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MSLM Consulting Inc.

MSLM Consulting Inc.

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MSLM Consulting Inc.

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  1. MSLM Consulting Inc. The Travel Experts Friday November 12, 2010 .

  2. About Us • MSLM Consulting Ltd • Calgary based IT consulting company • Our development team consists of Mike, Muhammad, Lidiyaand Shelly • We are co-founders and owners of MSLM Consulting Ltd.- we all have a vested interested in the success of every project • We are a team driven and work collaboratively to bring world class IT solutions to all our clients MSLM Consulting Inc.

  3. Executive Summary • The Travel Experts Inc are looking for: • An online ordering system • User friendly systems to enter, store and update all existing and new data • The ability to easily report this data • An accurate method of calculating commissions • MSLM Consulting Ltd will deliver: • A comprehensive set of prototypes, a thorough analysis and final recommendation MSLM Consulting Inc.

  4. Goals • Increase sales and customer satisfaction through the introduction of a web based booking system • Create an efficient and seamless interaction between the business and the data • Continue to grow and expand the business through targeted marketing • Develop a custom portable, flexible and transferable set of applications MSLM Consulting Inc.

  5. Objectives Demonstrate a variety of platforms using the most modern technologies Provide a final recommendation based on the prototypes developed Engage The Travel Experts through all phases of development Deliver all phases of the project on time and within budget MSLM Consulting Inc.

  6. Scope In Scope Out of Scope Hardware and networking Web hosting Training • Analysis and design for travel industry system • Development – website and admin system • Database conversion • Web based reporting system MSLM Consulting Inc.

  7. Project Timeline Phase 1: Proposal and website prototype. Delivered November 12, 2010 Phase 2: Microsoft application prototypes. Delivered early January 2011 Phase 3: Linux, Oracle application prototypes. Delivered late March 2011 MSLM Consulting Inc.

  8. Assumptions Travel Experts will provide personnel to assist with requirement gathering and UAT Access to existing systems and databases Hardware required to run applications will be provided by The Travel Experts The deliverables as part of this proposal are prototypes and will be fully developed upon final approval MSLM Consulting Inc.

  9. Website Demo PHP/SQL, Javascript, CSS Demo CSS stylin’! MSLM Consulting Inc.

  10. Cost MSLM Consulting Inc.

  11. Summary Supports customer mission and needs Provide flexible, reliable, user friendly and low maintenance application High return on investment Portable, scalable, transferable application MSLM Consulting Inc.

  12. MSLM Consulting Inc We are a group of professional, skillful, innovative designers who will work with you throughout the project We will deliver on time and on budget MSLM Consulting Inc.

  13. Questions? MSLM Consulting Inc.