed the candidate to assure that they meet or exceed your specific requirements. Once the candidate is placed within your organization, we perform a complete follow-up service to ensure you are completely satisfied.

  9. Hybrid Recruiting • We ask the client to commit to a process.  The process requires leadership, trust, and confrontation.  In leadership, no word is more important than trust.  Confrontation is good.  It simply means meeting the truth head-on.  • We attack each search with the approach that fits the clients needs whether retained, contingent (with expectations), or sometimes we find that an engagement fee helps us to focus on the client more exclusively.  We erect no artificial walls that might limit the potential,  stifle the creativity or shackle the innovation of our search.

  10. The Empyrean Consulting, Inc. difference • Melanie Mays-Kirk, the owner is an expert in client culture.  She has helped write sections of books on interviewing that are published in 201 interview Questions, 2003 and 301 Best Interview Questions, 2010 written by John Kador. She has integrated her belief in corporate culture throughout all of the processes at Empyrean Consulting, Inc. • We ask our clients to tell us what is most important to them and we match candidates who have similar goals and interest. 

  11. Being a leader is our job too! • A leader's job is to create opportunities.  • We help you during critical moments.  We help remove any obstacle that can negatively impact your team's performance. • We look for possible red flags and decide if there is a problem and immediately work to fix it. • We believe no organization, no matter how good it is, is going to be successful on reputation alone.

  12. Contract Resource Options Another Option that we excel in is contracting.  We have a strict process for Empyrean Consultants that they must adhere to.  We offer full background checks, drug screens, 401k with matching, full health insurance paid at 90% by Empyrean. We expect consultants to get two signatures on all time sheets from clients. We only do 1099 at a clients request and they must meet the IRS guidelines for this.

  13. Human Resource Relations The unseen heroes It is easy to see the members of our team that are in the thick of hiring with us.  But, there are more to the team than meets the eye. They contribute to the success of your organization. We work very hard to cultivate relationships with all these people.  We try with these team members to  build trust.  Sometimes in spite of all we do, people are not responsive.

  14. Human Resource Relations “We feel as leaders we must learn to live with instability.  We thank them for doing a great job.  We hold no grudges.  If we can try something new, we do.  We never give up-Never.  We may need temporary help from our client to get the word to a fellow employee that Empyrean wants to work with everyone.  It is best to enlist them as a team member.”

  15. Empyrean Consulting, Inc. Offices: Dallas, Texas Kirkwood, Missouri Phone (214) 457-3500 Fax (866) 390-4714

  16. We always make our last hire, our best hire! Take the journey with us.