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Custom HubSpot COS Development & Hubspot COS Templates PowerPoint Presentation
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Custom HubSpot COS Development & Hubspot COS Templates

Custom HubSpot COS Development & Hubspot COS Templates

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Custom HubSpot COS Development & Hubspot COS Templates

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  1. HubSpot COS Development 13 Misunderstanding about HubSpot COS Platform & HubSpot COS Templates

  2. Misunderstanding 1: The HubSpot COS Templates are expensive and not so advanced Choose the Perfect HubSpot COS Templates for your business can not only save you a lot of time and improve your ROI but also attract more customers. Well, this could be true in 2013, but now there are many designs that are capable of meeting the needs and also satisfies the most demanding clients. In recent weeks, HubSpot has introduced a redesigned and redesigned market where you can find hundreds of free templates, cheap, expensive, easier and expand for websites, landing pages, emails, etc. COS models are ideal for those who have less experience with the developers. The HubSpot editor allows creation and customization. If you want to deepen, design certification course is excellent.

  3. Misunderstanding 2: You can not simply export your HubSpot COS site to move it to another CMS Migrating COS content to another CMS requires a slightly different approach than Wordpress, but it is very easy to export all your website files and move them to a different environment if you do not know you do. Go to the HTML code of your websites Go to the content Content Settings Export COS Pages (at the bottom left of the menu). To download items from the file manager Go to the content content settings file manager click 'Export' (lower right). To export your URL mappings Go to Content Content Settings COS Mapping URL Click on "Export Mappings"

  4. Misunderstanding 3: You will lose all your SEO positions when leaving HubSpot Yes, I fully agree with this sentence. It is true that once your HubSpot account has expired, all your links will expire with it. But there is a simple solution to avoid this with 301 permanent redirects. By creating 301 redirects for pages on your site, create links that automatically redirect visitors to the new link on the site, keeping your web presence.

  5. Misunderstanding 4: The cost of HubSpot COS Web Development is much higher than in other CMS It requires highly skilled web developers to create a new COS website from scratch. Its services are not cheap, but the same situation is with Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal. The final cost of web development is not highly dependent on the platform, but more of the type of site that you want to create. For simple pages, the cost may be different (higher for cos-digits), but for more advanced portals, the price will be similar.

  6. Misunderstanding 5: I am using the full suite of HubSpot Marketing platform tools only when I build my page on HubSpot COS In fact, the only important feature that does not help users with websites built on external platforms is dynamic content that helps to achieve contextual marketing. The remaining tools such as blogs and SEO, target pages, emails, workflow, nutrition and scoring leaders are the call to action and analysis available. As you can see, the above statement is another misinterpretation.

  7. Misunderstanding 6: The cost of Hosting is high If you host your Wordpress site, Joomla or Drupal with hotel services (, image or Bluehost) COS expensive. But if you run a business and need a hosting service that is reliable, stable and secure (or WPEngine Kinsta), the cost is almost the same as placing your site in the COS HubSpot. Host your site using HubSpot COS Designer to create beautiful web pages, optimize your phones so that you can provide a better user experience and increase conversion rates.

  8. Misunderstanding 7: HubSpot COS is not a good solution for non-technical users For each project, the non-technical user is not so sure and will not try the same way. In fact, some of them seem to think that a bad move could cause the computer of fire. If this were the case, the whole concept behind the HubSpot platform would be wrong and would not succeed. HubSpot was built as a complete platform for vendors, not developers. So from the beginning, you had an easy to use toolkit for non-technical traders that could help them attract, convert, and close pleasure customers. At the launch of COS in 2013, HubSpot has pursued the same basic concept. HubSpot COS Provide content modules and flexible sections that can be used for building or restoring non-technical pages by drag & drop. The same procedure is applied when creating the landing pages, HubSpot COS Templates, and blog posts. Any job marketing used to involve coding has been simplified and streamlined for technically unskilled users to be easy. They are able to build all sales and marketing tools with the same interface.

  9. Misunderstanding 8: HubSpot COS is new and we can expect security problems HubSpot provides 24x7x365 coverage immediately to respond to all events for security and confidentiality. The HubSpot platform site provides a SAN Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate. Basically, the data exchanged between the website server and the user's browser encrypted and protected. This is a clear message for the visitors who rely on their content and their data on web forms can not be visible to the authorized staff.

  10. Misunderstanding 9 :Load time of the page in HubSpot COS is very long Note that your site's loading time depends on several factors, both locally (Ex, related to your local Internet connection) and non-local (Ex, the design of your site). Well, it depends on the criteria you ask. COS environment itself has no magical properties other than Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal, but it was built to be dynamic as competitors. You must also take into account the hosting environment (server) and content delivery network (CDN) that is one of the greatest impacts on the page load speed. HubSpot COS Developmentuses CDN vendors first class like Akamai for reliable time availability and incredibly fast performance. So what is true about the performance of the website COS? According to the study Yotta, COS pages were the fastest among other things with regard to the loading times. Of course, we are aware there are many variables that affect the overall performance and people may have doubts about this study. In addition, there are optimization tools in the COS environment, then when you build your site COS, ask the web development agency to work on such difficult performance problems in the design because it is considered important for the overall user experience.

  11. Misunderstanding 10 :HubSpot COS is new on the market and there are not many tutorials, forums, help centers etc. If we talk about it 4 years ago, it is fine, but today, the blogging tool of HubSpot Marketing integrates with another tool that you use, such as CTA, lists, and automation. We know that HubSpot Platform was Published in 2013 and compared to Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal is brand new on the market, but there are many sources to get help, find solutions and share ideas. HubSpot COS has a support team that integrates customers to help you when something goes wrong. There is 24/7 support by phone or email, unlimited instruction and training HubSpot Academy Access to Community or HubSpot Ideas Forum. In HubSpot COS platform also a certified HubSpot partner network, which can provide a high-quality, creative services and local user groups.

  12. Misunderstanding 11: HubSpot COS is expensive Wordpress is for free HubSpot isn't expensive. HubSpot given Price is a steal for the functionality, which is unmatched anywhere else since no one else to date offers an integrated marketing platform. When you consider your web site as a leaflet, to easily let people recognize what you are doing, then yes, COS website will be quite expensive. But when you change the perspective and think about your SMART goals for the website in terms of lead generation or your overall marketing strategy execution, well things look quite different. In HubSpot COS Development more facility than just content management system, you have an access to powerful suite of marketing tools that are built-in and work in a consistent environment. You do not have to pay extra money for hosting, additional plugins, API's, social media management platforms to create content, landing pages, forms, mailings, conduct social media monitoring or have access to all analytics in one place. Do your math, and suddenly it will become clear, that statement about COS expensiveness is just another Misinterpretation.

  13. Misinterpretation 12: HubSpot COS has limited SEO tools SEO tools allow companies to make SEO strategies more effective. Measures the performance of their campaigns in use continuously improve and remain relevant to the development of the consumer behavioral market. A good SEO strategy is one of the basic elements of a successful website. There are thousands of SEO tool on the market that can be used to create one. But what is the best and most convenient, complete and easy to use? To ensure that your content is optimized for the search, you just need to know which keywords and links help you reach the right target audience. HubSpot provides an integrated tool that gives not only recommendations for effective keywords while creating content but also allows tracking of keywords and links and lets you monitor your competitors. This is far enough for any serious online marketers to use every day.

  14. Misinterpretation 13: HubSpot COS Development with mobile phone is not fully compatible Due to the use of built in Responsive Web Design HubSpot in the COS has optimized for visitors of each device automatically. A responsive website automatically changed to match the device you are reading. In general, there were four general sizes of screen design reagent designed for a desktop monitor with a large screen, a smaller desktop, tablet and mobile phone. "This is the official explanation of the site HubSpot and it is really true you can design a website fully responsible COS HubSpot and develop as we have done for our customers." In HubSpot Marketplace you will also find examples of complete models.

  15. 13 Misinterpretation above reflects the most frequently asked questions by the distributors, taking into account the website's redesign process. Based on our experience, we have presented some arguments that break the common myths. Meet eSparkBiz the leaders of HubSpot COS development Company with a user-centric approach. We create high-engaging web templates to help you generate better ROI. So, if you are looking for a implementing PSD to Hubspot Email, PSD to Hubspot Templates, PSD to Hubspot Development contact us. eSparkBiz is Professional Website Design and Web Development Company, Mobile Application Development, SEO, Branding & Advertising, Inbound Marketing, Graphic Design, Logo Design in India & USA.

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