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They Consulting, Inc

They Consulting, Inc

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They Consulting, Inc

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  1. In association with Command Navy Region Southwest, United States Navy They Consulting, Inc Jacob Matson Nathan Berti Chris Neubauer Allison Boeckel Katie Magdolen Stephanie Staneart

  2. Introduction • The Team: They Consultants, Inc. • The Organization: Navy Region Southwest • Espy DeLaTorre • Adrian Porter • The Problem: • Business Analyst • Resume

  3. Command Navy Region Southwest • One of the largest commands in the world: • Land • 178,014 acres • CNRSW includes California, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico & Nevada • Personnel • 75,000 military personnel; 31,000 civilian personnel • Equipment • 3 Aircraft Carriers • 2 Strike Groups • 65 Pacific Fleet ships • 7 Submarines • 474 Aircraft

  4. Naval Business Operations • Fiscal year 2004 for CA - the military spent $18.3 billion in Gross Regional Product • 13.68% of San Diego’s total economic activity • The military is the second largest employer in San Diego county, and indirectly supports 142,530 additional jobs. • Provides base support functions for the nearly 300,000 service members and their families, such as : • security • housing and medical concerns • port and air services • supply and logistics

  5. Split into two teams to cover each process: Resume Process Building and submitting a resume on the Navy’s website Applying for the job online Identifying glitches in the program Business Analyst Process Modify business analyst position into ten analyst positions Identify education/skills needed for future business analysts Advise the Navy on relevant continuing education programs Processes for Consultation

  6. Business Analyst Recommendations

  7. Problem A lack of a developed master Community Management plan and skill sets needed for Region Business Analyst.

  8. Solutions • Know the best suited education for applicants to fill the position. • A strongly advised major is a degree in Business administration. With this degree skills would be developed in principles of economics, a variety of accounting classes, business strategies, strategic management, etc. • A minor in communications would complement the major by giving the candidate skills in persuasion, public relations, etc. • An MBA is suitable for the position, but is not mandatory. However, the MBA will bring forth more skills in management knowledge, human resources, further education in economics, accounting, etc. Therefore, an MBA would provide a candidate with advanced academics and a better understanding of the business world.

  9. NROTC provides education and experience which are both necessary for such a demanding job. • The Midshipmen with a major in Business Administration and a minor in Communications would not only be educated, but will also be trained in becoming an officer in which they will acquiring leadership skills and determination. • While serving their time required upon graduation from the NROTC. The Navy will make available to them positions in business management in which they would receive technical skills, training, and development of management which would be directly transferable for the civilian market.

  10. Continued education for Business Analysts will keep them competitive in their position. • IRM training program-4 day training program. This course teaches modeling tools and techniques, enabling delegates to build process models, and data models of existing and proposed system. • BA certified Core Courses- Essential skills for the business analysis, detailing business data requirements, detailing process and business review. • Global knowledge-Business process analysis, CBAP exam pre boot camp training, intro to business analysis, requirements development and management, software engineering fundamentals, writing effective requirements. This program also offers six sigma training.

  11. Shore Installation Management Internship • By implementing the SIM it would be the last step needed in order to have skilled and competitive business analysts. • Through this program interns would receive the following: classroom courses, be assigned on the job training experience, and have weekly meetings with managers and mentors who will answer questions, motivate, and provide direction for the SIM interns.

  12. These options will bring forth candidates which will have skills and experience needed to stay competitive in their field and be properly prepared to excel as a business analyst at Navy Region Southwest.

  13. Resume Process Recommendations

  14. Problems In The Process • Resume Submission • Login • “Build A Resume” • No Option To Upload

  15. Flow Chart

  16. Problems In The Process • Resume Submission • Login • “Build A Resume” • No Option To Upload • Job Search • Current Criteria • Location, Salary, and Announcement Number

  17. Problems In The Process • Resume Submission • Login • “Build A Resume” • No Option To Upload • Job Search • Current Criteria • Location, Salary, and Announcement Number • Unable To Search By Category • Ex. Accounting, Advertising, Computers, etc.

  18. Problems In The Process (Cont’d) • Website Operation • Frequent Errors • Turns Away Applicants • Prevents Completing Of Job Application and/or Resume Creation Process

  19. Solutions • After creation of account, prominently display new jobs or jobs that are closing soon • The focus of the website once logged in should be applying for jobs. The current layout is confusing and unorganized.

  20. Overhaul the job search process. • Put each job in a category to streamline searches. These categories should at least include type and location, but additional information such as desired experience level and education level may be beneficial.

  21. Source:

  22. Source:

  23. Post jobs on sites outside of the Navy website • This will increase the visibility of the opportunities in the Navy for a small fee. Another option would be getting listed on a vertical search site such as

  24. The resume creation process is time consuming and tedious • There should be an option that allows a candidate to upload their resume and cover letter and then click submit, instead of solely using the website to create their resume.

  25. With identity theft on the rise, using social security numbers as usernames should be reevaluated to see if it is really necessary. • Instead, require social security number as a data member instead of username.

  26. Test the website more thoroughly before releasing it • At various times during the application process, the website was so bugged that it was impossible to proceed. However, the fault for this lies more with the programmers than it does with the HR department of the Navy.

  27. Conclusion • We presented our case both Espy DeLaTorre and Adrian Porter. • They loved our ideas!

  28. They are passing on our findings to the departments mainly concerned with the issues we dealt with. • Navy Region Southwest would love to have PLNU students come back in the future! • They loved us!