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  1. IN SOLIDARITY BISHOP’S MEMBERSHIP CAMPAIGN Iowa State Council Recruitment Initiative 2013

  2. BISHOP’S BLAST • Statewide coordinated recruitment effort utilizing the support of our Bishops. • New for 2013 (copied from successful program in neighboring Missouri) • Combines Bishop’s endorsement and Church Drive • Councils are encouraged to combine “Father Wants You” to expand the impact of the recruitment effort

  3. BISHOP’S BLAST • Parish Priests will all be receiving Letters from the State Council during the 2nd week of January • The Local Council needs to follow up with the Parish Priest to set up the program

  4. BISHOP’S BLAST • Each Parish Priest is to receive the following: • A copy of a letter from their Bishop • A copy of a letter from our State Chaplain and State Deputy • A pamphlet on the importance of a Knights of Columbus Council in Parish Life

  5. BISHOP’S BLAST • An article highlighting the Knights of Columbus history, our programs and benefits is being prepared. • This will be given to our Publicity Chairman to have placed in each Diocesan Newsletter during the First Week of February • There will be another back page advertisement to drive interest in Knights of Columbus Membership

  6. BISHOP’S BLAST • Bishop’s Letter • Each Bishop has signed a letter for their Diocese • The letter will be mailed to each Parish Priest and it is up to the Council to meet with the Priest to discuss the program • This includes all Parishes served by the Council

  7. BISHOP’S BLAST • Each Parish Priest is to receive a letter from our State Chaplain and State Deputy • The Council may also use the proposed “Dear Reverend” letter to give to their Pastor when they meet with him

  8. Council Duties • Each Council should review online the following • A copy of the Bishop’s Letter • A copy of our State Chaplain & State Deputy Letter • A copy of the Council Letter to the Pastor • Bishop Blast Strategy • Diocesan Newspaper Article • Diocesan Advertisement

  9. Council Duties • During January, Councils will contact the Pastors at the Parish they serve. • This should be made after the 2nd week • By then the Pastor should have received the packet from the State Council • Be positive and excited about membership in the Knights and our charitable activities • This drive will include all Roundtable Parishes

  10. Council Duties • This contact will include giving the Parish Priest the knowledge that the Council was aware of the mailing and to coordinate the weekend requests. • Councils are to seek permission to have the letter that the Pastor received earlier in the mail placed in the Sunday Bulletin at each Parish the weekend of February 9th and 10th, 2013 • If the pastor elects a different week-end defer to his request • Acceptable to also read the letter from the pulpit

  11. Council Duties • Councils are to seek permission to have a membership drive the next weekend – February 16th and 17th. • As Ash Wednesday is February 13th your pastor may want to move the dates earlier by one week: • Letter to Parish on February 2nd – 3rd (Super Bowl Sunday) • Church Drive February 9th – 10th • Plan a follow up for March to catch families away during the first week end drive

  12. Council Duties • Councils are responsible for each Parish they serve • Councils will coordinate all local components of the drive: • Provide At least 2 Knights in back of Church the weekend of February 16th and 17th (or one week following the insertion of the Bishop’s letter into the bulletin)

  13. Council Duties • Must have membership information such as brochures & flyers to give to prospects (see order form) • Focus on both the spiritual and corporal works of mercy of the Knights of Columbus • Faith – Family – Financial Security – Fraternity • Inform – Inspire -- Invite • Must have prospect cards to have men provide names and telephone numbers for follow up contact. • Must have sufficient Form 100’s and pens to sign

  14. Council Duties • All this material should be ordered from Supreme as early as possible • Combine with other councils and order as a district or group of districts • Use the Supreme Catalog and filling out a Form 1 • Have a First Degree Date set for as soon after the Bishop Blast Weekend as possible • Communicate the First Degree Date to your District Deputy and Ceremonials Chairman

  15. Materials to Order • Membership Document (#100) max 500/order • Prospect Card (#921-A) max 1000/order • Member Benefit Flyer (#2773) Max 250/order • Experience of Lifetime (#2925) Max 250/order • Order-Wide Overview Brochure (#4547) max 250/order • Family Recruitment Brochure (#4552) max 250/order • Faith Based Recruitment Flyer (#4497) max 250/order • Other Flyers that Council would like to share

  16. Year of Faith • Order enough of these for everyone in the parish • How to Pray the Rosary (#1877) pocket edition • Guide to Pray the Rosary (#4772) large print • Finger or Hand Made Rosaries • Year of Faith Prayer Booklet (#10083) • A Family Prayer (#10086) • The Magnificat (#4753) • Other KofC or USCCB Faith Resources

  17. Council Duties • All prospects will then be contacted by the Council to discuss admissions • Set up a time to meet with both the man and his wife (if married) • Invite prospects & family to an informational night • Host an open house • All prospects should be contacted and Form 100 signed for interested men by February 28th. • Bring all candidates to the First Degree previously scheduled.

  18. District Deputy Duties • After the State Family meeting: • Contact each Grand Knight and Council to review the new Bishop Blast program. May choose district meeting. • Follow up with the Grand Knight to assure they have meet with the Pastor • Follow up with your Regional Membership Chairman with the information (communicate plans).

  19. District Deputy Duties • After the weekend’s Bishop Blast • Contact each Council to determine the number of prospect cards and Form 100s received • Be sure there is a First Degree scheduled • Contact Regional Membership Chairman with results information

  20. Regional Chairman Duties • After the State Family meeting: • Follow up with each District Deputy • Follow up with any Prospective Parishes (without a parish council) to be sure they are included in the Bishop Blast • Send a copy of the report to State Membership Director

  21. Regional Chairman Duties • After the weekend’s Bishop Blast • Follow up with your District Deputies • Get results of how many councils & parishes participated • Get number of prospect cards and signed form 100’s. • Report the results to State Membership Director

  22. Expectations • Have fun promoting our Order • Increase our Membership and Charitable Outreach • New brothers – the sky is the limit • Be our best promoters -- Now is the time • Ask a friend to become a Brother